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  1. Good points. I think a few other things factor in as well and tie into what you said above. First of all, the scheme puts so much emphasis on the DL getting upfield quickly that it often left them out of position in the run game. That puts more pressure on the LBs and safeties to step up and fill gaps. Like you said, the Davis and Davis combo were particularly bad, and while maybe you can get away with that in a 2 gap scheme where the DL aren’t as aggressive off the snap, this scheme punished them for it. I think in this regard, the loss of Fatukasi is overrated while the addition of Whitehead is underrated. And tying into what you said above about the additions at corner allowing a safety to come down into the box, Whitehead’s impact should be compounded. Another factor was the overall inexperience at linebacker. Outside of Mosley and Davis, you had a mid season addition of a young player in Quincy Williams and two rookies who were converted safeties getting a lot of reps. Hamsah and Sherwood often got washed out in the run game not just because of their lack of size but also because their inexperience made them slow to react and take poor angles. When the DL is letting offensive linemen get to the second level so frequently, that is a death knell for undersized LBs. I have no idea how much those guys will improve in this area, if at all (see Darron Lee), but hopefully if they do make the roster and get reps the added experience will help. That said, relying on improved play from that group is extremely dicey because we never saw much improvement last year. I’d be very surprised if they don’t add a veteran at LB to the mix before training camp. And finally, hopefully all the improvements across the roster in general will make the run defense deficiencies less glaring. An improved offense will mean teams need to pass more, and an improved secondary will allow heavier boxes, cash in on third downs, and maybe even force some damn turnovers for once. If they can just be mediocre against the run, I think that will be good enough.
  2. Listened to that this morning. Here’s the full Mims quote below. Could be (probably?) standard offseason fluff or trying to pump up trade value, but I’d rather be hearing this stuff than not.
  3. Yup. And to add to this, forget starters for a second. How many roster spots, realistically, would have been available to those additional rookies? All seven picks they made are very likely to make the roster. Would the two late 5th round picks have even been guaranteed to make the 53? I think you could make a strong argument that 40+ of the eventual 53 man roster is already set in stone when you factor in the recent draft class, and a good number of those open spots are overwhelmingly likely to go to experienced backups, either those already on the team or late FA additions. Add in UDFA signings they’d have to compete with and the fact that this draft was already light on talent as it is, and you’re essentially saying that the Jets had a “below average” draft because they didn’t get to make two additional dart throws on guys who I’d say are just as likely to be cut in camp or relegated to the practice squad as they are to even make the bottom of the roster (where the odds are even greater still that they’d be replaced in the next year or two anyway). Maybe its just me, but I’d say those dart throws are better spent on securing the guys you believe in and have a clear plan for.
  4. True, but I do think Wilson possesses traits that give him the potential to become an elite route runner, or at least a great one. Understanding leverage, attacking the DBs blind spot consistently, start/stop ability, body control. The physical and mental tools all seem to be there, he just sometimes looks like he gets out over his skis a little bit. Curious as to your thoughts on it.
  5. Agreed 100%. Can’t say I watched much of the RBs this year because I didn’t think/didn’t want us to take one this high given the system, positional value, etc. etc. But I also did not think it was possible that they’d come away with three highly rated players at premium positions of need in the first round. When you look at the roster after the first round, where are the immediate needs? LB and S for sure, backup swing tackle/Becton insurance ok, run stuffing DT yeah. Not exactly dire needs at premium positions where you can’t get veteran stopgaps or developmental pieces in the later rounds or UDFA. And I will say, after actually watching the tape I’m pretty sure Hall in this system behind a line with this potential is gonna be a sh*t ton of fun. And I haven’t had fun watching this offense in ages. I like fun, and I’m ready to have some again please.
  6. On paper this roster is competitive, dare I say even good in certain areas with the potential to be good/great in others. A suddenly very deep group of corners, a dline that should be able to get to bring pressure from each position, a solidified oline with potential to be great if Becton rebounds and AVT builds on his rookie year, and a nice mix at the skill positions of young players with exciting upside and above average vets who should be in/hitting their prime. Still some glaring weaknesses, notably LB outside of Mosley, S outside of Whitehead, and OL depth, but if they stay reasonably healthy for once there’s enough there to finally play an exciting, competitive brand of football for the first time since forever. It all comes to down to Zach.
  7. Their best chance was D3. Even after you guys killed 80, I thought they had an advantage with an uncountered cop, a double cleared Ape, and the jailkeeper who had just stopped the kill the night before. Assuming they killed one of you or JiF, it’s 3 vs 1 vs 1 today, and up to you guys to throw doubt on the jailkeeper
  8. The night actions have pretty much all been revealed, except that Pac did block Crusher on N2. Crusher was taking a shot at Spoot, thinking that he was the cop I believe due to Spoot’s quick bite on him to start D2
  9. Lol did you really? I paused the game as soon as I checked in and didn’t go back and check the times on that, that’s great
  10. I think I put town against it with this setup which was more geared towards the original 12+ person. I weakened the factions a bit from that but maybe should have dropped a player as well. That said, I think the town had its chances but inactivity and not starting to piece things together until late ultimately killed them. Nicely done by Spoot and JiF getting the victory, thanks to Crusher for hanging in there, thanks to JVOR for filling in and the head fake with his investigation results today (he did not actually investigate Crusher), and thanks to Drums and Beaver for volunteering to stay out of the DT in case we needed replacements again. Also nice job Ape on starting to put it together a bit at the end there. And of course 80, who got his head exploded the moment the game got going a bit.
