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  1. How much longer do we have to pay revis again...?
  2. Haven't really heard much of how great of a coach mike petitine is going to become
  3. Why couldn't we be lucky enough to get a guy like Sanchez off the scrap heap
  4. I am probably the furthest thing you can be from a geno fan but gonna have to agree he handled it fine. Non story
  5. He needs reps with the 1s wasnt fully prepared to start gotta shake the rust off defense gave him no support mangold was out no protection The o line is racist
  6. but he won the QB competition in camp....
  7. cause G-NO wins that game
  8. We were basically dominating and the game is tied.
  9. am I the only one who wants to know who the two QBs are?
  10. And boom goes the dynamite LMAO
  11. agreed. And Let's see what the bills d does now because this is where the vaunted Ryan defense has to be strong and usually wasn't with the jets but they look like they are gonna win and really a W is a W
  12. i know everyone likes to pile on Rex but buffalo is completely man handling the Giants and if carpenter makes the chip shot of kick they probably have a tie game right now.
  13. Agreed on all accounts. Only thing that tempers my excitement is we have played some bad teams
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