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  1. Yeah, and combine that with other things such as Saleh’s comments today about Wilson deliberately trying to stay in the pocket in practice and how he could get the ball out quicker to alleviate some of the pressure, or Duke Manyweather’s and Damien Woody’s comments yesterday about how we don’t know the depth of the QBs drop or how long the time to throw is (and yes I know Manyweather is Becton’s coach but Woody agreed with him). There’s just a lot of context missing from play by play tweets of practice. Not that it isn’t concerning, but if the oline (particularly Becton) was THAT bad you’d figure it would have showed up even a little bit in the preseason game, even against the Giants second string. When it starts to happen in actual game situations I’ll start to worry more. For now it’s wait and see for me personally.
  2. The typical structure of all our practices has seemed to be 11 on 11 run heavy drills where they mix in an occasional PA and 11 on 11 pass heavy drills where they mix in an occasional run. Then they go into more specific stuff like red zone or two minute drill. I don’t think there’s much “setting up” of play action or future plays, and the beat writers know when they’re doing run or pass period, so I don’t think they’ve bothered to include that much detail in the play by play. Only time I’ve really seen them mention PA is the one or two passes thrown during the team run heavy periods.
  3. You mean you didn’t tell anybody to go **** themselves or eat a bag of dicks, or make any references to apes jerking off in front of mirrors? What’s the point?
  4. What does @JiFapono have to do with this?
  5. Impressive debut for the kid. That quick release and arm talent is as advertised, took a couple of shots, and orchestrated the offense well. He doesn’t look like he doesn’t belong. Can’t really ask for much more at this point.
  6. Did Tua attempt a pass to a wide receiver?
  7. @Jetsfan80 was finished early as punishment from Jesus for playing with himself. just like his wedding night
  8. I get what you’re saying, but that’s a bad justification. Pro athletes get buckets of money because they make other people 10 buckets of money. That’s really the long and short of it.
  9. I meant that you saw Stark visit himself. And yeah I think that would be more workable and fair. Whatevs, fun game
  10. Yeah, Ape seeing him visit himself was I think the key. It all lined up. Coordinating our night actions probably didn’t help. And I should have waited until after he did to reveal, maybe would have forced him to claim something else since I said I know why there was no kill.
  11. I was on the right track just never put it all together. I’m sure it’ll make sense when I have a bit more sleep. Thanks for the fake help, you bastard
  12. I’m still confused about the bus driver lol. Thanks for modding @Nolder it was fun, and I’m not as mad at you as I thought I would be. Mostly just my head hurts.
  13. I hope so. If you’re not scum I’m extremely curious just what the **** happened with Beavers track.
  14. If scum is able to **** with tracking and cop investigations, and you guys had a lawyer, and you had a roleblocker, than town was ****ed from the beginning and I won’t feel bad about losing
  15. So I’m basically down to this: I can see there being a role that can mess with tracking results OR cop results. I can’t see a role that can mess with both, especially with there already being a lawyer in the game. If that role is in the game, well, ****in @Nolder. The Beaver tracking result, Ape watching result, me getting shot result still can’t be reconciled by anything other than interference or GS having a lot of actions that can’t all be detected. I THINK Gsexy is lying about his Drums result because he’s 3rd party. But it’s also possible he’s just the last scum, is a role cop, and the lawyer was designed to protect against the tracker/watcher. In either scenario GS isn’t town. So I think the move here, for me, is lynch Gsexy and if the game is still ongoing hope Stark nails the protect tonight. Vote Gsexy
  16. He’s doing a great job then. Maybe the lawyer role works differently than it typically does, which would mean Drums as framer could counteract all the investigation roles, but I doubt it.
  17. Working theory: Gsexy is a cop of some sort, but he’s 3rd party. Drums is scum track/watch framer. Gsexy needs Drums to survive to have a shot.
  18. A lawyer and a framer that also works on cop investigations seems like complete overkill. But why the lawyer without the cop?
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