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  1. I really hate Brady, can’t wait to see him out of the league. It’s been far too long.
  2. Yes I can confirm that it will only work on Sunday game days. I have the app on my phone and PlayStation 4 and it works well.
  3. Does it protect against the ravages of COVID-19?
  4. This should be stickied so that anyone can access it anytime.
  5. Ira is okay, now that other guy who calls in with the ridiculous quizzes is another story...super annoying!
  6. I love Adams, he needs to be a jet for life!
  7. Damn, I honestly thought this was a photoshopped picture this whole time!
  8. Guess he should’ve stretched before he started.
  9. That’s the thing that pisses me off the most about Maccagnan...we didn’t even offer a contract for one of our biggest needs in FA...so crazy.
  10. Home game vs the giants is going to be awesome and on the Marine corps birthday to boot! Go Jets!
  11. Nothing about this leak looks bold to me...I really hope they are fake.
  12. Not happy with this... this is neither bold nor a complete redesign both of which I would’ve preferred to that...I liked our old logo and the all white unis.
  13. I agree with #3. My best guess would be Jets fans as well...we are an insufferable bunch who boo our own team in our stadium, fans from the opposing teams go to the stadium which has a multiplying effect as well. The players see that and probably don't want any part of it.
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