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  1. jvill 51

    Leveon Bell Prop Bet....enjoy

    I think the “380-100” is supposed to be 3.8 to 1 odds. If it was a typical money line that was supposed to mean you have to bet $380 to win $100 it would just say -380. I don’t know why they put “380-100” instead of just “38-10” or “19-5” though.
  2. jvill 51

    Leveon Bell Prop Bet....enjoy

    The status column says final, they’re not offering this bet anymore. These odds are from before he signed with the Jets.
  3. The good news for you then is that no one was offering
  4. The only RB worth a top 10 pick last year was Saquon, so no.
  5. The original premise of our “discussion”, which began as I said with the post of yours I originally quoted, was that the Steelers never offered Bell a long term contract. That’s been the entire whole of our conversation. I could go into your first post here, which is similarly flawed, but others have already done that and frankly it’s pretty clear that you aren’t here in good faith so I’m not sure what the point is. Moving on, just because they didn’t offer him the most guaranteed money of any RB does not mean that they lowballed him. Obviously Bell thought he could get more on the open market. He couldn’t. So the Steelers offer to him was actually more than the rest of the market offered him. It’s a pretty simple concept. As for the contract details, it’s only 4/61 if he hits every incentive in his deal, which includes winning league MVP. If Bell wins the league MVP 4 times, I think even you would agree the signing was far from a mistake. So let’s stick with the more likely number, which is 4/52, with 26 guaranteed, all in the first two years. Again, the Steelers offer was 5/70, with 33 guaranteed. The one thing you are right about is that this is moot. The whole conversation is premised on the idea that the Steelers never tried to sign Bell long term when they clearly did. There’s legitimate reasons to dislike the Bell signing. The Steelers letting him go isn’t one of them, but by all means continue doubling down.
  6. Off to a hot start with the personal attacks. But sure, let’s keep breaking down your logic. Your initial premise that I quoted was that the Bell signing was a bad move because the Steelers front office is smarter than the Jets and the Steelers didn’t offer Bell a long term deal. Except they did offer him a long term deal, with a higher AAV, and more money paid out over the first few years of the deal (see here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/leveon-bell-reportedly-turned-down-a-monstrous-70-million-deal-from-the-steelers/amp/ ). You then claim that this offer was so below market value that they knew Bell would never sign it. The flaws here are: 1. You cite nothing to back up that contention and 2. The offer clearly was not below market value as Bell signed for far less the following offseason. Given that the deal was actually above market value, what would have happened if Bell accepted rather than gambled? Would be a pretty dumb way to conduct business, don’t you think? Your next point is that if the Steelers gave him that contract it would be “insanely retarded”. Maybe so. Problem is, they did offer him that contract, which negates your original premise that the Bell signing was dumb because the Steelers never offered him a long term deal.
  7. It was last year, so he was one year younger. The offfer was 5/70 with 33 million guaranteed paid out over the first 2 years, and 45 paid out over the first 3 years (unclear how much of that 3rd year was guaranteed). The Jets paid him 4/52 with 26 million guaranteed paid out over the first two years and zero guaranteed after that. So the Jets got Bell to sign for substantially less than the Steelers “lowball offer”. Try again.
  8. The Steelers tried to give Bell an even larger deal than the Jets did
  9. Disappointed there hasn’t been an Anthony Schlegel mention yet.
  10. jvill 51

    Mid-May Musings

    And Brady hasn’t even really had to overcome it, considering he’s earning far less than market value. I don’t see Darnold being willing to take the same kind of deal if he turns into the QB we’re all hoping he will. The key will be signing him to a long term deal that will seem high for the first few years but won’t be nearly as restrictive later on as the cap continues to shoot up. Either way, it’s a problem we should all be praying for.
  11. jvill 51

    Le'veon mistake?

    You've been on the board for less than a week and your posts have entirely consisted of defending Daniel Jones, claiming the Bell signing will be a disaster and love letters to Eli Manning. The logic sits fine.
  12. jvill 51

    Le'veon mistake?

    Yeah, you said the same thing yesterday and it wasn't convincing then either. Trust me, a great number of Jet fans have anything but "blind obedience" to any of those guys. Its just not that hard to spot a troll.
  13. jvill 51

    Le'veon mistake?

  14. That’s actually not true. In 2010 that was the case, but in 2009 he was actually one of the most targeted corners in the league. The scheme was basically designed to funnel targets at Revis, daring opposing QBs to throw at him, and they didn’t back down until 2010 when they realized that was a fool’s errand.
  15. Dave Gettleman and the Johnson brothers’ incompetence are the only reasons Mike Macagnan is still employed by an NFL football team

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