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  1. Not that it will help that much but Mickey has got to go....guy is terrible
  2. Man that Todd Bowles really has some influence around the league.... Pryor has played a total of 2 games after leaving Bowles doghouse
  3. I mean let’s face it, based purely on results of the last 6-8 years there shouldn’t be anyone in this organization ( front office and coaching staff) guaranteed a job still, it’s not like we could get much worse
  4. Looking for clicks, we all know the jets belong on the top of this list
  5. Ownershipwise mets knicks jets success knicks jets Mets ranked worst to least sh*tty
  6. Just a guess but I don’t think Mac hired Gase. I think he sat in on the meetings and took notes for CJ, but ownership choose the coach
  7. I don’t follow the draft, haven’t really watch the nba in 15 years maybe 20. But didn’t they change the draft lottery this year? I remember reading that if they used last years strategy the knicks would’ve had a much better shot at the 1st pick or am I making this up
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