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  1. depends on pettys overall game and off field issues. Geno not only played like sh*t he has atleast three off fields incidents that make you shake your head and make you think this is not a guy that can lead 52 other men to the promise land
  2. Eli being a top pick hirts your argument more.., a #1 pick gets a much longer leash than a 2 rounder
  3. this. I think the plan all along was to hope to sneak him thru waivers for the first day just so they could IR Milner and bring Chris back
  4. no but he is a 6th rd pick who is a fringe NFLer who deserved to be cut the minute he punched the starting QB in the face. Your comparing apples to oranges
  5. not even one former teammate came to his defense, I know they can't comment on the actual event but at least defend his character
  6. ive actually only seen one guy remotely defend him and it was a coach from his college days that said something like "I dunno but that doesn't sound like the G-NO I know". Pretty telling when the QB has no one catchin his back
  7. guys a d!ck.... Pretty simple.....as it's been said numerous times the jets players reaction is the real tell of how he is looked at
  8. if you pick him in the 7th he is eligible for next years draft and probably doesn't sign and just re enter 2016. By him not being picked it guarantees he plays for the team that gets him
  9. if they can get avg production from there line up they are going to be fine
  10. My girl banged my arch nemesis but I begged her to come back
  11. if he truly thought he was a franchise qB he would definitely bet the house to get him.
  12. the Eagles did it a couple years ago with the "dream team" and fell flat on their face, Redskins did it twice also
  13. It's funny how this whole thread is about Rex making this trade, like the GM had no input
  14. unless his teammates didn't go to his birthday party
  15. maybe another team believes this same nonsense and we can get a late round pick for him that we then trade for glennon......lol
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