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  1. The McDonough Ferraro team is terrible. Man do I Miss doc
  2. Ummmm is it me or is that an odd hand placement for a expecting announcement card?
  3. Can’t fall behind them. There defense is just too good
  4. To their defense, and it pains me to say this, the islanders were a real fun team to watch last year during the playoffs
  5. I own one jersey, game worn #11. Sits in my closet Have it since I was a kid. Only other 2 jersey I ever owned were Sundstrom and Nedved. Both not so great choices. Especially considering I wanted beukeboom but kid upstairs had it, couldn’t copy him
  6. If I recall correctly that week, the agents were pushing for photos with pets,I remember seeing Eli with a cat and Brady with a gold fish
  7. The defense was definitely shaky this series, that I agree.
  8. Uh…He was outstanding tonight especially when we had nothing working for us tonight
  9. This is how they have played all year. Watch them night in and night out and it’s like they didn’t play a great 60 but found a way to win. With the exception of the GWG in game 6, Penguins got good goaltending all series
  10. Igor put us on his back tonight
  11. We’ve played much better against Jarry this year then the 2 guys we’ve faced this series. Crosby has to play, Igor’s turn to steal a game Let’s go Rangers!!!
  12. MSG gave Mika the hat trick after the game but then corrected themselves later on in the post game also
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