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  1. He’ll get flagged every once in a while for sure but not enough that it’ll be an issue. He was the same way in college. Hand fighting, physicality, and creating last second separation is an art and Mims is very good at it. Someone mentioned it in another thread though that he seems to invite the hand fighting at times when maybe he’d be better off just blowing past the defender. I agree with that and it’s definitely something he can work on. So much room for improvement with Mims, sky is really the limit.
  2. If you were counting with JPP’s hand you’d probably still have some fingers left over
  3. Link to these stats? Only thing I found resembling this is Lawrence’s numbers through his first 9 games his freshman year. Most recent for Lawrence I saw was 55%.
  4. This guy is so incredibly transparent. Getting roasted for poor play this year and causing the team that traded for you to think twice about paying you? I know, let’s go on a podcast to change the narrative. Just trivialize a serious mental illness for your own gain and bash the Jets again. That’s sure to get some headlines and distract from the fact that you’ve been burnt to a crisp every time you’ve dropped back in coverage!
  5. Watson’s style is nothing like the rest of that group’s, and neither is Wilson’s. Also, Russell Wilson has been playing QB in the NFL at a high level for just shy of a decade now. After 9 years in the NFL I’m pretty sure if teams were going to figure out his patterns, they would have done it a long, long time ago. More likely is he’s had a rough stretch of games.
  6. Such a weird story, and no one comes out looking clean IMO. Absolutely terrible if so, but I have a difficult time believing the whole thing was a complete fabrication. Simplest explanation to me is there was some kind of robbery/altercation, the alleged victims and their idiot lawyer let it be known they could be bought off, and the prosecutors know they have zero chance at a conviction with the witnesses’ credibility now torn to shreds.
  7. jvill 51

    The QB Thread

    I agree with that. Too many times when Fields had to come off his first read it ended in a sack.
  8. jvill 51

    The QB Thread

    Yeah I’ve looked for a Waldman breakdown of Fields but haven’t seen one. I have a feeling the takeaway would be very different from last year to this year, he really looks like he’s starting to put it all together. I have similar concerns with Lawrence though, teams like OSU and Clemson are so far ahead of the competition talent and scheme wise that its very rare the QBs have to come off their first read and make full field progressions. It’s a problem throughout college football, but I think its exacerbated with the top teams. I think what the Waldman breakdown showed was that when Lawrence does have to go through progressions he does a very good job tying his eyes to his feet and putting himself in position to make the throw. That’s the type of stuff I just don’t know enough about to pick up on or talk about from just watching the TV footage.
  9. jvill 51

    The QB Thread

    Super, super impressive IMO. Much more so than the game against Clemson last year. Accuracy/touch in the intermediate/long game is outstanding. Footwork and composure in the pocket is much improved. Not as concerned about his arm strength as I was after watching the Clemson tape, though I still did notice a tendency to float a couple of deep outs that warrants watching the rest of the way. This is clearly not a Haskins/Geno Smith type situation where the numbers are inflated with a lot of short passes at all. Fields pushes the ball down the field and does it very, very well. His speed and athleticism is obvious but he doesn’t use it as a crutch, his eyes are always downfield (well almost; in the Nebraska game he had an easy TD pass on a roll out but decided to tuck and run). My main concerns would be: - not knowing when to give up on a play, taking too many sacks as a result (Very Watson/Wentz-like in this regard) - very rarely asked to make more than one read / go through progressions (a problem most college QBs will have coming out). The few times he did it was a bit of a mixed bag between finding the open man and quickly pulling the trigger and holding on to the ball and taking the sack. To be fair it’s tough to tell if these were pure coverage sacks or if he missed an open man from the TV angle. - velocity on throws outside the numbers, though again I’m not as concerned about this as I was previously - sometimes has a tendency to trust his ability to place the ball too much, leading to throws into crowds which put his receivers at risk and could very well get him into trouble at the next level - I haven’t seen him really misread the defense at all in these 3 games, but he definitely did a few times against Clemson last year (really he should have had 4 or 5 picks in that game). Not sure if that’s all due to mental improvement or if it’s just lackluster competition / one-read offense. Probably a combination. - Not his fault obviously but I’m always concerned with QBs coming out without having played a lot of games. The shortened Big 10 season doesn’t help there. All in all though some of the above is admittedly nitpicky and I came away very impressed. More impressed than I thought I would be honestly and my expectations were pretty high given all the hype. Looking forward to seeing If Fields can sustain this level of play throughout the season and against some better competition.
  10. jvill 51

