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  1. Unvote pdxgreen @pdxgreen because I'm guessing he's considered one of the newbies if he didn't make your list, so I'm essentially wasting my round 1 vote. Vote Gata @GATA because I've seen enough bad sci-fi movies to know the machine/robot will slaughter us all after she inevitably comes to the logical realization, if she hasn't already, that a gang of freakishly mutated turtles led by a deranged overgrown sewer rat is the actual threat.
  2. Nothing wrong with Jacksonville except that when I just searched for interesting Jacksonville facts to use to insult @JiF they were all too boring to even bother with except this one
  3. The name's actually a reference to Jonathan Vilma made way back in the old JI days. I actually have no connection to the city of Jacksonville except for the fact that as a Jet fan I find this picture extremely relatable:
  4. Vote pdxgreen because he’s unlucky number 13 on the list of players, but more importantly because **** Dan Marino
  5. Maybe i missed something but what are you basing this on?
  6. I would think in some ways Sam’s style of play actually decreases the value of a great RT, but there’s several factors at play. His ability to step up and break the pocket against pressure from the right side is one of the better parts of his game and has masked just how massive the deficiency at RT has been. It’s bad enough even with Sam’s athleticism, but we saw as soon as a stiff like Falk or an older McCown had to take over just how bad it actually is. At the same time it’s still a massive need. The amount of constant, almost instant pressure from the right side forces Sam to have to make plays off script way too often to have any chance at a successful offense, especially at this point in his career when he should be more concerned with mastering the mental aspects of the position and cleaning up his footwork. Ideally fixing the RT spot will allow Sam’s ability to break the pocket to become a bonus feature to the offense, like in the game against Dallas, rather than an every down necessity. And if we’re talking about designed rollouts and sprint outs, which we should be using more than other teams given Sam’s ability to make plays on the move, then yes that would increase the value of RT.
  7. In an increasingly offensive-driven league, the Jets have spent 17 of their 22 most premium assets on defense. And the last two times they did spend those assets on QBs, they followed that up by using a grand total of zero first round picks on offensive players to support them. Utterly insane. Hopefully the course correction begins in April.
  8. Curious if you think he can play on the left side. I think he has the athleticism and technique and I know he’s been protecting Tua’s blindside, but I read somewhere that he’s only played on the right side in his career, even in high school. Check out his Auburn tape if you haven’t already. I’m certainly not as well-versed at analyzing the oline as you are, but it’s probably the best/most dominant performance from the top tier tackles I’ve seen so far (still have to watch more from Thomas).
  9. Here's another stat: Games where Darnold is pressured on over 34% of his dropbacks (league average): 4-14 record, 14.8 ppg, 56.9% comp, 214 ypg, 6.2 y/a, 20 TD, 22 INT Games where Darnold is pressure on less than 34% of his dropbacks: 7-1 record, 29.0 ppg, 68.1% comp, 255 ypg, 8.9 y/a, 16 TD, 6 INT Make the Jets O-Line Above Average Again!
  10. I think you’re missing the point I was trying to make. It’s not that I’m saying that Darnold is better at PA than other QBs, but that PA passing in general is pretty much proven to be more effficient than straight drop back passing, and at a statistically significant clip. If a team averaged 4 yards per carry on inside handoffs and 5 yards per carry running off tackle, you’d rightfully be wondering why they don’t run off tackle more, at least until it gets to the point where the discrepancy started equalling out. Same thing with play action passing. The effect of those extra two yards make a world of difference when it means you’re picking up extra first downs, staying on the field longer, and keeping yourself out of third and long. Smart playcallers will and should take every advantage they can get. Plenty of places have looked at the data. How good your running game is, how often and/or well you’ve run during the current game, etc. has next to no effect on the success of play action passing. It’s a free advantage to the offense.
  11. Success running the ball has pretty much zero correlation with the effectiveness of play action passing. I don’t think anyone’s crowing about it, but an extra two yards per pass attempt is significant, yes. In fact that’s just about the difference between league average and the league leader in yards per attempt. Gase should absolutely be utilizing PA as much as possible, as should every other team, until and unless there are diminishing returns.
