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  1. To be fair Benitez was lights out until the lights came on.
  2. What do you guys think about the buch trade? Been reading nothing but complaining on some Ranger boards
  3. Random baseball question, with the new (terrible) extra inning man starting on 2nd base, how does that work for a pitchers era? Say it’s bottom 10. Pitcher gets first batter to fly to right, runner advances to third, next batter comes up hits a sac fly to center, runs scores game over. Is that an earned run for the pitcher?
  4. Where the Jets projected to be a top team that year? I really don’t remember
  5. Seems like the recent years (1998 recent LMFAO) have come unexpectedly. The only year I can remember any real success with expectation was 2010 and really if you think about it we under achieved based on regular season results but that being said I’m with you. I’m sorry scored with the direction of the franchise. Hopefully in translates
  6. And then they have back to back games like this Not really sure what to make of this team.
  7. Just a hunch but I don’t see pillar being sidelined to long
  8. Same team that gave up a blue chip prospect for Victor Zambrano
  9. BVW did more damage to long term future then Big Mac
  10. Didn’t know this. Definitely not professional either but you know the old saying 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I guess it’s hard especially if your getting blasted in the press. You wanna get your side out
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