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  1. 5 minutes ago, Lith said:

    Easy?  You think this has been easy.  Seeing you guys on the brink of elimination in 5 against Pitt and coming back.  Then going down 3-2 to Carolina only to dominate the last two games.  And now to watch you jumping out to a 2-0 lead and completely outplaying the team that eliminated us the last two years, including last year on a goal in game 7 that should not have counted.  Nope I am not getting off easy at all.

    Last years TB isles series was a very entertaining and although I hate to admit it, I truly enjoyed that islanders team. Fun to watch 

  2. 31 minutes ago, Jets512 said:

    It was a 1 game playoff to determine the AL East winner. Had to look it up to confirm. I wasn’t sure if my memory failed me like it does more and more these days, but on this one it didn’t. 

    Memory got you again

    Here I looked it up for you

    It was long before the 1 game playoff  middle of the movie when Lou brown tells them they were hired cause they sucked  

    They end up winning a one game playoff but he had no idea they would be in that game when it was said 



  3. 15 minutes ago, JetsFanatic said:

    That’s the problem living in an area with multiple teams. Also the Ranger-Islander rivalry is the greatest in this area and most bitter since the Yankee-Dodger rivalry when the Dodgers played in Brooklyn. I have been a Rangers fan since the 70’s. My in-laws and co-workers were Islander fans. It was unbearable back when the Islanders won  4 straight cups in the early 80’s. The stupid “1940” chants and then heaven when we won the Cup in ‘94.

    Go Rangers!!!!!!

    Rangers islanders 

    rangers devils 

    islanders devils 

    is really the only rivalry in metro area, there all in same division and they share “same city”

    Yankees mets

    giants jets 

    arent even in same conference/league

    Forgot about basketball I guess you would put knicks nets also, but do the nets have any type of following at all?





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  4. 22 minutes ago, shawn306 said:

    Getting nervous. Rangers are dominating but haven’t been able to put this one away. 

    I have no idea what Tampa is doing defensively. If there is one thing I learned from Carolina you have to attack the Rangers, Not sit back and let them in time after time after time. 

    Rangers have a golden opportunity to really take control of this series. 

    Now go take it

    Always get nervous when you out play a team so much but are only up a goal 

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  5. 55 minutes ago, EM31 said:

    After last season I thought the Islanders franchise was tracking for a trip to the finals this year.  It was a crazy year for them and I am not really sure if this was simply a one-year anomaly or if that team needs more serious tinkering in order to make another run.  I fear it may be the latter.

    With that said this Rangers team is ridiculously young and built the right way.  I think that the playoff run this year is like cramming several years worth of invaluable experience into a single year. The window for this team to be really good may be open for a very long time.  Obviously we still need the kids to continue to develop and there will be challenges to manage the cap but those are good problems to have.

    But then there is this year.

    Some players and teams go their whole careers never getting to a conference finals.  We need to continue to chase after the prize this year like a starving man will chase after food.  Colorado certainly looks scary but the idea that we can go toe to toe with the 2-time reigning champions is very appealing.  Clearly that team feels as if they have another gear and that they intend to bring it tonight.  As a fan I feel like we are playing with house money but I am also greedy and find myself wanting more.  Another win tonight would go a very long way towards shocking the hockey world,  Again.  

    I don’t see it as house money. We are one of the final 4. We beat the 2nd best regular season team in the conference in 7 games with an ass whoopin to close it out. 

    Our time is now. It can be in the future again, but I want it now and I don’t think it’s unreasonable. I won’t take any solace in losing but being ahead of schedule. I definitely will appreciate the run. But anything but a cup at this point is a disappointment to me as a fan. Will be happy with the team and there season, but who knows when we will ever get another shot. Look at the black and blue rangers CF 3x SC 1x and then the window shut or even like you said the islanders (who were a really fun team to watch last years playoffs) Never know when it can end. 