  12. Still, you have to assume the Giants are in good hands. I mean the fans might be fooled by a guy hitting all the right buzzwords with the appropriate level of intensity, but you're not pulling a fast one on this guy:
  13. I don’t necessarily agree, especially when we’re talking about year 2 of a 6 year deal with an organization not exactly known to throw financial considerations out the window, but go ahead and leave the contracts out of it — in what scenario is Gase more secure in his job than Douglas? I can absolutely see Gase losing his job after this upcoming season, and I can’t see any way Douglas isn’t the GM heading into 2021. If that’s the case, what is it leading you to believe that Douglas is subservient to the guy on shakier ground than he is?
  14. Just given the differences in contract length (6 years for Douglas vs 4 for Gase) I don't think that is the case. If the Jets win 6 games or less next year, there's a very good chance Gase is out, while Douglas is almost guaranteed to be the GM heading into 2021 and probably 2022, at the least. The reporting structure is still stupid, but Douglas is far more secure in his job than Gase and I don't think that lends itself to the notion of subservience on Douglas' part.
  15. This season has been one punchline after another in what has been a lifetime’s worth of Jets-related comedy, but if this account turns out to be run by Dowell Loggains it might actually be the funniest moment in Jets history.
  16. This. The amount of Giant fans who just assume the Giants will get a third round pick back anyway, so no harm no foul, has really opened my eyes as to how many people have no idea how the comp process works. It’s highly unlikely the Giants get a comp pick back if they let Leo walk given the players whose contracts they have expiring and the amount they’re likely going to spend in free agency with a desperate Gettleman (who I think gets another year, topic of the thread notwithstanding).
  17. Agree that he’s short but they really should have straight on, right down the goal line camera angles, and there really isn’t an excuse not to in a multi-billion dollar industry. Pretty sure the right angle here would show him being much closer than this one which is from a couple yards deep in the end zone. What happened to the pylon cam?
  18. You called him the most accurate QB you’ve ever seen like 6 hours ago
  19. Right on the money but not sure if I’ve ever seen a safety just allow a catch to be made right in front of him like that. Did he think it was an overthrow or was afraid of getting a penalty/fined if he actually made a play on the ball?
  20. I don’t know if any of the pitchers they could have gotten at the deadline would have helped them last night. It’s been long known Greinke has refused to come to the Yankees because of his anxiety issues, so he wasn’t an option. Cashman’s mistake wasn’t sitting out the deadline this year, it’s been whiffing on starting pitchers the past couple of years. They could have had Verlander but didn’t want to spend the money, they could have had Cole but didn’t want to give up Andujar and Frazier, could have had Corbin, etc. etc. And while it’s true that pitching hasn’t really been their downfall so far, hitting dry spells in the playoffs are predictable. Almost every year every team in the postseason goes on some 0-10 with RISP drought. It’s the nature of condensing a 162 game season into a best of 5 or 7 sample size. Great starting pitchers are generally more consistent, and it’s just a different mindset for the team when you’re throwing a Gerrit Cole out there vs a James Paxton or spring training version Severino and planning to get 4+ innings out of your bullpen every single game. The Yankees plan necessitates that they walk a tightrope where everything has to go right. The lineup needs to produce against great pitching, the so-so starters need to be good enough, and then 4 or 5 relief pitchers need to be lockdown. Great starting pitching gives a much larger margin for error and Cashman needs to realize that before he wastes this window (which seems large but you never know).
  21. Not to mention that some 95% of the population contracts the virus that leads to mono by the time they turn 35. Sam should have just locked himself in a bubble like all real serious NFL QBs do and avoided human contact and the outside world entirely until he retired. Or maybe built himself a time machine during his two weeks away from the team and forced younger Sam to make out with as many chicks, drink from as many used cups, and pick up as many dirty children’s toys as possible so he would contract the virus earlier.
  22. Holy sh*t this board is toxic right now. Can we let the kid play more than one half of football before we label him a bust? Or are we calling him a bust because he’s missed a whole two games?
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