    The QB Thread

    Every throw/run from Fields so far this year:
  11. Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins are the only ones worth a damn I can think of this decade, and neither was a first round pick. Brees and Brady way before them, again neither being a first round pick. In fact before Haskins, Kerry Collins was the last Big 10 QB selected in the first round. Safe to say Fields is the most highly touted QB entering the draft from the conference in the last two and half decades.
  12. Haskins numbers were pretty obviously inflated due to the OSU scheme. I’m not sure if that’s the case with Fields as well as I haven’t yet dove into any of his film aside from the Clemson game last year, which didn’t impress me much at all to be honest (arm strength was meh, decision making was a big yikes, but still just one game). That said, the numbers he’s putting up so far this year are impossible to ignore regardless of scheme and I’ve heard a lot of talk that he’s improved leaps and bounds even from last season. Hoping the hype is for real.
  13. I’m confused, how is that different than any other game @JiF participates in?
  14. Right, 80 died after your tap. That’s a good idea though, I probably could have updated the redactions and gave you more info as more flips/investigations came in. Didn’t even think of that.
  15. Here were the wiretap results Spoot got N2: Un-redacted (I removed my own posts/reply to me, and was treating the submission of the Night Actions as the conclusion of night; this kept off Crusher’s mention of the Omar search)
  16. The Barry shot was essentially a strongman kill, would have been unblockable. The reason(s) for the search was: (a) he was bulletproof otherwise and (b) Wanted to have something in there to give scum 2 shots on one night.
  17. I redacted any names that didn’t already have an investigation result / didn’t already flip. So for Spoot’s tap, the only names not redacted were Crusher’s, JiF’s, and Drums. I actually did redact out Crusher calling you hippie-face multiple times lol. Would have gave the game away right off the bat.
  18. Would depend on NK situation but probably would have called it a tie
  19. Well deserved win for CTM. Hess played a great game as well. Barry was a rollercoaster to watch, seemed to have it all figured out one minute and then the next, well, he’s shooting cops in the face. JC another town standout, his one mistake protecting Nyn instead of kdels. Spoot actually hit on Crusher on D1 and used the wiretap mechanic the next night. Held it close to the vest, was looking forward to his reveal until, again, Barry shot him in the face. Thanks to all for participating and of course I @GATA give a special shoutout to @GATA for all her help! She’s @GATA be the best co-mod out there!
  20. Dead Thread: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/JJiV99ETBZy Barksdale QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/ygRt5mtC4dv Stanfield QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/sANXzyLEhMdj
  21. The night was young, but Snoop was determined to strike quickly. This time, she had two bullets. After weeks of searching, she finally had the drop on Omar. And what’s more, the last remaining member of the detail was defenseless. She headed out. There was Omar, standing with his back turned at the counter of a convenience store, paying for his fresh box of Honey Nut Cheerios. She had him in her sights. But.. she couldn’t pull the trigger. Was it respect or pity? Either was a strange feeling for her. She quickly brushed it off and moved on to her next target. She found Lizzie packing up the detail’s office. This was the best work Lizzie had ever done, and it was all for nothing. With the rest of the detail either murdered or reassigned, there was no more point. Lizzie turned to look at the door, and there stood Snoop. Before he could get a word out, a shot hit him right in the chest. He dropped and looked up at his attacker. ”it was you! I knew it all along!” ”That’s right,” said CTM. “That one was for me. And this one.. this one’s for the Crushluv.” Another shot rang out, this one aimed directly at Lizzie’s forehead. It didn’t miss. Lizzie, aka Kima Greggs, VANILLA TOWN, has been shot 2x. GAME OVER. STANFIELD CREW WINS!

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