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  1. Just a guess but Flacco choose Philly over NY for personal reasons
  2. Seems like that ad was created just for this site
  3. We are good no worries. yes mike Tyson “comment” has violence. But it also says disrespecting someone. No disagreeing with someone But everyone can take it how they want. I thought it was prettt funny considering the current events
  4. No. I don’t think people should be punched in the face for there own opinions. Glad that’s out of the way. But I do agree with the original comment a quoted. Everyone has to many opinions with no consequences (consequences ≠ violence necessarily) thanks to the internet. Especially when it comes to the hot stove or player projections or whatever
  5. That’s not what that meme meant it was a joke on mike Tyson altercation on a plane a few days before that. A joke that fit in good with the point that everyone has an opinion about everything with no consequences which this thread was discussing. But you, maker of some of the stupidest threads this site has seen in an attempt at humor, decide to take that literally and run with it. Im pretty sure that quote isn’t actually from Iron Mike Good stuff buddy.
  6. Don’t know if your serious or not but that’s the first thing I thought of too.
  7. No this is the exact opposite. But your assumptions in this thread prove that meme to be 100 percent true.
  8. Everything else that people partake in that was “not legal” is now mainstream, why not add PEDs to that list
  9. Didn’t think I was until I watched that, I mean tried to watch that
  10. That and Woody running the draft of course
  11. Couldn’t agree more and this goes with everything in life nowadays, it’s terrible
  12. Supposedly, no one outside the people in the jets war room was told anything about the jets big board, no other employees, players family etc
  13. Am I the only one seeing a paywall when you click the link?
  14. Ruckert, just because the story.
  15. Loves this guy as a jet, not resigning him was the beginning of the end of Rex Ryan era
  16. That’s amazing…. can’t imagine the pride pumping they that guy
  17. I dont see it douchey, I see it as well spoken, very business like, calm cool and collected. We are more used to a lot more emotion form these 20 something’s that just became rich. If KT is a star on the field, he will be a superstar off it.
  18. You can’t say this with a straight face, I’m not a draft guy so every year I come to this forum and try to read the reaction, NEVER in all the years here or the landing strip was there such euphoria over a draft. Even the resident wet rags are positive about this draft.
  19. Gotta eat your vitamins and say your prayers
  20. I always wondered, what does Mel kiper do from may to January for money
  21. And you look like the 'I Like It Rough' type
  22. Couldn’t agree more.
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