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  1. Lot K Tailgaters

    Texans - Saturday 15th December

    It’s either 4:30 or 8-8:30 (the times vary). They will announce the time after week 8 for this game. I booked a vacation and arrive home on the 15th at 2 pm forgetting that was a Saturday game. My fingers are crossed for the night game so I have time to do most of the tailgate.
  2. My father had open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic back in August. Top notch place to go. I heard the restaurant choice near the hospital are awful but I guess if you go a little bit further away they are better.
  3. The Jets secondary and WRs have some injury issues. The Jets either win big or disappoint. The key for the Jets is can they handle the success they have had the past two weeks. They are known for getting themselves and the fans hyped up and then throwing up a dud.
  4. Lot K Tailgaters

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    The Jets won two games in a row which has been hard to do. Sunday is a big test can they keep the momentum or is this typical Bowles who gets us hyped up and then collapses? Either way he’s earned the right to stay until the end of the season at this point
  5. Lot K Tailgaters

    Mike Mccagnan in our section

    I met him one time leaving a preseason game. I may find his lack of draft success frustrating but he was a very nice guy. He’s lucky we won last week and played well yesterday. If he sat out there when we had dropped 3 straight he may have been heckled nonstop.
  6. Lot K Tailgaters

    What Games are the Jets Supposed to Win?

    It’s the NFL. Any week anything can happen. I don’t buy into this should or shouldn’t win games.
  7. Lot K Tailgaters

    Jets vs Colts Tailgate Menu

    I’d like to add the Jets are 2-0 since I started the tailgate menu thread. I will post again next weekend but I’m away Friday and Saturday so my menu isn’t as exciting lol.
  8. Lot K Tailgaters

    Jets vs Colts Tailgate Menu

    I would have given you an extra bottle I had from St Elmo’s if I saw this sooner. I tailgate out in the boonies though too lol
  9. Lot K Tailgaters

    Jets vs Colts Tailgate Menu

    What’s everyone making for their Sunday tailgates? Should be great tailgating weather. I am making shrimp cocktail (I ordered 3 bottles of cocktail sauce from St Elmo’s Steakhouse in Indy), sausage n peppers, potato salad and also chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. A friend of mine is making chicken and waffles, oxtail, beef short ribs, home fries, Mac n cheese, and grits.
  10. Lot K Tailgaters

    Tailgate Menus Jets vs Broncos

    Was great when I arrived this morning but by noon time that humidity was brutal. Had a fun time tailgating though. The pork chops I had gotten looked like they were on steroids.
  11. Lot K Tailgaters

    Tailgate Menus Jets vs Broncos

    I saw those and Denver omlettes. I had actually seen a place in Boonton that sells elk and bunch of other exotic meats. Was too much of a hike to pick up the elk for today’s game.
  12. What’s everyone making for their tailgates tomorrow? Supposed to be great weather. For me it’s bison burgers with garlic mayo (bison is popular in Denver) and chipotle lime pork chops.
  13. Lot K Tailgaters

    Upcoming Site Changes \ New Moderation Rules

    It’s not that difficult to avoid cursing on here. I mean we have time to think before we hit the submit button and can edit fairly easily as well. We should be lucky there isn’t a “premium” mode and we don’t have to worry about our emails being sold to some third party. Also Phil is nice enough to offer a tailgate to the people here that he is doing for very little money. There are other guys out there who would be making quite a bit of profit off of it. If you ever want to charge $10 a month I had no problem paying it.
  14. Lot K Tailgaters

    Go fund me - Fire Macc and Bowles

    I’m sure that those banners will attract other GMs and coaches to come to the Jets. The last person who did this really did it for attention and to start a website and T-shirt Shop.
  15. Lot K Tailgaters

    Time To Reset Expectations for Sam

    No OL protection. Look at the Giants they have a top RB, WR and an above average QB and no OL. When you have no OL you’re screwed.

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