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  1. If no Watson I’d keep Darnold and build around him. Unless the Jets draft Lawerence I’m not too excited on the rookie QBs and Stafford isn’t a long term solution.
  2. If they reduce tailgating times I’ll have to reconsider attending games. Tailgating is more fun than the game or it’s been that way for the last ten seasons lol.
  3. Is anyone making or selling shirts with the slogan? I want one ASAP
  4. It’s tough to answer this. Watson is a great player and top 5 QB. I would trade the compensation we got for Adams and even include Darnold. To give up 3 first rounders with one of them being the second pick in this years draft seems steep. This team has a LOT of holes to fill. Watson went 4-12 this past season because the Texans have a depleted roster. The Jets also have a depleted roster.
  5. I started smoking cigarettes so that way I know I’m vaccinated by football season.
  6. Just wondering does anyone know the cost to park a short bus or a smallambulance for games? I know full buses have to pay a lot. For years I have wanted a tailgate vehicle. A few years back I had a pretty good amount of money saved up for it and met my wife. The tailgate vehicle money and other money as well is on her ring finger lol. We have been re doing our garage and I’ve used the line that if I have a vehicle for my tailgate stuff we would have a lot more room in the garage. As much as it excites me the cost of owning something I use 8 times a year has me unsure.
  7. The media in the tri state area can be brutal but Manish took it to a personal level a lot of the time. He had issues not only with the Jets but also with other members of the media. This interview only made him look worse. He can still start a podcast out of his parents basement if he wants.
  8. I loved him as a player. I’m nervous about a position coach becoming a head coach though.
  9. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet · 37m The #Jets completed their interview with #Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn. The former NYJ first-round draft pick, Glenn cut his teeth in scouting before taking a coaching job. Now coaches one of the best groups in the NFL. An intriguing candidate. https://mobile.twitter.com/rapsheet/status/1348742839837093889?s=10
  10. As a parent it was great. The game was also on CBS so not sure why someone would be bothered by them also having the game on Nickelodeon.
  11. In investing people always discuss buying low and selling high. The Jets sold high on Jamal Adams. Now they just need to draft well
  12. Our offensive line is about as effective at protecting our QB as the Capitol Police are at protecting the Capitol Building.

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