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  1. Donating Season Tickets; Oh the Pain

    Perhaps the Jets should donate all of their preseason tickets next season and not make the STHs pay for it.
  2. Kapernick: a way out

    What happened to no politics on here? These Kaepernick headlines have zero to do with the Jets.
  3. What happened to leaving politics off this board?
  4. That was FUN, Jets win \ Fireman Ed returns.

    Anyone know why he was in 204? I thought he sat down in 149.
  5. That was FUN, Jets win \ Fireman Ed returns.

    Great time last night. Not as fun this morning lol
  6. Are the Jets good

    They’re young and lack talent in many areas but they play with heart. This team hasn’t quit this season like they did last year. Reminds me of the Yankees young guys at the end of 2016.
  7. Weather for Sunday

    All of us who attended got a whopping 500 point bonus on our rewards card lol. I left at halftime. The parking lot was full of destroyed tents.
  8. This afternoon's Texans/Seahawks game

    Why did we get rid of Marcus Williams?
  9. This team is playing hard and not quitting. I just want Petty or Hackenberg at QB. In the preseason there was no Kerley or Kearse for them to work with.
  10. Weather for Sunday

    I’ve had season tickets since 1991 when I was 11 years old. Since 1998 I’ve only missed two home games and maybe a couple more tailgates. I’m most likely skipping the tailgate tomorrow unless the forecast changes overnight. Game plan is wake up at 6:30 am and if the forecast changes grab subs and hang out in the lot. If it’s as planned go to the Tic Toc Diner at 10:30 am and then the game. However if there is thunder and lightning I may skip everything since I imagine this game would be delayed.
  11. Jets \ Falcons Tickets as low as $14

    Game was in December 1996 we broke the NFL record for no shows that day. Must have been 10-15k fans there in a monsoon with probably 35-40 degree temperatures.
  12. Jets \ Falcons Tickets as low as $14

    Down to $9.50. I sat through the Oilers game in 1996 but I know we didn’t tailgate that day. Actually the last time we played the Falcons in 2009 we had 18 inches of snow and the lots weren’t able to open on time.
  13. Jets \ Falcons Tickets as low as $14

    Well the forecast isn’t looking too good. Not sure if you can even keep a tent up for tailgating.
  14. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    They wanted Sheldon and his issues out of the locker room. Anderson was only arrested a couple months ago. Nothing wrong with showing emotion but there were still 8 seconds left. The chance of winning was a long shot but you don’t cost the team another 15 yards
  15. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    There were plenty of things to be mad about today but I have no tolerance for on field meltdowns. I have a higher tolerance for holding penalties or offsides than I do for unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Remember this is the same guy who got arrested this offseason. We cut Sheldon Richardson for his lack of maturity. Anderson should be the same.