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  1. 7 home games into it and I still am not a fan of mobile tickets.
  2. Darnold is not the problem. He has no OL, mediocre WRs, his literally fourth string TE and a RB who has struggled this season. This organization does not know how to surround a young QB with talent and also has no clue how to develop talent. Gase was not the answer he can never make second half adjustments. Until we get new ownership this organization is doomed.
  3. Gase can NEVER make second half adjustments. It doesn’t matter who is playing/injured or who we are playing.
  4. I never got the letter. Hope they didn’t raise my prices lol
  5. Back in 2009 I knew someone working for the Jets ticket office for a brief time. I was told the stadium was half sold at the time. They sell 1,000 tickets alone to the Dolfans NYC group for their takeover every season. I burp and fart in the upper deck. The first 5-8 seats in the first few rows are STHers and then it’s whoever buys them online. Second row upper deck isn’t even fully sold out and I’m talking $50 seats.
  6. I didn’t get anything from the Jets but I figured they wouldn’t go up in price. I really want some perks that are useful. Skip the Jets cash. I want lines for season ticketholders to get into the stadium. I want to be able to get into the parking lot ahead of time as well. If they cannot open the lots more than 5 hours before kickoff then allow season ticketholders to enter five hours before kickoff and everyone else four hours. I’d even pay a small price increase for those perks.
  7. If fans showed up maybe the Jets wouldn’t be having a group of 1,000 plus Dolphins fans take over the stadium. I’ll be honest though I’d be hesitant to take young kids to a Jets Dolphins game. Their fans are downright nasty.
  8. I was at the game today and he was nonstop on the sidelines trying to pump the fans up and also the team. He WANTS to be here. There are not many Jets players we can say that about. He maybe didn’t handle the trade rumors well but he wants to be here. His passion on the field reminds me of Chad Pennington (obviously different positions). That’s also the last time I remember seeing an injured Jets player on the sideline cheering the team on. Sure we can get draft picks but it’s the first time I’ve been excited about a player on our roster in several years. We can’t trade away one of the few talented players who want to be here.
  9. Here is the pic he took of himself sending out his hate mail.
  10. A lot of things frustrated me today but seeing Roberts back out there was one of the most frustrating. He STINKS. To top it off the way he insulted Jets fans he should be cut. The guy can’t do anything right and during the three game win streak he never played.
  11. My son is 2.5 years old. Fortunately he’s too young to realize the Jets stink but today he was very excited to go to my parents house to watch the Jets with me. He runs around a lot but when we yell for a touchdown and he claps and gets excited. He also told me he wants to go to a Jets game. Maybe he will see a preseason game next year. The Jets have been painful to watch but the friendships made from being a fan are priceless.
  12. We have a coach who is an incompetent buffoon. Remember it was Darnold who went to him to go over what he likes. The coach can’t make adjustments and it lousy at clock management. There is no discipline. Look at the penalties today. This team can not handle success. Win three in a row and then get humiliated against an 0-11 team. The ownership is incompetent as well.
  13. Well he sits behind me. We burp and fart in the upper deck.
  14. I hope you’re right but as long as we win I don’t care what numbers he puts up. See you against Miami. Hope the people who were in my seats last Sunday were decent. All of us were sick and I had a fever of 102.5 two days before the game.
  15. If you want to be funny you can ask him to break down his Instagram gameday posts. They are pretty funny. He needs to be back next year.

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