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  1. Anthony Jet

    2019 Road Trips

    Talk about a 180...
  2. Anthony Jet

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    Not gonna debate those points, all may be true. But the need for QB up until last year was rampant around the league, to take a shot on a guy that 1 year ago was a very highly touted prospect, teams would be goin crazy for the Opportunity to grab a guy like this for a 2nd rounder, at least it seemed that way. I guess I can’t believe how the QB market in general has shifted
  3. Anthony Jet

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    I still find it hard to believe that a qb needy team isn’t all over this guy, the cardinals have to be asking for the moon
  4. Anthony Jet

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    Rosen for anything passed the 20th pick or so is a good deal.
  5. Anthony Jet

    Falcons troll Saints

    Not bad
  6. Greatest bear fight of all time
  7. Not a huge Rosen fan but if you need a QB and can’t draft one this would be your best shot at one
  8. When’s the last time a qb as young and as highly touted as a prospect was on the trade block? I think a late 1st rounder would seal the deal for Arizona also think anything from 36th ish pick up is a steal for any QBs needy team as a jet fan pre Darnold we’d be slobbering over the shot to get a prospect like Rosen in the locker room for a 2nd rounder
  9. Anthony Jet

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    Don’t let facts get involved
  10. I meant actually playing a snap. I base my fandom on offseason championships, which is pretty obvious, kinda
  11. Is that really necessary?
  12. Anthony Jet

    Bell or Paradis, gonna have to pick 1

    Is the user name just a coincidence? Or are you a long time fan?
  13. Except josh Rosen, you’d have to imagine that a team trading for him thinks he’s a long term solution, if he’s even available
  14. Anthony Jet

    Dave Gettleman

    Feel like I read this somewhere

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