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  1. Understand the argument on both sides. But kid is easy to root for Bullsh*t PI on that last drive
  2. How we went into game 1 without a kicker is completely insane. 2-3 would feel 200x better right now
  3. I don’t get the romo love, I don’t hate him but don’t see any other difference between him and all the other color guys that ball wash players they are covering that week
  4. Gase got Mac fired 8 months early
  5. That’s some attempt at finally...
  6. I like DJ and I like the fact that gettlemen had the stones to draft him where he did, and really piss off all the “experts”.
  7. In that video it doesn’t look like he gave up, but I was at the game and that pass was right in front of me, as Darnold threw the ball I said to my friend Robby slowed up, in person it really did look like he slowed up then turned the jets back on. In that video it looks like he ran hard the whole time. I don’t think he necessarily gave up on the play but there was definitely a slight hiccup in his run
  8. Complete guess, but maybe the dolphins wanna develop him more, and knowing the team is hot garbage don’t wanna have him out there getting killed and continuing to lose Rosen that is
  9. No. Terrible. But I’ve seen your dogs fantasy team, its nothing. To write home about

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