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  1. all valid points but in the flip side if G-No was picked in the 4th round and wasn't so much talked about before the draft would some people give him the same leash and blame other factors for his general suckitude or just call it as it is he's a not a good QB
  2. there is absolutely nothing to say that even comes remotely close to proving any of this as being true. G-No smith who was passed on by every team in the league and was picked in about the same spot as Keller Clemens was guaranteed to be at least an average starter but it was Rex ( the boogey man ) Ryan that sucked all his skill out of him kinda like the aliens in the movie space jam. Oh wait sanchez proves this point true because he's throwing for over three hundred yards a game in philly, except for the fact that he still makes the same stupid costly turnover every game and Philly isn't going anywhere this year either.
  3. my argument isn't an argument but my point was the colts have a great Qb and have drafted all skill position and still haven't found the "magic formula", draft all skill position and then the lines are neglected and you have the colts problem,some people say it's all playmakers some say it's all in the trenches and some say it's all about the QB but in reality to substain a winning team year in and year out there has to be some balance, unless you have one of the top 3 Qbs ine the league
  4. and how many Super Bowls have that got them. Luck is one of the most sacked QBs in the league. What it boils down to is you need a a well balanced team, especially if you don't have a top flight QB. Can't ignore the offense can't ignore the defense, can't run the ball too much but can't pass the ball to much either. Team needs a talent on both sides not pro bowlers at every position but solid starters with role players and all pros sprinkled in. Plus game plans specific for each opponent and each week. It's the only way.
  5. playing mmqb but all that plus always a first rounder when they traded rivers
  6. you had to feel good going into the 2003 season (chads first full year as a starter) when he was being compared to Montana
  7. 2 starting cornerbacks that were bagging groceries in August >>>>>few holes
  8. wasnt the fashionable thing to do, just show even more how much mangold is a leader
  9. Atlanta..…I like Matt Ryan also think cam is the most overrated player in football
  10. G-No makes a decent pass that any QB makes, its a first down
  11. definitely not, hate the wild cat, but letting G-No play gun slinger isn't either
  12. i want to win this game. To win this game we have to run the ball to keep it out of both G-No's hands and to keep Brady off the field. Brady throwing against our secondary is just as bad as G-No throwing against NE secondary
  13. jeff George would be our best qb since pre injury Pennington
  14. agreed, not saying he isn't a good coach, but really he has a ton of 1st rounders to coach up
  15. G-No isn't 100x better than anyone in this league but agreed RG3 isn't good
  16. Couldn't have picked a worse year to go 2-11....lol
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