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  1. Looking at this past weekend I see a lot of people not social distancing and no masks. Instead of debating the virus I’m going to wait the next 14 days and see what happens. My wife is due with our second child in about a month so we are laying low regardless.
  2. I think a lot depends on where you live. For our area/team I don’t see fans in the stands. It’s still quite some time until the season starts but I just can’t see 80k fans packing into a stadium. Not even sure I could see 15-20k.
  3. I didn’t even realize this thread existed. I used to just read the Jets board and recently discovered the now locked Covid thread. I’m a financial advisor so the past couple of months have been chaotic to say the least. While I don’t want to say anything controversial here I think our country needs to teach kids some basic things about finance before they graduate HS. There are so many people who aren’t prepared for even a basic emergency. Sometimes it’s because they aren’t paid enough but many times it’s because they just don’t think about it. So many people who appear wealthy with a nice car and house but have debt and are in over their heads. Also so many younger people are afraid to invest. The PPP loans have been a mess. A lot of laid off employees are making more on unemployment than they did working so sometimes the employer looks like the bad guy paying their employees not to work or calling them back to work. Also independent contractors are eligible and most are 1099 and don’t have a business so banks are giving them a hard time to get one. After things calm down I’m moving my bank accounts to a community bank because they treat their customers MUCH better. When things recover they will be VERY different in my opinion. I keep reading about businesses who will have employees work from home permanently. I read and article that businesses save $11k a year per employee when they work from home. I’m interested to see how commercial landlords handle things. If a business hasn’t been able to pay rent because they are closed down does the landlord try to evict them and hope to find a new tenant or maybe waive some of what is owed since it may be hard to find a new tenant? Also while I’m now a lawyer I think some businesses will have a pandemic or emergency clause. I’ll use daycare as an example. I’m mad my son’s daycare won’t refund me the second half of March. They have billed me since then. I know many daycares who refunded or credited the second half of March. Some have contributed to bill parents full cost or a percentage. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them re open with an agreement that in another situation like this parents have to continue to pay.
  4. I don’t really follow UFC but one of the fighters for tomorrow night just tested positive. If everything went ok it could have helped pave the way for sports to reopen but now who knows. I can’t see sports restarting unless players, coaches, etc are literally living in a bubble for the season. The last thing any of these leagues want it for a team to get the virus.
  5. September is four months away. No one can predict what will happen between now and then. Realistically the NFL will have to make adjustments but what those adjustments will be no one can predict.
  6. I’ve thought to myself how would the enforce masks at Jets games? As it is they have a hard enough time enforcing drunk people vaping in their seats. Imagine having to keep telling them to keep their mask on?
  7. 10 years ago I was young, single with no responsibility in life I would probably go. These days I have a three year old son and a daughter coming the end of July and also a wife. I have to think of them as well now. I graduated HS in 1998 and have only missed 3 home games since then. 2 in 2012 due to leg surgery from a bad accident and 1 last season vs the Raiders I had a fever a couple days earlier and was still sick and it was pouring. I do everything in my power to attend games. I am there 30 mins sometimes over an hour on line before the lots even open. It’s something I really enjoy. I hope and pray maybe we have a vaccine by September. Will it happen? Not likely but I try to have hope still. Miami is looking to have 15k fans in the stadium. I’m not sure how that would work here. Also what about STHers? I am definitely not doing any road games this year. In reality home games will be a long shot but who knows. I will be very disappointed if I cannot attend this year but considering that there are many people who are sick, who have died, or lost friends and family my disappointment is nothing. Having health, family and friends mean more than anything else these days.
  8. Special teams has hurt us at times. I’m fine with drafting a punter. We have him for 4-6 years before he can leave.
  9. Home Depot has curbside pickup for a lot of their items. I needed something and saw the line and ordered online. It was ready for curbside in about 20-30 mins.
  10. There was an article (I wish I remember where it was) that shows a model basically seats would be in groups of four and then spread out. Basically a row would have 2-3 groups of 4 seats so 8-12 total followed by an empty row. How the teams would implement the rest I have no clue.
  11. Where is your data coming from? Dr Drew? There are many people who are having complications because of medical issues they don’t even know about.
  12. He is a BEAST. This team needed OL help more than anything. In 2006 everyone wanted Bush and Leinart. Instead Ferguson and Mangold were drafted and it was the best thing ever done for this organization. Can Becton’s father play RT while his son plays LT?
  13. He has a ton of potential and has shown flashes. We have given him a terrible OL and mediocre WRs. I’m hoping we can help in both of those areas for him.
  14. I know this may come across wrong but people have always been told to keep 3-6 months in cash reserve. At some point there was going to be a recession. Maybe not this bad but it was going to happen one day. Some people are making more now on unemployment with the additional $600 per week from the federal government than they were working. Some are working harder than ever and make less than a person on unemployment. A lot of small businesses applied for PPP loans. Many got hosed on the deal. I’m a financial and I’m lucky I’m still able to work from home but I’ve taken a hit. I was told since I’m self employed to apply for the loan and I got the run around basically they wanted to avoid giving me the loan. Many small mom and pop shops are totally closed up or making 10% of what they used to make. They got hosed and are struggling mightily. People talk of re opening but it’s not that easy. We don’t want a repeat of the Spanish flu where the second wave is worse. Also Coronavirus has a death rate 40 times higher than the flu so I’m sick of hearing it compared to the flu. Even if we do re open the economy who says people will want to go out? Many businesses have told their employees they will be working from home until at least July. Also who wants to go to a restaurant, movie, sporting event, etc if things open right now? As far as people currently protesting my feelings may offend some but let them protest as long as they also give up their right to medical treatment of any kind if they get the virus.
  15. File a dispute with your credit card company. I used to sell tickets as a side business and now once in a while if I find an event I do it. TM has basically changed their policy on the fly which they can’t do.

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