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  1. This. The amount of Giant fans who just assume the Giants will get a third round pick back anyway, so no harm no foul, has really opened my eyes as to how many people have no idea how the comp process works. It’s highly unlikely the Giants get a comp pick back if they let Leo walk given the players whose contracts they have expiring and the amount they’re likely going to spend in free agency with a desperate Gettleman (who I think gets another year, topic of the thread notwithstanding).
  2. Agree that he’s short but they really should have straight on, right down the goal line camera angles, and there really isn’t an excuse not to in a multi-billion dollar industry. Pretty sure the right angle here would show him being much closer than this one which is from a couple yards deep in the end zone. What happened to the pylon cam?
  3. You called him the most accurate QB you’ve ever seen like 6 hours ago
  4. Right on the money but not sure if I’ve ever seen a safety just allow a catch to be made right in front of him like that. Did he think it was an overthrow or was afraid of getting a penalty/fined if he actually made a play on the ball?
  5. jvill 51

    Let's go Yankees

    I don’t know if any of the pitchers they could have gotten at the deadline would have helped them last night. It’s been long known Greinke has refused to come to the Yankees because of his anxiety issues, so he wasn’t an option. Cashman’s mistake wasn’t sitting out the deadline this year, it’s been whiffing on starting pitchers the past couple of years. They could have had Verlander but didn’t want to spend the money, they could have had Cole but didn’t want to give up Andujar and Frazier, could have had Corbin, etc. etc. And while it’s true that pitching hasn’t really been their downfall so far, hitting dry spells in the playoffs are predictable. Almost every year every team in the postseason goes on some 0-10 with RISP drought. It’s the nature of condensing a 162 game season into a best of 5 or 7 sample size. Great starting pitchers are generally more consistent, and it’s just a different mindset for the team when you’re throwing a Gerrit Cole out there vs a James Paxton or spring training version Severino and planning to get 4+ innings out of your bullpen every single game. The Yankees plan necessitates that they walk a tightrope where everything has to go right. The lineup needs to produce against great pitching, the so-so starters need to be good enough, and then 4 or 5 relief pitchers need to be lockdown. Great starting pitching gives a much larger margin for error and Cashman needs to realize that before he wastes this window (which seems large but you never know).
  6. Not to mention that some 95% of the population contracts the virus that leads to mono by the time they turn 35. Sam should have just locked himself in a bubble like all real serious NFL QBs do and avoided human contact and the outside world entirely until he retired. Or maybe built himself a time machine during his two weeks away from the team and forced younger Sam to make out with as many chicks, drink from as many used cups, and pick up as many dirty children’s toys as possible so he would contract the virus earlier.
  7. Holy sh*t this board is toxic right now. Can we let the kid play more than one half of football before we label him a bust? Or are we calling him a bust because he’s missed a whole two games?
  8. That’s the point genius. One game doesn’t make (or break) a career.
  9. Yes the Packers defense. Just as Jones was going against the Buccaneers defense. The point of the comparison was more the shootout nature of the games, and the fact that Aaron Rodgers would get the ball coming off any Darnold mistake vs Jameis Winston getting the ball coming off any Jones mistake. As for the rest of your post, sure you can put Darnold at 4 if you like (although I would strongly disagree on Josh Allen, who has not impressed me at all and I’ve watched the entirety of all 3 of his games so far this year). I don’t really care where they rank today and to me it’s not much of an argument worth having considering Darnold has only played one game this year and it was against a top 3-5 defense where he was more likely than not suffering from the beginning effects of a virus that’s caused him to miss at least the first month of the season. Again, the whole sample size thing, which is more the point. I don’t think Darnold is an all-pro based off the end of last season any more than I think Mayfield sucks because of the beginning of this season. I’ve seen enough to know they have the potential to be the guy and their teams shouldn’t be looking for a new guy just yet. I haven’t seen enough to tell you for sure if they ARE the guy or where they’ll rank. And I’m certainly not going to make sweeping judgments off of ONE game. Let the kids play.
  10. 24/35 (69%), 341 yards, 9.7 YPA, 3 TDs. That’s Darnold’s stat line going toe to toe with Aaron Rodgers last year. Better passing numbers and he didn’t lose two fumbles or throw a would be pick 6 into any defender’s mitts. He was also a year younger at the time of that game than Jones was yesterday. Until Jones has a game like that Sam is the best and Jones is all hype. See how silly this is? Probably not actually.
  11. The grand proclamations off of such small sample sizes are exhausting. Marcus Mariota completed over 80% of his passes with 4 TDs and a perfect passer rating in his debut. Now Titans fans are calling for him to be benched for Ryan Tannehill. Countless players have started off fast and fizzled out as the league got tape on them and adjusted. Others have started slow and became superstars as they adjusted to the league. The need for everyone to get their hot takes in immediately leads to people looking like fools more often than not. How about we let the kids play before we decide what their careers will be based off of one (ONE!) game.
  12. I’m sure if Robert Kraft knew about this before the Patriots signed AB he never would have agreed to sign him. Such a shame his hands are now tied and nothing can be done to prevent AB from playing/being associated with such a classy franchise.
