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  1. Those tweets bring up memories of the old Sesame Street song “One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song?”
  2. Didn’t even think of this part, plus you got the agent 9 times out of 10 pushing for every last dollar in the players ear, it’s not a easy decision to make
  3. This. It’s a tough predicament these guys find themselves in, you wanna maximize your worth but unfortunately on a salary cap league very few are able to get record breaking contracts and still win.
  4. Isn’t that dumb, when down playing someone’s intellect I see stupid as more fitting. Dumb is more for bad decisions lol
  5. It’s an interesting stat to watch, would like to see how there playoff win total performs as there salary eats up most of the salary cap
  6. https://nypost.com/2022/04/16/jets-receiver-denzel-mims-taps-trainer-to-get-bigger-leaner/?utm_campaign=iphone_nyp&utm_source=pasteboard_app
  7. Don’t think your step son would be to thrilled
  8. Becton is not liked by the CS. He doesn’t put The work in.
  9. Too keep up we build. It doesn’t happen overnight. Zach is the wild card. If he’s fails JD is done. Zach failing added to the bad 2020 draft…he’s done
  10. There is no earmark of wins that I want to see. I want to win them all. AFC is stacked. If we have a losing season. But we are in all games close to the end especially with the heavy hitters how can I hold those losses against him? Visual improvement. As in the jets are a tough out. Have a chance in most games. Not Td or more underdogs a lot of other things besides Ws this year. But I will say this is the last year that wins arent expected
  11. Although I’m not in full agreement. This is the type of argument I can understand against JD.
  12. Mccagnan had no plan. Didn’t understand team building concepts as evidence y drafting 2 safeties with his first 2 picks and Was a free spender Idzik would’ve been a better example
  13. Pretty sure me and you are on the same side of the fence on this. Maybe your a little deeper in but same side
  14. Don’t know the facts of the other GMs, and all situations aren’t equal. What I do know is this organization was barren of any talent players,coaches, front office, you name it, we were under qualified. JD has the right plan to build a long term winner. The execution of the plan year one (full year) was bad, year 2 was a nice rebound. I like the mindset at 1 jets drive, but that’s only the beginning he has to execute this is a big year to sway my feelings. Not gonna hold the terrible record against him up to this point. Moving forward I will he’s had enough time to show at least some promising results.
  15. Is it because no GM was capable of doing it or they weren’t given enough time to execute there plan? JD got a 6 year contract he was smart on that end but also very lucky because his first full year (first draft) was bad. Could he be the first to do it? Maybe but maybe only because he was lucky enough to have the time to overcome a bad year. Guess this draft will give us a better idea
  16. I think it is fair to say this season we should expect visual improvement. Butting a solid number on it takes out all variables. I’d expect playoffs sooner if the AFC wasn’t so stacked. Like I said in my other post. No problem with guys not liking the job JD is doing based on his drafts and FA signings but to fault him for not make the jets a playoff team this soon when he came to the equivalent of an expansion team minus the expansion draft is expecting too much
  17. I don’t have an answer, but it’s more reasonable to expect it to take time to rebuild a team ground up. There isn’t one player that was here before JD that you can honestly say is a key piece to any winning team. I got no problem with people thinking JD isn’t good, I do think using the argument that we’re still not a top team doesn’t hold water. If they don’t like what he’s did since he’s been here that’s one thing. But to expect anyone to have turned this ship around in 2 off seasons is expecting too much
  18. thanks for the info. It’s like I thought. This 2 year rebuild is a fantasy. No team has been built over 2 years from the ground up into a winner. Out of your examples maybe you can say KC was the closest. JD 3rd draft, I think it’s fair to expect positive returns this season, but to expect us to be a top team by his 3rd draft is pretty unreasonable. Sure it would be great but it would’ve took a lot of luck also.
  19. Serious questions What teams have completely rebuilt in > 3 years. What major contributor was on this team prior to JD? Mosley is all I can think of and not sure that’s a positive
  20. Who is the highest paid Non QB in the league ?
  21. Same as everything else in life, the more you produce the more they’ll let go by the way side.
  22. Thank you. Not a thumbs down type of guy. But holy sh*t that narrative is played out
  23. What’s his deal that he moves around so much?
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