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  1. Giants trade JPP

    Not going to go back and read through the thread nor am I going to speak for anyone else, but this isn’t about what anyone here personally thinks of the Giants. Rather, it all hinges on how Giants ownership and management perceives the team. There’s a strong case to be made that the Giants see themselves as a “win now” team. The moves they’ve made this offseason (Ogletree, Solder, Stewart) along with the fact that their new 67 year old GM isn’t getting any younger suggest that this may be the case, as does the seemingly renewed commitment to Eli (though this could just be coachspeak) and Gettleman’s repeated insistence that when you’re picking at number 2 you need to get a hall of fame type player. Then there is the fan angle. While the Giants are not typically the team that bends to the whims of their fan base like the Jets do, I don’t think the Giants ownership group has ever experienced the type of backlash that they received last season over the benching of Eli. The play on the field was certainly the bigger factor, but the fans’ reaction to the Eli benching played a large role in ownerships’ decision to fire McAdoo and Reese at the end of the year. By and large the Giants fans see this as a quick fix, a retool rather than a rebuild. The Eagles just won a Super Bowl and the fans are not going to be happy if the Giants do not do everything in their power to surround Eli with impact players so he can make a run at a 3rd ring over the next few years. They think Eli has another 3-4 years left. Whether the Giants front office feels the same is the question. To me this is all crazy talk. The Giants were abysmal last year. They haven’t scored over 30 points in a game in the past two seasons. They’re deluding themselves if they think Eli has anything more than a year or two left, if he’s not actually done already. They have a golden opportunity to set themselves up for the next 10-15 years. If the Giants were rational they take the QB. But there’s certainly a chance that they’re not rational and they go for the quick fix.
  2. USC Pro Day on now

    Forgot to mention that they brought the urn containing Wellington Mara's ashes with them as well. Don't know how that impacts your analysis but you may want to recalculate.
  3. USC Pro Day on now

    Per Google, Chris Mara is actually the Giants VP of Player Personnel. Don't know if he has any ownership interest but not totally surprising that he's there. Abrams is assistant GM.
  4. QB USC Sam Darnold's play at Rose bowl

    Looking forward to winning a meaningless week 17 game next season and missing out on Darnold because of it
  5. Are we watching the same game? Feet were clearly in bounds, only question was if he bobbled it which I don't think he did.
  6. Then don't you think maybe they should've, I don't know, not agreed to give him that power in the CBA? Like the 2nd Circuit has already said? Instead of continuing to waste the taxpayers money trying to get out of a term of the agreement that they negotiated for months?
  7. I understand your point, but couldn't it be said that as the league continues to be more and more pass friendly the value of players with this skillset has risen, along with their draft stock? Knowing what we know about how these types of players have transitioned and been hugely successful in today's NFL, it's definitely quite possible the guys listed would have been graded and selected higher had they come out of college today as opposed to a few years ago.
  8. By 3 to 13 pounds, with the benefit of multiple years in a professional strength and conditioning program. Lee ran a 4.47 at 232 pounds, he can very easily tack on a few more pounds of muscle without losing his athletic ability.
  9. First link I went to: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000641197/article/daniel-jeremiahs-top-50-prospects-for-2016-nfl-draft Ranked 11, 8, 25, and 17 on all four draft guys' big boards.
  10. This. I can't see the Supreme Court granting cert on this nonsense. I'd at least hope they'd have more important cases to hear with their time.
  11. Perhaps weighted is the wrong term, more like non-adjusted for great disparities in volume. DYAR seems like a stat which does make that adjustment and he ranks top 10 in that. Regardless, I have a hard time believing that there's many receivers out there that, substituted for Marshall, would make this offense more efficient.
  12. Understood, just seems to me that DVOA by itself isn't the best indicator at certain positions without adjusting for volume, roles, etc.
  13. Yeah I get it. Still don't get why you've been using DVOA to bash Marshall. It's clearly weighted against players who receive a larger volume of targets or snaps (Tyler Lockett is number 2, Rishard Matthews is 3, etc.). DYAR seems like a much more accurate portrayal of value, though obviously not perfect, and Marshall ranks 10th in that category. So I might as well ask again, are you so negative on Marshall solely based on DVOA and if not what are the other factors.