  13. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/09/19/antonio-brown-accuser-text-messages Antonio Brown Accuser Says He Sent Her ‘Intimidating’ Text Messages After SI’s Story A woman who says Antonio Brown made an unwanted sexual advance toward her in 2017 and was fired after not reciprocating received what she characterized as intimidating texts from the Patriots wide receiver on Wednesday night in the wake of a Sports Illustrated story detailing her allegations, according to her lawyer in a letter sent to the NFL on Thursday evening, which included screen shots of the messages. The woman previously told SI that Brown had hired her two years ago to paint a mural of him in his home but “ghosted” her after she ignored his advance. On Wednesday night, the woman says, she received a group text message that appeared to come from the same phone number Brown provided to her in 2017. The text chain, with four other phone numbers on it, included photos of her and her children, with the person she believes is Brown encouraging others in the group to investigate the woman. The texter accused the artist of fabricating her account of the 2017 incident for cash. (In her letter to the league, the woman’s attorney repeated that the artist is not seeking remuneration from Brown in connection with the alleged incident.) The texter described the artist as a “super broke girl” and asked someone he refers to as “Eric B” to “look up her background history.” He then sent a screenshot of an Instagram photo she had posted showing the faces of her young children, adding “those her kids... she’s awful broke clearly.” A series of texts as received this week by the artist who worked for Antonio Brown in 2017. Sports Illustrated has reviewed screenshots of the texts and confirmed that they were apparently sent from the same number Brown used to communicate with the artist in 2017, which was provided to her in a direct message from his verified Instagram account. Brown's lawyer, Darren Heitner, who was included in the group text but did not respond to the messages, said he had not advised Brown to communicate with the woman. He otherwise declined comment. On Thursday evening, Lisa J. Banks, a lawyer for the artist, sent a letter to the NFL seeking an end to what she termed conduct by Brown that is “intimidating and threatening to our client, in violation of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy.” “Our client ... is understandably frightened by these text messages, which are clearly intended to threaten and intimidate her,” the lawyer wrote. “While she certainly qualifies as a ‘starving artist,’ she has never approached Mr. Brown, nor will she, about seeking money to compensate her for his sexual misconduct, contrary to his allegations in the text messages.” The NFL responded to the letter within the hour, arranging for a phone call between investigators and the attorneys for the artist, according to a source with knowledge of the arrangement. The Patriots and Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, did not respond to SI’s requests for comment. “This sort of intimidation and harassment is the reason victims are often so reluctant to step forward in these cases,” Banks told Sports Illustrated. “We have confidence the NFL and the Patriots will step in and end this behavior.” Asked via text to confirm or deny the details of the woman’s charge of intimidation, the respondent at the number purported to be Brown’s replied “foh clown.” (“FOH” is a popular acronym for the phrase “get the f--- out of here.”) Included in the group text were three other numbers besides those of Heitner and, allegedly, Brown. In the exchange, two of the respondents agreed to look into the woman’s background. One of the phone numbers is registered to a Brian Davis, the same name as a man described as one of Brown’s close confidants, who, as previously reported, allegedly told a chef hosting Brown’s Pro Bowl party in Orlando last year, “When you speak to Mr. Brown you don’t look him in the eye.” In a story published this week on SI.com, the unnamed artist, who requested anonymity to speak candidly about her interaction with Brown, says she was contracted to paint a mural of Brown in his home after he’d agreed to purchase another painting by her at a charity auction. The artist says Brown agreed to a daily fee of $1,000 for her work and sent a van to transport her, along with some of his friends and associates, from New York City to western Pennsylvania. On her second day at Brown’s home, the artist told SI she was in a kneeling position while painting when she turned to find Brown behind her, naked, holding a small hand towel over his genitals. “He was flirty with me, but I paid him no mind because I was there on business—plus I had already seen him with multiple girls in the short time I was with him,” said the woman. “I was about 40% done on the second day, and I’m on my knees painting the bottom, and he walks up to me butt-ass naked, with a hand cloth covering his [penis] and starts having a conversation with me.” She took it as a clear sexual come-on. “Unfortunately, I’ve been tried [by men] a lot of times, so I just kept my cool and kept painting,” she says. “After that, it all ended abruptly.” After the SI story posted, Brown’s lawyer, Heitner, tweeted that Brown “denies that he ever engaged in such activities.” Brown paid the artist $2,000 for two days’ work and ceased further contact with her, she says. The National Youth Foundation says Brown never paid the $700 for the painting for which he’d successfully bid at the auction. Interviewed by reporters on Thursday for the first time since his debut for the Patriots, Brown was asked if he’d heard any news from the league about his availability in the wake of a 10-hour interview at NFL headquarters with Britney Taylor, the woman who has filed a civil suit accusing Brown of rape. Said Brown: “I appreciate that question. I’m just here to just focus on ball and look forward to get out there in the home stadium with the team.”
  14. Baker is very entertaining and will most likely be a very good QB. Baker is also a very big a$$hole and very hard to root for. And this thread will go a very many pages with very long-winded posts arguing these very self-evident issues.
  15. Frustrating that he was even in the game at point, but if there’s one position outside of DL that the team could survive a season ending injury it’s probably ILB. Great opportunity for Cashman, hopefully he runs with it.

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