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  1. Given the theme, I take it this means Barry won?
  2. It’s a shame COVID wound up cancelling the ticker tape parade NYC would have thrown for Gettleman for passing on the 32nd ranked QB for the 31st ranked QB. In the euphoria and pandemonium it would have been easy to forget that he also passed on the number 4 ranked QB and the 2019 MVP to select a RB 2nd overall.
  3. Based on just those raw numbers sure, but I don’t think it’s quite that simple in reality, especially this year where the sample sizes are so different (and in Lance’s case are based off 2019, his first and only season as a starter) due to COVID.
  4. I agree with you. Also, it’s preposterous that anyone would ever accuse you of going all “look at me”. Not your style.
  5. Thought this was interesting, and I do I agree that it backs up the film:
  6. It’s been said before here, but it does feel a lot like what happened with Watson. People just overthought it and nit picked it to death. I will say I do think Wilson is a good prospect and I don’t agree with the Trubisky comparison. I never understood Trubisky’s rise and wanted nothing to do with him on the Jets, while I’d be ok with Wilson. My main objection would be, like you said, taking him over Fields.
  7. I’d assume JiF and Crusher would strictly forbid this. Defeats the entire purpose of turning this “wedding” into a giant drug fueled orgy.
  8. Not at all surprising that the cocktail hour at the JiF and Crusher wedding lasts 4 days
  9. Who was the talking head(s) saying the Eagles were going to get back a Stafford level return? Nice to know which reporters are basically just mouthpieces for teams/players looking to pump up returns. Good on the Colts for standing firm and not bidding against themselves.
  10. Unfortunately I think I have to pass as I’ll be in Puerto Rico for a week starting Saturday. In honor of JiF I’ll be playing a couple of rounds whacking balls while wrapping my hands firmly around long hard sticks and trying to use those tools to get it in the hole to score. And if the meals have already been paid for, I’ll take the steak and would be honored if Crusher would consider squeezing that in somewhere between his seventh porterhouse and fourth dessert.
  11. Oh, oh I know this one! I’ll take “80’s first words after losing his virginity” for $500, Alex.
  12. Apparently this song’s over a year old but heard it for the first time like a week or so ago as the background track in some show the wife was watching. Forgot to look it up, then heard it on the radio yesterday and went and dove into some of their other stuff, all of its good. Just good music, a real soulful vibe unlike almost anything else out right now. The singers got a Marvin Gaye/Otis Redding type thing going on, guitar and keys are great, and just the production and composition of the tracks are top notch. Apparently they’re up for album of the year and song of the year for this song at
  13. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I’m in.
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