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  1. Yes and put Brady on Adam gases Jets this year and they win 5 Conversley put Watson on NE this year and they win 10 if we are saying they win 11 with Brady. All I’m saying is they greatly benefited from each other, did BB benefit more than TB did, maybe.
  2. Brady is unbelievable, not denying that but how can this year prove that it was all him and nothing to do with BB is all I’m saying. Besides what’s been mentioned before about stacked team and opt outs, also Brady had the time to perfect his craft as NE year after year won and reinvented itself along the way, the first 3 championships were won on the defense back. The near perfect season was all Brady and a lot of moss. Can’t take credit from one of the 2 guys based on this season. They are joined at the hip and each benefited immensely from the other. Basically what a good partnership is supposed to do
  3. TB is unbelievable, but his offense is also stacked, while the Pats had a lot of key guys opt out. TB and BB are both really really good in there own respect, sucks but it is what it is
  4. Brady at times looked great today, but he also threw 3 picks. He was not the world beater we saw in NE at all this year, could be from age, could be from no BB, could be from a lot of things but to compare TB and BB seasons this year is like comparing apples and oranges
  5. Bowles was a lot better than he gets credit for around here, that being said he wasn’t a good HC
  6. Net 0 Also takes the acquiring team out of the QB market
  7. Then your company is promoting / hiring the wrong people
  8. Not saying your lying, cause I’ve heard that too, but I find that hard to believe
  9. Maybe but it’s not in culture If an employee can go over the head of a manager to the boss what power does the manager really have to oversee the employee

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