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    Chicago in September would be nice
  2. Jets leaning towards keeping Jermaine Kearse

    He gives a veteran, he has above average but not top WR ability, he’s a good locker room presence. They are loaded with cap space. They’d be foolish to cut him.
  3. I wouldn’t touch the guy. Talented but too much baggage. We don’t need that.
  4. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    I remember when Wilkerson got ejected against the Packers a few years ago and Rex defended him saying “you don’t know what was said to cause him to fight.” Should have known then that Wilkerson was a waste of sperm.
  5. Who Else Here WON'T Be Watching?

    Took this jersey out from retirement for tonight hoping to reverse the curse of Brady.
  6. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    Back in 1998 the Jets had an offer $40 to purchase a “season ticket club” lightweight pullover. I still have it. Back then I remember a decent number of people bought them and sometimes you’d run into them in public. They are awesome. I keep season tickets because I like most people around me and also if I don’t have them I’ll never be able to go to games every week. If you have the tickets you have a built in excuse to skip other events.
  7. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    We should all be thanking Chris Johnson. He’s making an honest attempt to fix things for the STHers and trying to fill the seats up again.
  8. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    Section 347 is a very fun section for anyone looking for tickets.
  9. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    Row 5. Check your inbox
  10. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    Row 5. Check your inbox
  11. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    @JoeC36 and I are in section 347. Every first down I lead a chant. What row are you in?
  12. Jeremy Bates to be Promoted to OC

    Because he did such a great job developing Hackenberg and Petty.
  13. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    On top of his legal issues he launched his helmet during a game and also spiked a ball that hit a Patriots player. He cannot control his emotions which is a problem. Last thing we need is 2-3 years from now we have a playoff team and he costs us a big game because of a stupid penalty for doing something similar.
  14. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    I’m no lawyer but the fact that he has two arrests in a year and both times it’s his interactions with cops won’t help him.
  15. Welcome To JetNation

    So this place is about to have its Bar Mitzvah?