    In the words of jake Taylor’s. Win the whole ****in thing 

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  6. 17 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

    It's awesome....   Ive been a fan since I  am 5, I'm 60 now. 1994 for me was very special.  I was in NY (moved to NC in 95) and had the Newsday cover framed. I have 1 in my office, the other in my home.


    Yea. I remember 94 well. Unfortunately I was a kid and didn’t grasp how hard it was to win a championship. Didn’t appreciate it enough. As big of a ranger fan as I am. The greatest thing to me to come out of this playoffs so far is, it has hooked in my son. He’s 6. He’s a ranger fan but after I took him to game 5 Pens series. He’s all in. On his way to school makes his mother call me to see if they won (falls asleep mid 2nd with the 8pm starts), knows when the games are, knows a decent amount of players. It’s great

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  7. 20 minutes ago, CSNY said:

    That’s all well and good but you are not going to be a perennial playoff contender or winning a Super Bowl with him Hell you lucky to win 6 games a year with him as you starter 

    He was a horrible QB 

    Horrible is a bit of an over statement. 

    agree with the perennial playoff contender though. 

    Guy was an underdog story that basically made it. 

    Serviceable back up that could start in bunches  


  8. 1 hour ago, CSNY said:

    Fitz gets credit for longevity that’s all.
    He was a turnover waiting to happen especially in a big spot. The only reason some fans like him imo is that he had one decent year which really speaks to just how bad the Jets QB play has been for the past decade rather than how good Fitz is The Guy was a disaster 

    Longevity and availability are both under rated talents in the pro sports world 

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  9. 59 minutes ago, Jet9 said:

    I HATE flopping. Igor is flopping. And when the league pulls him AGAIN for their nonsense concussion protocol sh*t it will be 100% on him. 

    I thought he flopped also. Hated it 

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  10. 18 hours ago, 32EBoozer said:

    Even though Rangers went 3-0 against TB, we are the heavy underdog according to the so-called experts.

    Eastern Conference finals

    New York Rangers (8 votes) vs. Tampa Bay (20 votes)

    Sean Allen: Lightning in six
    Blake Bolden: Lightning in six
    Brian Boucher: Lightning in seven
    John Buccigross: Lightning in seven
    Ryan Callahan: Lightning in seven
    Cassie Campbell-Pascall:Lightning in five
    Sachin Chandan: Lightning in seven
    Chris Chelios: Lightning
    Linda Cohn: Rangers in seven
    Rick DiPietro: Lightning in six
    Ray Ferraro: Lightning in five
    Leah Hextall: Lightning in six
    Emily Kaplan: Lightning in seven
    Tim Kavanagh: Lightning in six
    Hilary Knight: Lightning in six
    Peter Lawrence-Riddell: Rangers in six
    Steve Levy: Rangers in seven
    Victoria Matiash: Lightning in six
    Sean McDonough: Lightning in six
    Mark Messier: Rangers in seven
    AJ Mleczko: Lightning in six
    Dominic Moore: Rangers in six
    Arda Öcal: Lightning in six
    Kristen Shilton: Lightning in six
    John Tortorella: Rangers in seven
    Kevin Weekes: Rangers in seven
    Bob Wischusen: Lightning in six
    Greg Wyshynski: Rangers in seven

    Consensus pick: Lightning, 20/28

    The captain AND torts, minkya. What else do we need 

  11. 12 hours ago, Jet9 said:

    Buddy of mine who I played HS hockey with had kinda become a lapsed fan but he's gotten back into it this year. He texted me that McD has 28 points in 13 playoff games. I said he has to be the best offensive player since Mario (?). Game is so much faster now though. I'm also super glad he's not a punchable face having diving douche like Crosby. 

    Better than Crosby was/is? I don’t see enough of him because he’s on the WC. This playoffs he has been amazing. Crosby, as much as I hate him, is the best player Iv seen since Lemeiux, I’d love to say it’s Ovie or someone else but I’d just be lying to myself. 

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