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  1. Worst jet employee ever, players included
  2. Cmon man. Reasonable and jet fan don’t mix
  3. https://nypost.com/2020/05/08/betty-wold-johnson-mother-of-jets-owners-dies-at-99/?utm_campaign=iphone_nyp&utm_source=pasteboard_app
  4. Holmes was a bigger jerk before the contract then the 2 guys you mentioned
  5. It’s so hard to answer now. Because every opinion is biased. But from 2015 to 2020 I would love to see the QBs ranked as prospects ( based just on there college career nothing else).
  6. How much to Mac give Josh McCown the 2nd time around again?
  7. Is there a more unliked, Uber successful athlete in the US? from the outside looking in. I’m a fan of Rodgers but everything that comes out about him paints him into a terrible picture
  8. Stuff like this always confused me. I never played o line, if you could be a monster of an RT how can you not be a good LT? Had the same question with Nelson a few years back HOF talent at guard, but your telling me he can’t play LT?
  9. They never let Mims on a track with the firm
  10. Yes. It did slip my mind, I don’t know how considering I met him and lance shulters when they played there I don’t follow the draft really except the week before and that mildly to the day after still a terrible excuse I’m sure there something you’ll come up with how he was overrated by jet fans
  11. 2 more serviceable players. Moore was better than serviceable

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