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  1. For the past couple of years I’ve begged the Jets to dedicate most of their lines into the stadium for people with Jets Rewards Cards and also to allow them early times into the stadium to tailgate. This season I have become so frustrated with people who cannot pull up parking passes on their phones when the lot opens at 8 AM or people who cannot pull their tickets on their phones getting into the stadium. Next year with the Giants, Cowboys and Steelers as home games it will only get worse. We need to ask the Jets to do something for us next season so please call or when you do your surveys consider suggesting this.
  2. Lot K Tailgaters

    What do you think of McGuire?

    I’d like to see him play on a regular basis the last 3 games of the season and see how he does getting the ball on a regular basis. Not sure he’s the answer but I’d rather see him over Crowell.
  3. Lot K Tailgaters

    Absurdly hypothetical win or lose

    I always want the Jets to win and show progress. If McCown played yesterday it may have been one of the rare times I wanted the Jets to lose for a better pick. Problem is this team wins a game or two and everyone gets excited and then we implode.
  4. Lot K Tailgaters

    Winning a game in the cold

    His next test will be in the rain next Saturday
  5. Lot K Tailgaters

    Congratulations Sam Darnold . . .

    He won a game and in the cold. He also showed us that they should let him air it out more.
  6. Lot K Tailgaters

    2019 Season Ticket Invoices Arriving!!

    I never got the email today lol. I paid in full though for this season. Part of the deal last season was the price lock for 2019 when we play the Giants, Steelers and Cowboys.
  7. Lot K Tailgaters

    Bowles and McCagnan have been at odds for years.

    The Jets should have learned after the Idzik Rex disaster that you need to let the GM hire his own coach. Woody doesn’t get it and never will.
  8. I’m sure a bunch of you will say don’t watch but I’m wondering if anyone knows any Jets bars near Bonita Springs/Ft Myers. If not any ideas on how to steam the game into a hotel room? I’m not too good in this area.
  9. While I may disagree with him, I give him credit for not throwing the coach under the bus. He didn’t throw any particular person under the bus which is how it should be during the season. That being said Bowles and Mac both need to go.
  10. Lot K Tailgaters

    Josh McCown

    Not sure why the Jets like signing guys from the Browns.
  11. Lot K Tailgaters

    SNY Postgame WOW

    This game resembled the Jets season. Started out with promise, a little bit of disappointment followed by some excitement and then a total implosion.
  12. Lot K Tailgaters


    How we made a mistake giving Mac the 2019 and 2020 seasons to stay with the team and do drafts. How the coach we hire for 2019 season is in his third year and is a bust and it’s unfair that the new GM inherited him.
  13. I also want to add this team needs a better backup QB. McCown comes from losing organizations. While Sanchez ended up being a bust at least we had Brunnell who had some playoff experience in his career.
  14. Based off what we have they’re the only options. I think Herndon can be very good with the right offensive coordinator
  15. You build your defense around Avery Williamson and Jamal Adams. Neither of those guys takes a play off and hustle. Offense you build around Darnold, Herndon and Enunwa. Enunwa has some injury issues but still can be a good leader. I say this a lot but in 2006 everyone wanted Leinart and Bush. Instead we got Mangold and Ferguson and had a great OL for a decade. We have never replaced those guys. The Jets should find a way to trade down and accumulate picks to help the OL and also build depth. Macs mid round busts and Idzik busts have hurt this organization greatly. We have no depth. In past year our special teams was awful but at least looks a little better this year.

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