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  1. To the average fan you hear the NY Jets vs the SF 49ers, you think 49ers are gonna blow them out. I’d bet that a lot of people of the 9ers in knockout pools this week. They don’t factor in flying across country, home dogs and stuff like that. A touchdown is a close game at quick glance, Niners Jets doesn’t seem to be a one score game on the surface Like I said just my opinion and there’s a reason I’m a former gambler but the jets seem like the bet this week.
  2. Hey lady, if I buy two odds will you show us your end?
  3. Former gambler former cause I never come out on top after all is said and done so take this how you want but usually when a line looks so wrong they are begging you to take a team, in this case SF, it takes a lot of discipline and guts to go against an obvious easy pick but in my experience if I was still betting and this has nothing to do with me being a a jet fan, I would close my eyes and lay the house of the jets just based on the line Vegas put out even though logic seems that the jets are gonna get crushed in this one. Based on this line I could actually see the jets winning outright (even though I would bet with the points) a more likely outcome than I did before Vegas put the line out
  4. Today’s day and age that’s called research
  5. Could the stroman trade end up being worse than the Cano trade? BVW strikes again (although no way you could predict this season and COVID )
  6. Picture Matt Harvey after Mets World Series run
  7. I’m not a prospect guy but what I’ve read, besides the obvious Cano trade, is that he gave up some real talent for Stroman and that some of his other trades have decent level guys In it. the cano trade is beating a dead horse but the domino effect fro that trade is mind boggling If and it’s a big if Cano’s salary affected his spending ability in wheeler
  8. Worse GM McCagnen or Van Waganon I never thought anyone would be close to Mac but god dam Brodie is giving him a run for his money. Brodie is actually destroying a team while as Mac started with sh*t and ended with even worse sh*t that didn’t seem possible
  9. For some reason wouldn’t of thought JI would fetch so much
  10. No offense but for once I’d like to get a guy that the naked eye can see disrupt an offense
  11. Staged excitement, thank you social media

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