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  1. Not into MMA either, I do watch the big fights and am a McGregor fan but as a whole don't have much interest
  2. Basketball is terrible so I can't comment on Kobe but the other two are way off piazza went to a WS with and outfield that couldn't start for Tottenville HS Brodeur was as good as he was perceived to be
  3. Disagree with jeter, I am a die hard met fan, but what jeter did was pretty awesome in the day and age, he was the captain of the Yankees, 5 rings I believe, probably banged who knows how many women, never ended up in the paper or the tabloids and always seem to come up with the big play when the lights were on. Definitely didn't have the most god given talent at SS during his run but guy won. Coming from a met, jet, ranger fan that means a lot He handed the keys to city to my man DW back in 06 but didn't know he couldn't drive stick. We barely made it out of the parking lot
  4. Fantasy football the NFL the sopranos american sniper Atlantic city downtown Brooklyn
  5. Lugo to the DL with arm fatigue final roster spot to montero
  6. Bill parcells the NBA Revis eminem any hip hop after the early 2000's the chainsmokers pretty much every TV showed being aired nowadays the movie scarface
  7. People forget how good of a year he had because of the collapse. Even with the collapse he deserved the MVP Mets blog had almost the same exact analysis of the final roster spot, which seems like the most logical decision part of me thinks Bruce is gonna have a really good year, I don't know why or have any reason, just do
  8. Gotta be lugo if they decide to keep wheeler in extended spring training. Its Duda job to lose but for some reason I don't think he's gonna be healthy much this year
  9. Who's opening day 1B this year?
  10. Lagares has a chance to be ready for opening day. Conforto needs to go to AAA if he isn't gonna play everyday Matz still uncertain
  11. Unless his bat gets better he may have no place on a major league roster if he's as bad as you say. No one wants a light hitting poor defensive starting or back up catcher
  12. If this keeps up does plawecki get another shot?
  13. And you know this how? Also the obsession with Fitzpatrick is getting a lil scary......laces out Dan!
  14. Not a crazy active poster but I do lurk everyday, was with JI till the end even as it got terrible, loyal to a fault type of guy I guess. Settled in nicely here, less clicks and a Lil less computer slap fights here. Also appreciate the head honcho "working" his site and actively contributing to the discussions. JI did have some funny "personas" that I wish would've made it over here but that's about it
  15. Unless you feel SOME of those all pro and pro bowl years were mostly based on name recognition and not actual difference making
  16. Revis is the most overrated player to ever wear a jets jersey
  17. Kinda agree. His idea was right and he was executing it, Except he was terrible at drafting so that kinda hurts his whole philosophy.
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