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  1. I was hoping Darnold would stay but I was very impressed with what Douglas was able to get for him. I think most of us thought he’d be lucky to get a second rounder. Instead he got 3 draft picks.
  2. Alex Smith. Need a solid veteran who can mentor whoever is drafted.
  3. Douglas hasn’t done much this offseason to address the OL. It doesn’t matter who the QB is they will be running for their lives. This situation reminds me of 2006. Everyone wanted Leinart and Reggie Bush. The Jets took Ferguson and Mangold in the first round instead.
  4. I think the Jets might want to see what they are offered for Darnold vs what they are offered for the second pick in the draft. Carolina is desperate either for Darnold or to move up.
  5. If you’re going based on the map on their website they have lousy seats. I’m sure if you call they have much better seats available. The Jets like most other teams play games with seat upgrades. I paid in full again for this season. I’m not anticipating full capacity but we will see. When I spoke to the Jets recently they made it seem like more info would be available in July but there would be an opt out option. They were hoping for more than 15% capacity (I spoke to them before they increased it recently).
  6. They have always tried to make it as 10 games is what we paid for. Some years they used dynamic pricing some years they didn’t. Would have been difficult to raise prices after already charging most of us for 2021. I’m sure they will be a price increase in 2023 when we host a 9th regular season game again.
  7. 40 years old and have had season tickets since 1991 when I was 11. I would trade the pick if the package offered was right. If they could get an offer from Carolina that is similar to what the 49ers have to Miami I’d do it immediately. If Darnold stinks it up again they would have three first rounders in 2022 and two in 2023. They’d either end up in the top 5 of have another draft capital to do it in 2022 if needed. This team has improved but there are still holes to fill.
  8. After today’s trade I would offer the #2 pick to Carolina for something similar to what Miami did with the 49ers. Put some talent around Darnold in 2021. If he’s still a bust the Jets would have three first round picks in the 2022 draft if needed to move up.
  9. Richard Sherman signs with the Jets. Alex Smith also does to backup/compete with Darnold. The Jets use the draft to focus on OL. These are my predictions not what I want to exactly happen.
  10. https://nypost.com/2021/02/27/knicks-fans-dropping-hundreds-on-last-minute-covid-tests-before-games/?utm_campaign=iphone_nyp&utm_source=message_app Apparently getting a test before a Knicks game has been a challenge for some. I had a friend who went to a Thursday game. He got tested Monday and got his results back on Thursday so cutting it close. From what I understand the Devils won’t require it so I’m assuming the Jets won’t either.
  11. I’m fine not getting Watson. This team wasn’t a competitive team last year. This team has a LOT of holes. If the Jets were a 9-7 team last season and QB was the only issue I’d be saying get him at all costs. I’d still love to have him but only at the right price.
  12. Would be great to have Watson here but only if the price is right. This team has a lot of holes. We need to build through the draft and not free agency. Give up the two first rounders from Seattle and maybe throw in a mid round pick. Otherwise it’s not worth it at all.
  13. I have been following how the Knicks are handling things. They allowed season ticketholders to purchase tickets to one of the first three home games and then would see how things went from there. Tickets could be resold I believe but a PCR test must be administered within 72 hours and the name on the test must match photo ID.
  14. I’m in the upper deck and they sent me an invoice that I believe is due 4/1. I always wait until the week before it’s due and then pay.
  15. So there will be at least 12,000 fans in Metlife come September. I’m not making any predictions as to what happens between now and then. I heard no PCR tests required either. Those tests make it difficult for people buying tickets last minute.
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