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  1. The only thing that I don’t like about getting Blais back, is that reaves sits. It’s the right move but I like reaves. Granted he’s not as needed in the Tampa series as I thought he was in canes series OT a little but am I the only one that feels the 2x Stanley cup thing doesn’t hold as much weight as it should because of the Covid years, bubble etc?? Not taking anything away from TB. They are great but hockey playoffs with out fans, a full season, full 7 game series just isn’t the same
  2. Ranger fans, as many of you know. The craziest part after all these games and emotions and what not, is we are only 50% of the way there
  3. Terrible production all the way around. And I’m not one of these guys that just hates on all broadcasts. I think at one point when The ranger faithful were booing TDA, Ferraro was like the crowd is getting anxious, as in the hurricane fans were booing there own team. They had no feel for what was going on in the game. Which is crazy considering they called all 7 Never showed important highlights. Carolina crowd was in an uproar over someone landing on Ranta then 15 seconds later Ranta is hurt. Totally ignored it. Didn’t even explain why the crowd was mad, not sure they knew why the crowd was mad. But hey, At least we got some nice fluff pieces. Playoff hockey is unlike any other sport. It’s constant action. There is almost no time for fluff pieces and bench interviews. Unfortunately espn has no idea how to promote the sport
  4. ESPN, cuts away from handshake line right before ADA and Geogiv meet? Me personally, if I’m producing I don’t cut away from handshake line the whole time. But especially when there are 5 guys who played for the other team where 1 of them was the agitator of the series
  5. Hey espn. How about a replay of the first save before Strome goal or even a replay of the rangers player making contact with ranta, the real reason the fans were mad
  6. To their defense, to cheap to put a second guy up top, so their color guy thought it was skate issue. They didn’t even know trouba laid that hit
  7. Buck has been even better than expected. Nice to have an adult in the room finally after all these years
  8. One of the amazing pitfalls of the internet, have to hear everyone’s thought no matter how stupid
  9. I wear my sunglasses at night……
  10. No hockey on today sucks!!! Only bad thing about advancing… less and less games on to get your fix
  11. Tampa making short work of the winner Rangers had game 1 in the bag, and game 2 they were in it all game. They can win in Carolina, will they is a different story.
  12. I feel the canes shut us down. There wasn’t any open ice all game. We aren’t a high flying offense to begin with, going up against the best defensive team in the league this year. SH goal hurt, overturned Strome goal killed us. On a side note, I HATE the espn angle from behind the goalie, it’s a good angle to see on a replay or a highlight but during the course of the game it’s terrible, especially on a goal against
  13. First time I heard battle of Alberta was this year. games have been very fun to watch. Being in NY. I don’t see much west coast games. I wake up early and they start to late but it’s been fun to watch. on a side note. With the exception of a few games, it really has been a great post season entertainment wise so far
  14. No matter what happens this season. I’m really loving this team top to bottom, gallant included. Read a lot of ranger sites thought out the year and people hate on GG, Reaves, Trouba (which blows my mind) , and strome. Even Mika getting hate as not a Top line C I don’t see it. It’s a good team, entertaining team, that gives it it’s all 95% of the time
  15. When it comes to national broadcast no one compares to Doc, even though I’m biased and like Rosen better. That being said id much rather here Kenny Albert or even Bob W. Then what we’ve had to listen to this series Miss the playoff team of Doc Eddie O and Pierre Macguire
  16. I think the year that you got the car would show how much of a POS it really was, I’m sure a lot of these cars seem better on here until you find out that the 88 Toyota you got was in 2001
  17. The McDonough Ferraro team is terrible. Man do I Miss doc
  18. Ummmm is it me or is that an odd hand placement for a expecting announcement card?
  19. Can’t fall behind them. There defense is just too good
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