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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how terrible the Jets beat reporters are. Figuring out who from the Jets attended the pro day should be the simplest task imaginable.
  2. No, you’re wrong. Wilson is better at everything and anyone who thinks otherwise didn’t watch the film, doesn’t know as much about football, or is just trying to be woke. Football Guy says so and his name is literally football guy so I think he would know.
  3. Sorry to hear that Bum, hope everything works out for the best
  4. TLDR on the above: lynching me today is fine, should almost definitely lynch JVOR tomorrow, but get Pac’s full reveal before a potential endgame scenario.
  5. Fine with being the lynch today. Should probably wait for the infection results before hammering me though. JVOR is my best bet at the moment. Ape’s flip tells me scum likely wasn’t provided with a detailed fake claim. If you go look at Nyn’s VT claim, she makes no reference to self quarantining or any of the flavor of the role. Drums didn’t attempt it. CTM went with a hail Mary fake PR claim. Ape simply claimed vanilla gorilla and didn’t respond to Crusher (now me) breadcrumbing VT multiple times and me also (dead me) making reference to not voting GS or Crusher at the time because o
  6. How’s Verb been as a mason partner? Be honest.
  7. This just seems like deflection. You know the voting record and you know I can’t answer for it but you need to go back and iso the like 15 posts between Brick, Crusher, and me? If you think it’s that suspicious cast a vote on me instead of voting based on a cheer
  8. Vote GS The more I think about it, GS’s confused town persona seems more forced this game than last, and the more I begin to agree with Barry’s earlier take on his unpressured role reveal. The voting record isn’t good, the latest vote was gross, and he’s skated by on his quoting of what very well could have been a provided-for fake claim.
  9. The thing giving me the most pause on voting Ape (aside from his voting record), is scums decision to kill me a couple of nights ago. To me it only makes sense if they thought I was a PR or if they thought hey jvill’s a tough lynch and he’s been on all the right trains, let’s just get rid of him. I don’t see why they would think the first one, and I don’t see Ape going along with the second one. The vote on me early in the day (and yes it wasn’t unprompted before you barge in here hurling sh*t) could have been a smart scum play to make it seem like he doesn’t know too much when my infecti
  10. Verb or JC would be my preference, heavy lean on Verb barring some kind of clarification. If it’s not one of them I could move to you or Bum for consolidation purposes but I’d rather not.
  11. Add to this that Verb has also been going after JC
  12. His hinting doesn’t make much sense to me numbers wise. 1. Me - VT 2. Ape - claimed VT 3. Barry - claimed VT 4. Bum - claimed VT 5. Crusher - claimed isolating alone (don’t remember if he specifically claimed VT or not) 6. JVOR - claimed isolating alone (same as Crush) 7. GS - claimed VT 8. JiF - mason w/ dead Crusher 9. Nolder - mason w/ dead Smash 10. Pac - claimed doc/god/cure/whatever 11. JC - has been trying to get Verb lynched all day
  13. CTM’s fake claims since I’ve been playing have been pretty damn awful. This was actually probably his best one.
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