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  1. Lot K Tailgaters

    Jets Seasoj Tickets Question

    Yea I talked to you about this before. I’m in front of you. I lead the chants for the section.
  2. Lot K Tailgaters

    Jets Seasoj Tickets Question

    You should get a swipe card for each seat. Don’t lose them. Also a booklet of parking passes. Each swipe card has money to spend on it (I believe $20). In section 347 everyone uses that swipe card money to buy the chant leader (me) beer and hot chocolate.
  3. Lot K Tailgaters

    Bridgewater throwing and proclaimed healthy by Mac

    In this league you really need two good QBs. Bridgewater (if healthy) can at least maybe make this team fun to watch for a year or two while Darnold sits on the bench with McCown who could mentor both.
  4. Lot K Tailgaters

    Someone sell me on Darnold

    I wasn’t a fan of the pick. I still think of Sanchez and Leinart when I think of USC QB. Darnold also probably won’t see the field for a year or two. If Rosen doesn’t have two concussions we probably take him.
  5. Lot K Tailgaters

    2018 Road Trips

    I’m Jewish so that ruined the opener in Detroit. Maybe Chicago.
  6. Lot K Tailgaters

    Full Schedule Released *Spoilers Inside*

    How is Chicago in late October?
  7. Lot K Tailgaters

    Schedule release tmrw

    Is there only one MNF game week 1? Usually it’s a 6:30 and 10 pm game.
  8. Lot K Tailgaters

    ~ ~ ~ 2018 schedule ~ ~ ~

    I wouldn’t mind a Sunday Night game in September even though that’s a long shot. Better than tailgating in 90 degree temps like last year.
  9. Lot K Tailgaters

    ~ ~ ~ 2018 schedule ~ ~ ~

    This sums up my feelings as well. Tomorrow night determines my life from September through January.
  10. Lot K Tailgaters

    Schedule to be released Thursday at 8pm

    Hoping to be on the road week 1 since I have a wedding to attend Saturday night. Hoping to be at Chicago week 3 so I can make a trip out there.
  11. Lot K Tailgaters

    No more PDF tickets

    I never miss a game but this is still ridiculous. The Yankees do the same thing and I see fans all the time with issues. Lousy signal or a phone battery dying and you will have issues. There are people who sell mobile Yankees tickets on Vivid seats so it can be done.
  12. Lot K Tailgaters

    Why is Revis doing this?

    Ed was replaced by a guy in a spandex body suit and boxers.
  13. Lot K Tailgaters

    2018 Schedule Release

    Has anyone heard of a date when the schedule will be released? It should be within the next two weeks.
  14. He dropped ticket prices for 2018. Something Woody would have never done.