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  1. On vacation in Bonita Springs, FL and looking for a Jets bar to watch the game today. Anyone have any recommendations?
  2. Enunwa is a restricted WR so he will most likely be back next season. I don't know if either Kearse or Anderson would be a legit number 1 WR but with the holes we have WR is the least of my concerns. Enunwa, Kearse, Anderson, Kerley, and also Hansen is starting to look good.
  3. Jets Organization

    We will see how Chris Johnson is this offseason when we get our 2018 season ticket bills. Will he wake up and see that these seats are waaaaaaaaaaaay over priced and that the Jets unload a lot of tickets to brokers or help arrange group tickets for opposing fans? This team could win two Super Bowls in a row and with the current price structure they still wouldn't be filled with STHers.
  4. $19 Tickets on Sunday Jets \ Panthers

    Loads of Panthers fans today and they come and get group seats. I sit in 347 but when I looked down around 148 there must have been an entire fan club that had seats there. They should just re-price: Upper end zones $35-$45, upper side lines $65, mezzanine end zones $100, mezzanine clubs $185, lower end zones, $95, lower sidelines $150-$200 depending where you sit and coaches club $350. This all won't ever happen though.
  5. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    I may have overreacted when I started this post. He's been outstanding recently. I still think he has some growing up to do. Throwing the helmet was still stupid and the whole Pro Bowl thing wasn't necessary either. He also has some unresolved legal issues from last offseason that I am concerned about. If he can avoid doing stupid things he can be a great WR.
  6. $19 Tickets on Sunday Jets \ Panthers

    They should be lowering our season ticket prices next year. They’ve been going for pennies on the dollar on the secondary markets this season.
  7. I’ll be there. The friends I’ve made over the years of attending games keeps me going win or lose.
  8. Donating Season Tickets; Oh the Pain

    Perhaps the Jets should donate all of their preseason tickets next season and not make the STHs pay for it.
  9. Kapernick: a way out

    What happened to no politics on here? These Kaepernick headlines have zero to do with the Jets.
  10. What happened to leaving politics off this board?
  11. That was FUN, Jets win \ Fireman Ed returns.

    Anyone know why he was in 204? I thought he sat down in 149.
  12. That was FUN, Jets win \ Fireman Ed returns.

    Great time last night. Not as fun this morning lol
  13. Are the Jets good

    They’re young and lack talent in many areas but they play with heart. This team hasn’t quit this season like they did last year. Reminds me of the Yankees young guys at the end of 2016.
  14. Weather for Sunday

    All of us who attended got a whopping 500 point bonus on our rewards card lol. I left at halftime. The parking lot was full of destroyed tents.
  15. This afternoon's Texans/Seahawks game

    Why did we get rid of Marcus Williams?