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  1. Sorry if I didn't point out the fact that no team with Geno Smith at the helm can call themselves a legit Super Bowl contender either. Listen, hopefully there is a legitimate QB competition in camp and the better man wins. I'd love for that to be Geno because, again, Fitz is a known quantity. If Geno has made great strides in the offseason and surpassed the level of Fitzpatrick then I would be ecstatic. But we've seen zero indication that Geno is poised to make that great of a leap. Fitzpatrick knows Gailey's system and there is familiarity with Maccagnan as well. And early reports have stated that Fitzpatrick is likely the favorite at this point. I'm not saying that Fitzpatrick will definitely start but I'd say the odds are in his favor at this point.
  2. I doubt it, but that would honestly be a good sign that Geno is developing. Fitzpatrick is a serviceable starting QB in this league and we've seen enough of him to have a general sense of what his numbers would be this upcoming year (3700/24/18 give or take). If Geno can give us better production than that I'd sign up for it right now. I just have no reason to believe he's capable of that.
  3. No team with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm can call themselves a legit Super Bowl contender. But with this defense there's no doubt we should contend for a wild card spot.
  4. Cutting Browner and not picking up Revis' option would put them at about 15 million under the cap.
  5. a. We'd be paying 10.5 million to a gadget player/3rd receiver when we have two better receivers making less money already on the team b. If he's on the roster past a certain date we have to give up our 4th round pick,
  6. In reality the cap hit for the first two years will probably be about 6-6.5 million the first two year, and 2-3 million in dead money for the third year after he is cut.
  7. Agreed here. Still think we overpaid to keep him away from Rex in Buffalo but the cap isn't 110-120 million anymore. Prepare to see some HUGE contracts coming. My main problem with this deal is that 2nd year being fully guaranteed.
  8. I think it's more that Harris likes what he sees w/ 15 mill fully guaranteed.
  9. That's a big number but there really were no other options in free agency. Was hoping to keep him for around 5 per year. Would have been interesting to see what he would have made if he hit the market with a lot of suitors.
  10. This x1000. The Jets got better today and gave up minimal doing so. Is that not the goal?
  11. That's my take on it as well. Many thought Cooper would run in the 4.5's because when you watch him he doesn't look like he's hitting top gear. Really it's just that he's so fluid and smooth in and out of his cuts, and is never out of control. It also seems to me that he knows how to use his speed to set up DBs. Watching him play it seems like he has an innate feel for the position that you don't often see in college players. His floor is extremely high and his ceiling is being severely underrated IMO.
  12. It was a great play. He should have never had an opportunity to make it. Give him credit for taking advantage, absolutely, but the coaching staff was the deciding factor in this game.
  13. Don't see how anyone in their right mind could defend that call. If you told me that the Seahawks hand the ball to Lynch 3 times from the 1 yard line to win the SB I would have bet my life savings that he scores. In a heart beat. Pete Carroll/Bevell/whoever made that play call had back to back Super Bowls in the palm of their hands and they got cute. Indefensible, and if I'm a Seahawk fan I want to jump off the Space Needle.
  14. What did you guys expect? If any subtractions are going to be made from the scouting department it won't be until after this year's draft.
  15. Well I guess that's where I disagree with the call then, and the rule is ambiguous. I would contend that he clearly makes the catch, takes 3 steps, makes a move "common to the game", and then contacts the ground.
  16. The Pats offense already heavily incorporates those types of plays. And there isn't a team in the league better equipped to shut down a TE (or a timing based offense for that matter) if they choose to focus on the position. Their LBs all cover well and their safeties are of course exceptional and especially suited to defending the elite TE's in the league. Of the top TE's they've faced this year, Greg Olsen just had the most productive game against them since week 2 (4 catches 58 yards). Here's how they fared against offenses that heavily feature the TE in the regular season: Julius Thomas (3 for 17), Jason Witten (2 for 24), Travis Kelce (3 for 37), and Greg Olsen (1 for 16). The one outlier was the San Diego game where Antonip Gates ripped them for 7-96-3. In fact that's the only outlier in the last two years (at least), as they shut down Jimmy Graham (x2), Vernon Davis (x3), Julius Thomas, Greg Olsen, and Tony Gonzalez last year. Where they struggle to defend the TE most is in the red zone, as most teams do. Of course, you have to get into the red zone first.
  17. 2005: "Really? Pats have won 2 straight SBs, they'll take care of Denver in a rout. Who cares if its on the road. Brady will make Champ Bailey look like a fool." 2006: "Pats will easily kick the Colts ass in the AFCCG, just like they always do. Game will be over by half." 2007: "We've won 18 games in a row, you really think BB and Brady will screw up a perfect season against Eli friggin' Manning? Delusional." 2009: "Are you kidding? Pats haven't lost a home playoff game in the BB era, you think that streak is gonna end against Joe friggin' Flacco? DELUSIONAL." 2010: "45-3. Fat buffoon. Delusional. Foxboro. Brady might hang 100 on the Jets in this game." 2011: "You really think BB and Brady will screw up a Super Bowl against Eli friggin' Manning again?!" 2012: "You really think BB and Brady will lose another home playoff game to Joe friggin' Flacco?!" 2013: "You guys are funny. Pats win and Peyton chokes like always. Brady throws for 400 and then wins a SB in the Jets building" For the record: I agree that the Pats take care of the Colts pretty easily, but assuming they do you should be praying they go up against the Packers and not the Seahawks. Even you can't be that delusional
  18. So a guy could theoretically make a catch and demonstrate posession, take 10 steps while off balance, dive forward, hit the ground, and if the ball pops out its an incomplete pass? There has to be a point where the player transitions from potential receiver into ballcarrier.
  19. So when does "the process of the catch" end? Is it 4 steps and a football move? 3 steps and 2 football moves? Or is it a completely arbitrary judgement call, meaning the ruling on the field shouldn't be reviewable?
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