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  1. I agree with this, and believe it is true 90% of the time but then I think there are guys like McCown who get paid what they do because they are outliers in these situations. McCown hasn’t been considered a starting qbs in a long time and his willingness to “mentor” I think makes him that more attractive as a “journeyman” qb so to say. He knew what he signed up for this year and I believe the jets knew what they paid for before they made the deal
  2. Anthony Jet

    Where are the droves of fans protesting?

    I’m sure the fact that nobody knew what was gonna happen and all these supposed franchise QbS coming out helped the ratings. The actual first 10 or so picks were exciting
  3. If Bridgewater isn’t gonna start this year there is no need to keep him Hes either injured still or he’s healthy and will move on to somewhere else to start next season, there is no value to keeping him If hack is still unable to see the field he’s gotta go, but if he’s = to petty I’d keep hack because of his “ceiling” we need a backup after this season, McCown is gone, I’d like to have a team backup, a young guy, knows his role and stays with team for long time hopefully hack can fill that role if not maybe petty but it’s def not McCown and unfortunately I just don’t see Bridgewater filling that role
  4. Anthony Jet

    The trade up by Macc was genius!

    Oh ok
  5. Anthony Jet

    The interview.

    I hope he is a lil pissed. Prove people wrong type sh*t.
  6. Anthony Jet

    The interview.

    20 years old just got passed over sounds like pisculli from fast times at Ridgemont has dion smooth talking him Have no beef with the interview at all
  7. Anthony Jet

    The trade up by Macc was genius!

    Not bitching, im with it,kinda. Don’t watch college at all got all my pre draft info from this board. My question is right now as it is, would you rather Darnold or 6th pick with Rosen and Allen available plus two 2nds this year and a 2nd next year reading this board had me wanting Rosen more, listening to the commentary seems like Darnold was the better pick
  8. Anthony Jet

    The trade up by Macc was genius!

    What if Rosen is available at 6?
  9. Anthony Jet

    The interview.

    What’s he supposed to say?
  10. Anthony Jet

    ..Nuggets ~ ~ ~

  11. Anthony Jet

    A look back at the 2004 NFL draft.

    I feel the same way. Teams are so desperate for a qb that they are inflating the “value” of where these prospects deserve to be picked. Hoping I am completely wrong though
  12. Anthony Jet

    Jets Sign C Spencer Long

    I’d be curious to know the percentage of FA contracts that were considered good value overall, especially the ones signed away from other teams Seems like besides the rookie contract, super stars and pro bowlers. Most contracts are over paid compared to performance
  13. Anthony Jet

    So when do Petty and Hack get the axe?

    I can definitely see this happening also, not sure it does but def wouldn’t surprise me
  14. Anthony Jet

    Quarterback draft stuff

    This. The third pick is great, unless we are taking the third best at the position. QB market is super inflated this year and hopefully I’m wrong but we might be buying at the height of the bubble