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  1. My uncle’s name is Michael White so I guess we have that going for us! 😂
  2. Good for him, I’m happy and wish nothing but the best for him. Took him a while but it looks like it finally all clicked for him. It’s too bad he couldn’t do anything for the Jets but perhaps everything happens for a reason.
  3. Salah should just pack all his stuff in a box and resign. That should be the change he makes.
  4. The least you can do is check your eligibility, you won’t know for real unless you try.
  5. Can you call them and say that you live in an apartment building that doesn’t allow satellite dishes? https://nflsthelp.directv.com/hc/en-us/articles/204503399-How-do-I-find-out-if-I-am-eligible-to-purchase-NFLSUNDAYTICKET-TV-
  6. Yeah I know right? Salah’s been rubbing me the wrong way ever since he got here.
  7. My favorite draft pick this year! Hope he is really successful in the NFL.
  8. Preseason Monday night football…is that even a thing?
  9. I would be down so sign me up, I will try to convince my brother to come along so that maybe another yes.
  10. What time will the schedule get released?
  11. I couldn’t agree more, I was being sarcastic however, I think if he didn’t mention the word sauce then the video would’ve been halfway decent. I have no idea what possessed him to elucidate our draft pick.
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