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  1. I hate everything about the pats, but I don't really think this was as bad a decision as people make it out to be. The jets just went 3 and out 3 straight times I believe. The pats offense scored 13 points all game. Win the field position battle. End the game with a long Fg. We've seen the pats end tons of games on FG. AGAIN.... This is not the decision I would make but not as far fetched as people in the media are making it out to be
  2. he could've choose direction and the choice of who gets the ball would've been the jets
  3. you choose either kick or receive OR which direction to defend. So he was supposed to pick the goal to defend not kick or receive
  4. This is the first time in a long time that I have enjoyed watching the jet QB.... This guys is so easy to root for
  5. I understand your point, but it's either a QB sneak there or kick the FG in my book
  6. How are we losing this game?? sh*tty team sh*tty QB 2 picks and we r losing
  7. How about a replay of the touchdown instead of looking at these too dicks
  8. It's definitely not a dirty hit....just bad luck. Might be a fumble. They showed one sh*tty replay and went to break
  9. I dunno if this good or bad but this is the best QB play we've had throughout a season in years
  10. not that it matters but he was held on that play also
  11. With Dan fouts and OBJ it's like I'm watching the water boy again
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