  11. Thanks for playing everyone! Since the dead thread was just a PM between me and 80 and I was the only one who posted in it I’ll just post set up here: SUPE TEAM: Barry is STORMFRONT Crusher is HOMELANDER As a team, they have EVEN night kills, ODD night Supe Cop searches, 1x strong man kill (takes the place of factional kill that night) and a 1x BPV. CONSPIRACY TEAM: JiF is VICTORIA NEUMANN Spoot is ALASTAIR ADANA As a team, they have ODD night kills, EVEN night Conspiracy Cop searches, 1x day kill (takes place of their next nightly kill) and a 1x BPV. They did not have the ability to communicate in the beginning of the game. JiF was aware that Spoot was his teammate, and Spoot had to find him. Once found they would be able to get their own PM to communicate. Spoot would get a guess each day phase and night phase; by N2 if unfound they would get their own PM, but JiF would gain an ability to betray Spoot later on in the game. TOWN: 80 - Hughie Campbell, TOWN CONSPIRACY COP Greenseed/JVOR - Billy Butcher, TOWN SUPE COP Pac - MM, TOWN JAILKEEPER Beaver - Kimiko, VT Drums - Frenchie, VT Ape - Kimiko's brother, TOWN MOTIVATOR (if Kimiko still alive when he dies, she will receive a 1x shot)
  12. The Boys managed to regroup after a death-less, laser free, all heads still in one pice night. And they immediately got to work. Butcher loaded up the weapons and passed one to each of the group. "You know what it's time for ya cunts," he said. "Get the tampons out of your twats and lets go take out The Homelander." A clever ruse had given Butcher his location. And they'd use his powers to their own advantage. The group lured Homelander to the spot, then set off the high frequency ring that would overwhelm his super sense of hearing. He was too distracted to see them coming. And they had him surrounded. The only problem with their plan, however, was how exactly do you kill Superman without kryptonite? The Ape struck the first blow, but it barely glanced off him. The Beaver started gnawing on his leg, but he shook him off with a flock of his ankle and sent him careering into the wall. "Enough," Butcher said. "I'll handle it meself." He reached into his bag and pulled out the hammer.. And The Homelander laughed. "You really think I can be killed with a hammer?" "Well we're certainly gonna try." He raised the hammer high above his head and charged. But just as he was about to swing --- Butcher stood there, covered in blood and brains, an unwelcome but sadly familiar sight. He looked around wildly for the victim. But Ape and Spoot stood there awestruck, their heads still very much intact. He wiped his eyes and turned back to where the Homelander stood, now headless. The long thought invincible headless man crumbled to his knees, and lay dead on the floor at Butcher's feet. And behind him, the slender silhouette of Congresswoman Neumann, a smirk creeping along her face. Crusher aka THE HOMELANDER - SUPE LEADER, has been lynched. As Butcher began to process what was going on, he turned to The Ape and shouted "RUN!".. but it was too late. Spoot had already pulled the extra large can of Fresca from his jacket pocket, and proceeded to use his beaver strength to bash in the Ape's skull. He poured the delicious, fizzing remains over the Ape's lifeless corpse. Ape aka KIMIKO'S BROTHER - TOWN MOTIVATOR (Kimiko gains 1x shot if she's still alive to witness his death), has had his head bashed in. Butcher dropped the hammer and laughed. "So it was you," he said to the Congresswoman, her true nature finally revealed. "All along" she said. She looked him straight in the eyes, and in the next instant, his eyes were gone. JVOR aka BILLY BUTCHER - TOWN SUPE COP, has had his head popped. GAME OVER! JiF aka VICTORIA NEUMANN and Spoot aka Alastair Adana, THE CONSPIRACY, WIN!
  13. FINAL DAY 4 VOTE COUNT Crusher (3) - Ape, Spoot, JiF JiF (1) - Crusher With 5 alive, it takes 3 to lynch.
  14. MM's death was a shocking blow; even though it was just Pac, he kinda had an important role in the Boys chances. And as night fell, they couldn't help but feel vulnerable... As the sun rose, Butcher fully expected to see more brain matter splattered on to the walls, or a hole through someone's chest, or worse. But as he took stock of his surroundings, relief set in. Another quiet night.
  15. After a sluggish start, sh*t was starting to hit the fan. Just as The Boys we’re starting to piece together just what the **** was going on, Hughie got his head popped and the finger pointing was back on. This time though there was no sitting around. They acted swiftly, even with accusations flying back and forth. Where was Pac anyway? He’d claimed the mantle of Greatest Supe Hunter Ever but done nothing to back it up. And he was conveniently MIA when some information had finally started to come out and 80’s brains splattered out of nowhere. So Pac was the obvious choice. One by one the votes came in. And then they dropped the hammer. As Pac walked into the room, before he could even get a word out, Butcher pulled the trigger and the shotgun hit Pac square in the chest. PAC aka MOTHER’S MILK - TOWN JAILKEEPER has been lynched. It is now night.
  16. FINAL DAY 3 VOTE COUNT Pac (4) - Crusher, Spoot, JiF, Ape JiF (1) - JVOR With 6 alive, it takes 4 to lynch.
  17. DAY 3 VOTE COUNT Pac (3) - Crusher, Spoot, JiF JiF (1) - JVOR Spoot (1) - Ape With 6 alive, it takes 4 to lynch.
  18. I think it is fair to say that death scenes (particularly of the non-lynching variety) are not pure flavor. Both non-lynch deaths had the same manner of death though.. if there are other types or not, PAFO
  19. DAY 3 VOTE COUNT JiF (2) - Ape, JVOR Pac (1) - Crusher With 6 alive, it takes 4 to lynch.
  20. DAY 3 VOTE COUNT Pac (1) - Crusher JiF (1) - Ape 80 (1) - Spoot With 6 alive, it takes 4 to lynch.
  21. 80 aka HUGHIE - TOWN CONSPIRACY COP has had his head exploded. GAME RESUMED
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