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  1. How could you really compare a Red delicious to a Granny Smith?
  2. Exactly so what’s the big deal with a team in Vegas now
  3. ehhh, wasn’t that hard to bet on games 25 years ago and was super easy once the internet came about
  4. If only it was that easy lol. It’s my place, it’s just the facts. It’s an industrial business and when the everyday people aren’t in the there stations for the day production isn’t the same
  5. Hate Gase, but when my best guy is out in my line of work we don’t produce anywhere near where we do when he’s in, as a matter of fact production is down whenever any of my top 3 guys miss a day.
  6. Could you imagine if the jets drafted Rosen? After giving up 3 #2s, I mean let’s face it, Darnold and Mayfield should’ve been off the board if not for the giants terrible miscalculation of state of the team.
  7. Can’t discredit Enunwa than 1 up Herndon, Kinda same path right now. Hopefully I’m wrong Maye, who I like, was a TERRIBLE pick, after selecting Adams the round before Adams was picked ahead of two really good young qbs when we were in desperate need of a qb Q Williams forget what he is or will become, the last thing we needed in that spot was an interior lineman of the defensive side of the ball The Idzik 12 was bad but that wasnt a great draft either This actually sounds like I’m sticking up for Idzik, I’m not he was terrible, 2nd worst GM ever 1 slot behind MacCagnen
  8. Gonna have to disagree. Mac was terrible, Idzik wasn’t much better but at least he drafted some positions of need (even though his actual selections were terrible). Mac not only had terrible selections, But the ones that weren’t terrible were mostly at positions already filled or not of high importance
  9. I get the point but he still got the Jamison TD
  10. No I know. But guy is no more than WR3 on a good team
  11. Would’ve had a great game if he contested a couple more balls thrown his way

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