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  1. Id have absolutely no problem with Allen......@6
  2. Will giants take Barkley?

    The more I read about Barkley the more I wanted him at 6. Now after the trade up and all the capital we gave up to get to 3, I don’t know. If 3 was ours originally I’d have no problem taking him there but after giving up 3 2nd rounders I want one of the top two qbs in the draft
  3. OBJ got knocked the - out!

    Black sports online is a real thing?
  4. Plus the coach has an obligation to the guys in the room to at least try to win, and if hack and petty were as bad as people say they were what kind of message would you be sending to the other guys in the room to just hand them the starting job.
  5. Rosen, Darnold, or this trade was an epic fail!

    I think that’s part of the mystique,the fact he couldn’t even get in a game last year after being red shirted the year before.....I have to see it
  6. Rosen, Darnold, or this trade was an epic fail!

    I hope hack catches on somewhere, and some how some way gets into the starting position for at least a game or two, I just gotta see how bad he really is with my own eyes, I don’t know why but I have to see it
  7. No way the giants take a Nelson at 2 with this draft class, if that was the case they could’ve traded back to 6 and took him
  8. The giants would be crazy to trade out of the top 10.....I also could see them wanting Barkley, who probably doesn’t make it passed 6
  9. Rosen, Darnold, or this trade was an epic fail!

    So mayfield will do?
  10. Does anybody else feel this qb market is getting crazy kinda like the bitcoin craze or housing market. Not saying there terrible but I don’t remember another year people goin crazy about this many qbs all that have holes in there game or measurables. Feel like in any other year this class would go qb at picks 1&2 next somewhere between 6-10 and the 4th in the low teens This year we have fans of all teams and experts alike saying that 4 can go in the top 6 What are the odds of of all 4 guys panning out. I just don’t see it
  11. Guess this thread wasn’t for you
  12. Soooooo.....hacks gone????
  13. Breer - Negotiations started at Senior Bowl

    Wonder what we could trade the pick for come the draft....
  14. Jets Sign C Spencer Long

    I always wondered if these guys where so good how come they were never moved to tackle....