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  1. Anthony Jet

    Speaking of classless...

    I smell a lawsuit
  2. No ive seen this movie before with the Mets, sustained winning for long periods of time and minimal losing season are the only way to try and over take the city, for real at least and FWIW they can have the city. I want the championships
  3. Refs had his back anyway. They seen him in the grasp and threw a flag just to be sure
  4. You must’ve missed the memo, it’s Mahomes we are mad about now
  5. All good points, but the other side of the coin is reaching for a position and leaving serious talent on the board cause they weren’t the position you were looking for, it’s almost your dammed if you do type thing, basically every GM needs some luck on there side
  6. Anthony Jet


    Tell us how that was hunts fault, I missed itn
  7. Anthony Jet


    I’m torn, one hand I want to see the pats lose, but on the other hand if the chiefs win that guy in the Mahomes thread is gonna be unbearable
  8. Anthony Jet


    Who’s the chiefs QB?
  9. Rangers Callahan and St. Louis. Completely different sport but guy was still 3 weeks before any of the “insiders”. Also never heard him ever predict another trade
  10. For the record, boomer called the Marty St. Louis trade about 3 weeks before anyone even had it on there radar, I know it’s a different sport but he doesn’t seem like the guy to throw sh*t at the wall
  11. Anthony Jet

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    “Since signing that big contract, Odell Beckham Jr. has turned his career around. Instead of being selfish and disruptive, he’s disruptive and selfish.”
  12. Anthony Jet

    IF WE WIN!!

    What’s this if sh*t?
  13. It’s max that should get the thanks. He’s the man

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