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  1. Great win. Mets left way to many guys stranded in scoring position with less than two outs but a wins a win. Jay Bruce seems like a big part of this clubhouse, was the first guy out chasing walker after the hit. Team even with all the injuries and losing record seem to really like each other
  2. It's not the dildo. It's supposedly an ongoing thing ala mo wilk. This guy is and always has been douche
  3. Reyes back to short, Rivera at 3b till Cabrera comes back
  4. What?! Citifield is probably one of nicest venues in sports today. Not to mention you could buy the worst seat in the house, never go to your seat and watch the game live from centerfield or the porch even behind some lower level seats and not miss a pitch. Citifield is great.
  5. As a met fan I'd take it
  6. I get your point just don't think in this case it's that big of a deal. There is no proof that the bicep had anything to do with the lat tear.... yes he should've went for the MRI and yes sandy should've made him, but he didn't and sandy didnt, the bicep is not the injury, haven't read anything YET that says the two are connected. And to be honest, I'd much rather see a guy do what Noah did than a guy contemplating sitting out the playoffs for his own gain. Not that it makes it right. Maybe I'm scarred from being a met and jet fan, who knows
  7. I might be in the minority but he Thor thing, is one thing I can't really blame the Mets for, guy does know his body better than anyone. He wanted the ball add to that there is no way to know if the bicep had anything to do with the lat
  8. Purely hypothetical, well because we are the Mets, but conforto has to play every day, when we are fully healthy (LOL) who goes where between granderson,Bruce, Duda and conforto
  9. Maybe, blind faith here, Mac valued the guys that fell to him really really high and wanted more than he was getting offered because of the guys that fell, and on the trade backs maybe he had all the guys available rated a lot lower than were he was. Again all speculation as is most of the stuff on this board the past two days but the guy is a scout by trade, gonna be patient and see what happens the next year or so. On on a side a note, I think this draft shows he trust his own ability (still not sure if that's a good thing) by not caving to public pressure and picking a qb, basically seems he is sticking with hack as his future QB for now
  10. Plenty of time left. Way to early to look at games back but if you must they are only 2.5 out of the wild card. 6 out of the division. Gotta weather the storm here. Start producing runs with out the HR and close out games.
  11. Shhhh.... that doesn't fit the agenda
  12. That's exactly what I was going for except for in part two I believe they say "they're sh*tty again"
  13. Alderson is doing the best he can with the limitations he has. He's had some decision blow up in his face like the Daniel Murphy thing, to a lesser extent Justin turner and Cespedes was basically his fall back option when Gomez was who he coveted, even with all that the guy is doing a helluva job
  14. It's all Jon Neise's fault.
  15. I don't think I will ever get over how bad they misread the Murphy situation
  16. It's only April until it's not April, then it's may
  17. I was all for this before the season but as hot as Bruce is right now I don't think I would put him on first. He's so streaky I would hate to have hi defense effect his offense.
  18. Lugo to begin throwing tomorrow
  19. When's he's on one of his streaks he might be
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