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  1. If this is any indication, no, no they don’t.
  2. Never watched Tiger King and if I wasn’t home sick the past week probably wouldn’t have watched Squid Games either but I agree with your overall assessment. It’s like people who enjoy the company of dogs, or message board mystery games, or any other form of entertainment for that matter. Find something better to do ya weirdos.
  3. Anyone watching Squid Games on Netflix? Feel like the premise is a perfect theme for a mafia game
  4. No the surgery is too dangerous. He should soak the finger in a nano bubble/concussion water solution and hope it heals naturally, then reassess after the season.
  5. I initially read this as “I named my grandma after your dog” and I’m not sure which one is funnier
  6. Since Zach won this prestigious award I’m going to let it go and pretend the reason you didn’t vote was because you took a principled stand against Zero Sugar products
  7. So! Because I’m stuck home and isolated with covid I figured I would look into this conundrum. The air yards on the TD pass was 57. 10 QBs last year had a completion longer (the max was either 60 or 61 I forgot and I’m not going back to look). 10 other teams had a QB (so including teams that started multiple QBs) who didn’t complete a pass that traveled 50 or more yards. I’m well aware that this probably proves nothing but figured I’d provide more fodder to the argument because I’m bored.
  8. Both should be obvious to them because I’d assume they’re doing it for specific reasons. The second down runs because they want to keep 3rd downs short, and not dropping back when the second string receivers are in because they don’t trust the second string receivers to win. Problem is the run game isn’t good enough to eliminate the risk of you moving backwards on second downs when the defense is keyed on it, putting you in a worse situation than the one you were trying to avoid, and the box is getting stacked whenever Corey Davis (and Elijah Moore in the NE game) leaves the game. So while maybe self scouting will help with the second down running issue, I think the other issue just comes down to trusting your personnel more.
  9. Agreed for the most part here, definitely an improvement this week. The broadcast noted this as well, and should be obvious, but actually sustaining drives and moving the ball let’s you get deeper into the playbook as well and lets the offense get some much needed rhythm. Have to add though: I don’t love to nitpick play calling (which is different, I think, than criticizing play design or concepts) because more often than not it comes down to execution, but I will say that I hate when I watch the Jets and can tell you based on situation/personnel what’s coming. If I can pick up on the tendencies from the couch/the stands, opposing coaches/advanced scouts definitely can. The tendency to run on 2nd and short to mid, and the fact that whenever the second group of receivers (in this game specifically Mims, in the NE game specifically Jeff Smith/Cole) is in the game you’re getting a run or a screen/swing pass is obvious and is getting keyed on. These tendencies need to broken or played off of soon.
  10. Hey you and me both my man. Thanks for making me feel like less of an abusive parent. I mean, still abusive, but not uniquely so.
  11. Do his dogs play for the Jets? No? Then take this (adorable) trash to another forum.
  12. I wasn’t at all convinced until I saw that picture. Now I’m so on board that I think you’re underselling your prediction.
  13. Well if I didn’t protect Pac or myself I was going to protect you. But you’re right, I’m the best.
  14. In this game alone I hammered the cop and was the first vote on a mason, but protecting Pac instead of myself, or literally anyone else, is by far the worst mafia decision I’ve made so far. And that would be true even if they shot Pac.
  15. I’m in Middlesex. One basement window has been leaking pretty steady for hours but have managed to keep it under control and contained for the most part using every towel in the house. I know others around here haven’t been so lucky. Stay safe everyone.
  16. Numbered the parts I want to comment on because that’s easier for me right now. 1. First JiF claimed not to be his “favorite role”, which is VT. Yes he followed that up by saying he’s scum, but that quite frankly doesn’t move the needle for me one way or the other at this point. My questioning of you on going after JiF there was based on the perspective that IF JiF is not scum, then scum knows this, and they also have reason to believe that he’s a PR. It makes sense for scum to poke around there on D1. 2. Not really guilt, just genuinely pissed off that a parade of people show up minutes after the deadline and then start armchair quarterbacking the few people that were around and trying to actually play the game. 3. We gonna get into the nitty gritty on that? I wouldn’t say I buy his explanation on that so much as I found it plausible. But interested to hear why you think it’s so flawed. 4. GFY
  17. It would be pretty funny if I got lynched because of something 80 actually said though
  18. Yeah it’s the same defense from last week, they sat everybody again
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