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  1. Yea I should of clarified. I think Rosario comes up to play SS only and Cabrera moves to the vacated spot
  2. I think after the super 2 amount of games pass and there Is an injury keeping 2b,SS or 3b out for significant amount of time. Rosario will be up
  3. Piazza would have to be the best. IMO. We have had terrible luck with signing free agents, Floyd is one of my favorite mets of all time. Still remember the year he stayed playing while he was hurt until piazza came back. Ventura was solid olerued, if he would've stayed in 2000 who knows what could've been. Beltran while he was here didn't get the credit he deserved, I admit I was too high on him either, partly because he supposedly offered the Yankees a discount in the 11th hour while the mets deal was on the table. But besides his first year he is probably on of the few "mega contracts" the signing team didn't regret in the final couple years. Guy made everything look easy Cabrera signing was such low key, almost "typical mets signing". Guy with supposedly his better day behind him and not much expectation, guy has been good in the field, great at the plate and seems to be a team leader
  4. I know it's still early but asdrubal has to go down as one of the better signings in team history
  5. It would be perfect if his hot streaks matched up with Lucas duda cold streaks and vice versa. Both are similar hitters Terrys job ain't easy this year. Gotta find at bats for conforto but with cespedes (never sit him), Bruce who is super streaky and granderson, it's a tough spot. I dunno if I'd put conforto or Bruce at first either sporadically for the fact that if they play sh*tty in the field its probably gonna effect them at the plate. Its a long season and bound to be some injury but gotta think our fortunes turn around on that front this year......yea right
  6. Bruce is streaky, gotta just hope the hot streaks out weigh the cold streaks. But good for him nice to see and good for us. I felt he was gonna have a good year with no facts to back it up. It's early but it is promising
  7. This espn crew is tuff to listen to....
  8. Kelly DFAed. Can't see him getting claimed
  9. Solid win gotta win series. Especially against lower division opponents
  10. He is a terrible Qb, not worth the circus that follows him and not a very good baseball player but it's hard not to root for him
  11. Good call on shea. Loved that place
  12. I seen that yesterday, funny sh!t friend of mine ( yankee fan) went to citifield yesterday and told me he never seen so many fanny packs and headphones. And then I sent him that video
  13. Bartolo will be a guy I will always root for now (except playing the mets, of course ) think he's gonna get a pretty decent ovation tonight
  14. How bad does it look for lugo? I see all the hyperbole but anybody have an idea that's not influenced in the typical met, the sky is falling, mentality?
  15. With colon pitching probably see pretty good attendance for game 2 of the season
  16. Big Pun Tribe called quest wu tang john candy your late 20s sunday mornings
  17. Completely different tastes. Superbad was ok, I guess
  18. Duda as your seven hitter is a pretty deep lineup
  19. NHL playoffs is must see tv especially if you have a rooting interest
  20. Rick nash john olreud bobs burgers arrested development HDTV Bachelor parties
  21. I'd pay to see the original hangover again for the first time.
  22. Love this quote from him After his outing, Syndergaard was asked if he regrets passing on the opportunity to pitch for the United States in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. “Nope, not one bit,” the 24-year-old said. "I’m a Met. And ain’t nobody made it to the Hall of Fame or win a World Series playing in the WBC.”
  23. Agreed, I understand they are trying to grow the game but when you got guys playing for Italy only cause there last name ends in a vowel and other playing for Israel cause they were bar mitzvahed, I think you have a flawed concept also how could Puerto Rico play the United States? They are the same country
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