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  1. That should be caught even with the interference
  2. I don't think there is a jet I have hated more than revis ever
  3. Anderson is skinnier than any other player I have seen on an NFL field
  4. Unplug your sh*t and reset no way you can be that far behind
  5. There has to be a way to keep Sheldon and Williams, get rid of wilk
  6. You are way behind. i have time warner in SI
  7. Agreed. Use to feel that way about Braylon, they both remind me of each other drop some easy ones, make some unbelievable ones. A lot of baggage but no evidence as a jet
  8. Because they are backed up against there own end against the best team in football
  9. No shot he would come to the jets after belicheck took him back when no one wanted him after Denver disaster
  10. Cuz ya know da jets. Everything they do is terrible and they have the worst of everything. And they should lose to there hated rival ya know
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