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    Tony Pauline Tidbits

    That’s the thing that pisses me off the most about Maccagnan...we didn’t even offer a contract for one of our biggest needs in FA...so crazy.
  2. jeffkitref

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Home game vs the giants is going to be awesome and on the Marine corps birthday to boot! Go Jets!
  3. Will it take 4 years and a terrible presentation?
  4. Nothing about this leak looks bold to me...I really hope they are fake.
  5. Not happy with this... this is neither bold nor a complete redesign both of which I would’ve preferred to that...I liked our old logo and the all white unis.
  6. I agree with #3. My best guess would be Jets fans as well...we are an insufferable bunch who boo our own team in our stadium, fans from the opposing teams go to the stadium which has a multiplying effect as well. The players see that and probably don't want any part of it.
  7. jeffkitref

    Trade for Bortles?


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