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  1. It's a good thing we're not paying him to do brain surgeries
  2. I believe he’s currently assistant director of pro personnel with the Bears, and if all these rumors are true we would still have the director of pro personnel position available, which would be a promotion for him
  3. Fun fact I came across semi-recently (might have been here, can’t remember) that I had completely forgotten about: if the Jets had won that game, they would have went to New England for the AFC Championship Game; instead NE wound up playing in Pitt. Turns out that the day of the AFC Championship Game, Foxboro got absolutely buried with a blizzard. Something like 2-3 feet of snow with winds that would have made throwing the ball impossible. Given that running the ball and stopping the run were the Jets bread and butter that year, we might have had a real good chance to knock off NE and make the Super Bowl. I bring this up only because no matter who you blame for the loss in Pitt, when I stumbled upon this fact I got irrationally angry all over again over a game played 15 years ago and I’m a vindictive bastard who wants to do the same to all you degenerates on a Monday night. Cheers. P.S. Of course it was Herm’s fault. The guy TOOK A KNEE kicking into the open end of one of the hardest stadiums to kick in for crying out loud.
  4. If he's on the roster next season (2020), he'll count $15 million against the cap. Even if we cut him, he'll have a dead cap hit of $12 million, saving only $3 million. The situation is better if he's cut before the 2021 season, but is still not great ($9 mill cap savings / $8 mill dead cap). But honestly, if he plays this season like he did last season, you have to take the $3 mill savings in 2020 and wave him goodbye. Just an atrocious contract.
  5. I love watching Mayfield play, but if you don’t see how potentially combustible the situation in Cleveland is I don’t know what to tell you. Loud mouth QB, diva WRs, Kareem Hunt, Sheldon Richardson, etc. all under a rookie HC who was a coordinator for all of half a season. It’s June and already you’ve got multiple players taking issue with the way Mayfield is criticizing teammates through the media and there’s some sort of disconnect with the new offensive coordinator. All of this could wind up being nothing but pointing it out given the roster and coaching situation is entirely valid.
  6. Very interested to hear his plans/thoughts on the analytics department. We’ve been woefully behind the curve in that area for years now. While guys like Cimini have tried to paint him as analytics-averse, I’m hopeful that from what I’ve heard about his personality and his time in Philly that he realizes the value of gathering all available information even if he’s not an analytics guru himself. Also interested to hear if he plans on plucking some of the contracts/cap guys from Philly, who are probably the best in the league when it comes to the structuring of contracts.
  7. Not that I disagree that Leggett/Jones likely won't amount to anything, but I don't think playing younger guys would have helped Bowles. The only thing that was going to save him after the Bills debacle, and rightly so, was a whole bunch of wins.
  8. Haven't seen anything. The Jets truly have some of the worst beat reporters in the game. If these guys had any sources at all you'd expect they'd be all over a situation like this. Instead they're constantly scooped by the league-wide reporters. I really can't remember the last time one of the beat guys broke a major story that wasn't PR spin obviously fed to them by Macagnan/Heimerdinger. Hell, they not only got scooped on the Mac ouster (by Tony Pauline of all people), but actively and categorically denied there was any truth to it only to have a conniption when it all blew up in their face.
  9. This tweet literally tells us nothing. Joe Douglas turned the Jets down as of right now over money? So that could change if the Jets offer more money? So in other words they are *gasp* negotiating?! Gotta say, smart move out of McIntyre. Reads all the other reports out there from actual reporters and rewords them to form a can't lose narrative that gives him clicks in the process. If Douglas signs with the Jets, the Jets "wisened up", like he said they should. If Douglas stays put, it was the Jets cheaping out, like he said they were. The only limb he went out on is saying it will be Champ Kelly if its not Douglas.
  10. Wish this was coming from someone other than La Canfora. Pretty much guaranteed to be Fitterer now.
  11. FWIW I listened to the same podcast. The Philly writer gave Douglas a lot of credit for bringing in Alshon, identifying the type of players that fit with what the Eagles were trying to do both from a coaching/scheme and front office perspective, and putting together a pipeline of talent. Regarding the drafts he was in charge of, the writer said the results are not yet evident more so because of the talent in the starting lineup rather than that the picks have been busts. Most are still on the roster, the coaches love them, and they started getting snaps and producing towards the end of the year when injuries started taking their toll. Two players I specifically remember him mentioning are 4th round pick Avonte Maddox who played all over the secondary and played so well that he might take Malcom Jenkins starting job this year, and I believe a 6th round tackle who they are ecstatic about and had to keep on the 53 man roster because they were terrified he'd be plucked off the practice squad. Obviously none of us can speak to just how much of an impact Douglas has had on the Eagles recent string of success, and I don't know how much the Philly writer can reasonably espouse on that either. But if what he's saying is true regarding Philly's roster construction, well then that's pretty much what we've been looking for in a GM for decades. The reason teams like the Ravens, the Pats (aside from BB and Brady), the Steelers, possibly the Eagles, have been able to be successful for years on end is that they've been able to fill that talent pipeline. When one guy moves on, what do you know, someone else is there to fill their place. If we're going to maximize Darnold's window and create some form of sustainable long-term success we need to put the same type of operation in place. From everything I've heard Douglas seems like the best candidate to do so. I have no idea if it will pan out that way or if Douglas is getting way more credit than he deserves, but all we can go on at this point is the information that's out there.
  12. Beyond his resume, Philly fans seem to be terrified of losing him. May not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it's nice to see.
  13. So the only thing holding them back is the fact that they have to play other teams? Got it. Fire Goodell.
  14. This will totally work and not give Manish even more attention and a bigger platform

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