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  1. this is all true, but it's still better than what we have seen from the QB position in the past. As bad as he has played today. They are down 7 this after a special teams TD and Marshall basically turning the ball over twice
  2. might be the first team to have a win taken away from them for being so bad 1-15
  3. Does Bradford look like Ryan Reynolds to anyone else?
  4. completely off topic but what does the object that looks like a tie with a star on it mean in each thread
  5. Staten Island kid......woulda like to see him make it.
  6. again I never said I hope he doesn't play well or that it's impossible he can play well, I said I don't think it's a probable expectation.
  7. Actually not once have I said any of that. If he comes back and wins great, I'm all for it. Do I think it's probable no, impossible no. Stay on point
  8. point is Geno has shown nothing to think he has the character or personality to lead a team of men. I'm sorry thing didn't play out ideal for him but what has been done can not be unseen by me, other fans or teammates. Such is reality. You hold onto hope that he will turn it all around and not only will his play improve leaps and bounds as will his leadership and maturity. I'll go with the probability that it won't based on passed experiences.
  9. so three in year 2 makes it sound even better
  10. depends on pettys overall game and off field issues. Geno not only played like sh*t he has atleast three off fields incidents that make you shake your head and make you think this is not a guy that can lead 52 other men to the promise land
  11. Eli being a top pick hirts your argument more.., a #1 pick gets a much longer leash than a 2 rounder
  12. this. I think the plan all along was to hope to sneak him thru waivers for the first day just so they could IR Milner and bring Chris back
  13. no but he is a 6th rd pick who is a fringe NFLer who deserved to be cut the minute he punched the starting QB in the face. Your comparing apples to oranges
  14. not even one former teammate came to his defense, I know they can't comment on the actual event but at least defend his character
  15. ive actually only seen one guy remotely defend him and it was a coach from his college days that said something like "I dunno but that doesn't sound like the G-NO I know". Pretty telling when the QB has no one catchin his back
  16. guys a d!ck.... Pretty simple.....as it's been said numerous times the jets players reaction is the real tell of how he is looked at
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