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  1. Good list. As others have said I’d move Berrios to a lock. Barring injury I’d say Kwon is damn near a lock too, he’s already getting a lot of run with the first team next to Mosley according to practice reports. And I might have Michael Carter II there as well, though that might be a matter of semantics. Would be stunned if he didn’t make the 53 after a solid rookie year, and he would for sure be scooped up off the practice squad.

    On another note, I agree with where you placed Huff given his injury history and the sheer volume of DEs they brought in, but really hope he makes the team. His speed off the snap is among the tops in the league and I don’t think we’ve seen anywhere close to his ceiling. Of all the bubble guys, he’s the one I can most easily see being the guy we look back on in a few years wondering how they let him get away.

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  2. 14 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    No, not "everyone".  Unless we get a bunch of these players to show up ever again, we're well short: 

    @CTM, @Pac, @HessStation, @SMC@Verbal, @Leelou, @Lily, @Jetscode1, @jvill 51, @Nynaeve, @GATA, @Vicious89x, @StraightCash, @ZachEY, @Jets Voice of Reason, @Dan., @AVM, @Smashmouth, @DPR, @Doggin94it


    Mafia is dead, has been dead for a while, and the above reads like an Oscars "In Memoriam" list.  I am sad.

    Um I just signed up for the Zach Wilson MILF game like two days ago. I’d play.



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  3. 11 hours ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

    Except the Islanders made the ECF or their equivalent the prior two seasons and they are a New York team last time I checked. And they did it against starting goalies as opposed to the third stringers the Rangers have faced so far. 


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  4. One thing is for sure, we’ll get a good early look at what I think most of us consider the two biggest weaknesses/question marks: run defense and Zach Wilson. All those AFC North teams are gonna want to run it, and all of the pre-bye opponents have at minimum a solid defense.

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  5. Really should be a home opener this year considering we've opened on the road the past 2 and 4 of the last 5 years. Bears, Jags, or Lions would be ideal, though I have a feeling either Bears or Jags will be a Thursday night game (bad teams from last year that they can run with the 2nd year QB matchup storyline). If it's a division game, give me Miami at home with all of their roster/coaching turnover. Should also mean we won't play them down in Miami until the weather cools off a bit.

  6. 53 minutes ago, nycdan said:

    Our run defense issues last year came down to a few issues.

    1) Two men named Davis.  Ashtyn and Jarred were both horrible tacklers.  Jarred is gone.  Ashtyn won't have to play as much on early downs hopefully with the infusion of Whitehead and hopefully return to health of Joyner.

    2) Terrible first down results.  The secondary was so bad, in part because of the loss of Lawson up front and no appreciable pass rush, that we were facing a lot more 2nd and short and 3rd and short downs.  More runs against us.  Not what you want to see.

    3) Inability to bring Safety up.  Because our secondary was so challenged after Bryce Hall, we had to run with two deep Safeties more often than Saleh would normally want to.  His defense prefers to attack the LOS with one Safety (think Jamal).  Well, probably more than anything, that explains why he wanted Gardner in the draft.  Now, with Gardner, Reed, and Hall starting instead of Hall, Echols, and Carter - and with deeper and better depth off the bench, we may see more of what he wants to do, which will directly impact the success of the run defense.

    4) JFM out of position.  JFM is more effective from the DT position.  The loss of Lawson forced him to move outside.  Rankins was awful filling in.  Quinnen actually plays the run well.  An interior of JFM and QW will be better than what we had last year.  

    None of this means anything without health and good execution, but despite the lack of signing/drafting a new DT, there are reasons to expect the run defense to be better, possibly much better, this year.

    Good points. I think a few other things factor in as well and tie into what you said above. First of all, the scheme puts so much emphasis on the DL getting upfield quickly that it often left them out of position in the run game. That puts more pressure on the LBs and safeties to step up and fill gaps. Like you said, the Davis and Davis combo were particularly bad, and while maybe you can get away with that in a 2 gap scheme where the DL aren’t as aggressive off the snap, this scheme punished them for it.

    I think in this regard, the loss of Fatukasi is overrated while the addition of Whitehead is underrated. And tying into what you said above about the additions at corner allowing a safety to come down into the box, Whitehead’s impact should be compounded.

    Another factor was the overall inexperience at linebacker. Outside of Mosley and Davis, you had a mid season addition of a young player in Quincy Williams and two rookies who were converted safeties getting a lot of reps. Hamsah and Sherwood often got washed out in the run game not just because of their lack of size but also because their inexperience made them slow to react and take poor angles. When the DL is letting offensive linemen get to the second level so frequently, that is a death knell for undersized LBs.

    I have no idea how much those guys will improve in this area, if at all (see Darron Lee), but hopefully if they do make the roster and get reps the added experience will help. That said, relying on improved play from that group is extremely dicey because we never saw much improvement last year. I’d be very surprised if they don’t add a veteran at LB to the mix before training camp.

    And finally, hopefully all the improvements across the roster in general will make the run defense deficiencies less glaring. An improved offense will mean teams need to pass more, and an improved secondary will allow heavier boxes, cash in on third downs, and maybe even force some damn turnovers for once. If they can just be mediocre against the run, I think that will be good enough.

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  7. 28 minutes ago, kdels62 said:

    I’m always gonna lean towards analytic breakdowns when I think of player potential. Moore’s profile put him in high end company while there’s more variance for Wilson. 

    Where I think I really like Moore > Wilson is in his elite talent. Moore is an ELITE route runner. Wilson is not truly elite anywhere just really good at almost everything. 

    True, but I do think Wilson possesses traits that give him the potential to become an elite route runner, or at least a great one. Understanding leverage, attacking the DBs blind spot consistently, start/stop ability, body control. The physical and mental tools all seem to be there, he just sometimes looks like he gets out over his skis a little bit. Curious as to your thoughts on it.

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