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  1. I wasn’t following along all that much, but vividly remember @JiF expressing his profound disappointment at not being able to lick @Smashmouth ‘s a$$hole. So pretty much standard fare.
  2. About 10 years ago. Was packed and very commercialized, pretty disappointing honestly.
  3. @DPR must have been devastated when you sat the last game out
  4. Vote Pac because I’m town. If you’re town, you should vote Pac too.
  5. Interesting game. Definitely a different setup than any of the others I’ve played so far, I wonder how that’ll affect the dynamics..
  6. Look at all you geeks getting on your computers to whine about a little armed robbery. Nerds. I
  7. They came out with a Dream Team documentary a few years ago which was very good, but if you haven’t read it before Jack McCallum’s Dream Team book is awesome. Great insider stories and a really fun read.
  8. You’re right, how about we stay on topic here. There’s 128 days left until opening day. Yesterday there were 129 days left, and tomorrow, assuming all goes according to plan, there will be 127 days left. Thoughts on these developments?
  9. Same as Barry for me. I’ll get back in on the action soon.
  10. Woah woah woah. Don’t start throwing doubt on my domination of @Verbal in the totally, completely, unquestionably fair random.org ending of the last game.
  11. What a capper to an awesome game. Did not foresee SMC including such a great epilogue mechanic! Guy really is the GOAT mod
  12. Funny part about that is, I thought you were Dice/Ape’s character Looking Glass, because I thought the role for that character would wind up being Lie Detector and you were asking a lot of yes/no “are you scum” questions. Thought I had everybody’s characters/roles figured out except Barry and Dice once DPR said you weren’t Dr. M and then especially once he flipped the next day.
  13. Ah. Yeah the lolz and mainly just thought you’d be the safest kill. Like the saying goes: That’s what happens when you assume, your bullet bounces back off a mirror and hits you between the eyes. Or something like that.
  14. I shot you because I didn’t think Nyn would protect you and I thought it would be funny to kill you immediately after you subbed in considering I was toast next day anyway after Drums flipped town. What was the bait?

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