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  1. Itching to go to Green Bay but prices are through the roof.
  2. The Jets are not going 17-0 but they will also be much better than last season. It’s weird that they play their first four against the AFC North and weird that their final two are on the road. This team has improved and we will finally get to see that this season. Next year the complaints will be we have 2-3 prime time home games.
  3. Crickets from the Jets writers on Twitter. Have to wonder if the Jets are forcing them to stay quiet.
  4. 8 pm. I think trams reveal their first home game at 6 pm.
  5. That guy seems to be legit and has a lot of followers. I once read teams have the option of a bye after playing in London.
  6. My gut feeling is this isn’t legit. There was a guy with a similar Twitter name doing this last year.
  7. Will we play at home on New Years Day?
  8. Years ago the Jets used to have their draft day parties at sports bars and then moved them over to Metlife Stadium. A few years back they started to have them in then club suites due to Monster Jam and it wasn’t as fun. Does anyone know if they plan to bring them back?
  9. I’m ok with the trade not happening. The Dolphins gave up a LOT. He’s also being paid a LOT. He is a great player but this team still has holes to fill. I think Elijah Moore can be special but he needs to stay healthy.
  10. Thank you for creating this place. It’s awesome!! Also thank you for never selling my email address.
  11. Easiest way to get things from the Jets is to not pay your bill lol
  12. I e-mailed my rep and told him to turn off my auto renew since I had a lot of thinking to do regarding renewing. I let him know I thought a 17.5% price increase was a slap across the face after I couldn’t even give away extra tickets this past season. His response: “I understand your frustration when it comes to the pricing change. I will take you off the auto-plan.”
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