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  1. Vote Ape ill move wherever but this seems most viable with 10 minutes to go
  2. It’s something other than “you guys/this game all suck, I’m MJ, I’ll figure it out later” which for Pac equates to at least a light jog around the block.
  3. Probably cause the last time they tried this was the result:
  4. I’m willing to go there after he stabbed me in the back last game but any reason for your vote on Stark?
  5. Uncle Chuck is my hero. main question still unanswered though: has he been to the strip club since?
  6. I just listened to the presser. This is a pretty large paraphrase of the actual answer he gave, and it comes off a bit disingenuous from Hughes imo
  7. Really busy morning capped with a meeting at 12 but I should be able to pop in every so often and right before the meeting. Basically willing to consolidate on anyone if need be. dont really have anything I’d consider a strong read right now. Nolders post about getting the game going read like genuine frustration about the D1 pace of play. Drums has been hitting some of his town meta for me. Apes post stood out a bit as off brand but then again I thought that last game as well. Other than that I’m coming up blank.
  8. I can think of a few reasons but I’ll let him answer that. And I don’t hate you pushing it, just think it’s noteworthy considering that if he is town, scum would probably want to poke around there to see if they need to get him lynched or if they can night kill him.
  9. Are we calling him Krofty now? Changes his entire outlook if so.
  10. At least a few times this year the guy who tries to jump start the action on D1 has wound up being scum, but I like your tone here. Seems genuine. Interesting that you’d vote the guy who basically claimed a PR though.
  11. I’d be be ok if that’s the route they went, but I would like him to get some reps against Philly’s 1s if they actually play them.
  12. 0 sacks through 2 games. The pass protection has been very good but he absolutely deserves credit for that as well.
  13. He’s continuing to check boxes. Week 1: in and out of the huddle, command the offense, poise, don’t look overwhelmed, show that the quick release and arm strength translates to the next level Week 2: build on the positives from week 1, less scripted, show you can handle more complex route concepts and attack further down the field, go deeper through progressions, show off some of the off-script, off platform, gunslinger stuff that got you drafted at number 2. Very encouraging start.
  14. If it wasn’t for bad luck we’d have no luck at all. Brutal. The search for an edge rusher continues.
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