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  1. Definitely give him credit kid has taken his opportunity and ran with it but we've seen this before from QBs let's see what happens
  2. One draft? They been building that o line. Only time will tell but I believe almost any decent QB would have success on that team this year. I've watched a couple games and Dak has all day
  3. Not even close. The same fans would be talkin about picking another qb in 2017 until we get one right.
  4. If Bowles and company don't feel he is ready there is no need to make a change just for the sake of change and to appease the fans. I would LOVE to see either of the young guys this week, but the man in charge doesn't think it's time. Gonna have to wait
  5. Me too, I was not a big fan of the Bowles hire but this year has made me have a different respect for him
  6. The same guy that cost us not one but two sure fire first ballot hall of famers
  7. Maybe they will lose enough so they can win one
  8. I hate revis like I never hated any other player on a team I root for ever
  9. Let them score???? Or use all three TO hope to stop them for FG?
  10. He is the worst starting QB in the league but that just says how bad our QB situation was
  11. Yet he was the best QB on the roster all season
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