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  1. It's not really. Pats have the tiebreaker over us and we still have games left against the Bills and Dolphins (who can at best tie us head to head and who also have to play each other again). If the Jets have eyes on the division it's still right there in front of them even if the Bills win tonight. They need the Pats out of the picture in the (likely) case that doesn't come to fruition.
  2. He faced press coverage on something like 75% of his routes yesterday, I believe the most of any receiver in the league this season. Didn’t slow him down. Defenses are resorting to cheap shots, would be nice to get a flag at some point before it gets out of hand.
  3. Now that guy’s got the right attitude. Someone should have him talk to Elijah.
  4. If @Jetsfan80 was a shrewd negotiator we’d have dozens on Lombardi trophies lining the halls of 1 Jets Drive
  5. That would probably mean they won again, and rather handily, so I’ll take it
  6. @T0mShane for @Hackenberg - Banned
  7. It’ll be up to a 97 by Friday
  8. Things the Jets have broken in the last month: 1. Losing streak in the state of Pennsylvania 2. Minkah Fitzpatrick's brain 3. Dolphins ping pong table 4. Aaron Rodger's and Matt LaFleur's relationship 5. PFF Nerds grading system
  9. Just because of this I'm going to vote 10 more times for Breece
  10. Man, the Jets had only one guy rated above a 76 (Sauce with an 80) and they blew out the Packers on the road. The Dolphins had at least a quarter of their starters grade out better than anyone on the Jets this week and they played at home, surely they must have won by 50?? Huh. Odd.
  11. Agreed, 20 points should be enough. But man does that Broncos defense look tough. Think I’ll be hammering the under in that game.
  12. I just don’t see the value in it if it’s bad at the thing it is supposedly trying to do. But yes, the confirmation bias/hypocrisy about the grades is amusing.
  13. If your tool says that maybe the best player on the field in any NFL game yesterday wasn’t a top 10 player on his own team, it’s a pretty sh*tty tool. (PFF’s advanced stats/charting are useful. Their grades are subjective garbage masquerading as analytics)
  14. PFF Grading Process:
  15. Yes, Robert Saleh, who had other suitors and was widely considered one of the top head coaching candidates available, took the job knowing that the QB who may well determine his future was being picked with the franchise’s most valuable asset because he was the nephew of the former CEO (who now runs a competing company) of the current airline sponsor of the team. Logic checks out.
  16. Agreed. But we can start polishing our 2 million Pepsi Zero Sugar Rookie of the Week Championship Belts now.
  17. Two weeks ago: One 40-17 beatdown to the New York Jets later: No word yet on how many of the Jets 40 points or Breece Hall's 197 yards from scrimmage can be attributed to the ping pong tables. EDIT: MASSIVE UPDATE!!!! 2 days ago: Yesterday:
  18. Hmm, that could also explain the hesitation. And he does get the linebacker moving left, so it makes sense. That could be the technically correct play against Tampa 2, when the LB drops deeper. I don't think he had to wait for that here as the LB didn't have enough depth to make a play if he puts it over the top, but I do like that thought process better.
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