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  1. Anthony Jet


    So mayfield is better than mahomes
  2. Anthony Jet

    2018 Mets thread

    I agree. Def overrated. But the way things are falling into place right now. I sign him big money with an opt out after year 3. 2-3 years is what we have with this pitching staff. He will most likely opt out. Slide Nimmo to CF. Harper in RF Conforto LF. If Cespedes comes back. Rotate Nimmo and Conforto. Sign maldanado to slow down the run game
  3. Anthony Jet

    2018 Mets thread

    Only two things left sign Harper sign maldonado
  4. Anthony Jet

    2018 Mets thread

    I agree with all of this and still wouldn’t trade Noah It’s crazy, the stars are aligned, our SP is in there prime, we got one of the best closers in the game, some good young positions players and there is a superstar about to enter his prime on the market for nothing but money, a lot of money, but just money, not to mention all the usual teams that end up with these kinda of guys don’t have a natural fit or need for him. Bryce Harper is there for the taking. Let’s see BVW smooth talk the Wilpons to letting him play just the tip game on the first date. Im not a huge Harper fan but the logic behind this move and how everything playing out just makes to much sense. We don’t have long term money committed to anyone besides Cano. We have a 2 year window with the pitching before it gets expensive. Probably 2 solid years of Cano. It just makes to much sense. Harper defensive catcher on the cheap ( can’t think of his name right now) one more bullpen arm and call it an offseason bring in some BP arms on try out for ST and see if lightning strikes
  5. Anthony Jet

    Who made the better trade with the Raiders?

    Too bad we couldn’t trade for both
  6. Anthony Jet

    Who made the better trade with the Raiders?

    Crazy, yet the raiders couldn’t make it work with both on there team Mack is a beast, cooper situation reminds me of when the jets went after Edwards Mack has had more of an impact in the outcome of games so far
  7. I’m gonna preface every post that sounds like I’m sticking up for Bowles like this Bowles is a terrible head coach now that that’s out of the way. There is no way he was holding Sam back trying to win games with McCown, no way. Kid was genuinely hurt. Maybe they played it safe by a week, maybe but some of the sh*t that Bowles gets accused of is pretty funny
  8. Anthony Jet

    Absurdly hypothetical win or lose

    Thank you. Unfortunately I was in pre k in 86 and when the rangers won in 94 I wasn’t even a teenager yet. Can’t really say that I knew what winning a championship was ( I went to a lot of games that year , but at 12 who realizes you may never see another one again. Didn’t really take in the moment) I feel that the 15 Mets and the rangers from 13-17 are good examples except the Mets didn’t win it all. But basically the Mets were sh*t before and basically sh*t after. While the rangers went to multiple conference finals, 1 cup and tons of playoff games, even though they never won. They’re years combined brought me a lot more excitement and entertainment then the one year of the Mets even if they did win it all. Again id probably take a championship over extended success in any of the sports I like, and I don’t know if that’s cause I never experienced it, but in baseball and hockey it’s a tough decision
  9. Anthony Jet

    Pats lose on crazy miracle

    Does anyone know what happen concerning the extra point? Did they attempt it? Did they just kneel on the ball? Was it even played?
  10. Anthony Jet

    Absurdly hypothetical win or lose

    They did it twice otherwise they would be the perfect ones to ask, let’s see how the eagles and chiefs or chargers play out the next couple years Football is the wrong sport to ask this question, it really works better with rounds of best of 7
  11. Anthony Jet

    Absurdly hypothetical win or lose

    The poll would only show true feelings after living thru each scenario, of course everyone would say championship now. 1 this doesn’t really work with football and 2 because we are so starved for a championship
  12. Anthony Jet

    Absurdly hypothetical win or lose

    Women eye roll FTR, but football is the only one I can say hands down I want te championship, because of the limited amount of games, but I watch sports for the thrill and entertainment, and if I had to choose I would say championship over extended success but it’s not a slam dunk decision, maybe it’s because I never experienced a championship for any of the three teams I root for but baseball and hockey those are a lot of playoffs games and a lot of excitement during extended success periods
  13. Anthony Jet

    Absurdly hypothetical win or lose

    100%, one unbelievable season followed by sh*t for the foreseeable future or constant winning but never that one big win
  14. Anthony Jet

    Absurdly hypothetical win or lose

    Completely hypothetical, but would you rather a super bowl win in an anomaly of a year with sh*tty seasons before and after and all around or a constant contender but never actually winning the big one? Like if the Mets won in 2015,they were sh*tty before and sh*tty after, never really sniffing success again or is it better to be a team that’s in it every year making conference finals but never winning the whole thing? im not sure. I used to always think give me the big win one year but I watch for entertainment and the rangers (nhl) were a “powerhouse “ in the east for 4 years or so and it was quite enjoyable even though they never won it. Granted I have nothing compare it to considering no team I root for has won the championship in my adult life

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