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  1. It’s hard to answer that question because a lot depends on how they develop during the year. There’s a reason Douglas wanted a 6 year deal. This team has been destroyed by Idzik and Mac. There aren’t many guys left from even 3-4 seasons ago. I view last year as the first year of Douglas and this is his second. It has been so frustrating to watch the Jets play for the past 11 seasons. To give them the proper overhaul is going to take a couple seasons. As fans it’s hard for us because we have become sick and tired of losing.
  2. Went to Costco yesterday and headed to Wegmans now to do my tailgate shopping!!
  3. I know there is a JN outing for the Titans game. NFL ticket exchange currently has passes for $38 for the game. StubHub has them for $60. Since I know some people need passes I figured I’d share the link or you can go onto Ticket Exchange and click Add-ons. Obviously prices fluctuate but figured I’d share it before someone spends $60 on SH for a pass. Just make sure you click one ticket since it usually defaults to two tickets. https://www.ticketmaster.com/ny-jets-v-titans-parking-event-east-rutherford-new-jersey-10-03-2021/event/00005A6B95091C04
  4. Tomorrow night at Yankee Stadium is camo cap giveaway night and Saturday is Mattingly bobblehead day.
  5. So the beer and hot dog comparison has been changed to a beer and basket of chicken tenders?
  6. For those of us who are season ticketholders this is the first time in 21 months that we get to tailgate and attend a regular season game. I attended the Jets Giants and Jets Eagles preseason games but those weren’t the real thing and we didn’t tailgate. It is going to be different since some people who I tailgate and some who sit near me have dropped their seats but I’m still excited to be there. Anyone else feel the same?
  7. I don’t ever want the Jets to lose and I didn’t today. Today though the loss didn’t bother me as much. I’m concerned about Becton’s injury but the second half this team seemed to turn things around. Last season by the third quarter I would want to shut the game off. This is a very young team but for the first time in years the future is bright.
  8. Not liking this weather forecast.
  9. I will be there. Taking my four year old son. He’s never been before so we will see how this goes.
  10. I’d rather get a season ticket holders only line into the stadium or allow season ticket holders into the lots thirty minutes before everyone else.
  11. Just wondering if anyone will be attending on Saturday night. Is it kid friendly at all? I used to go to training camp once a year and did the Metlife event a few years ago. I haven’t gone in a few years and now have a 1 and 4 year old. Wondering if it’s worth bringing them or not.
  12. Just reading a couple pages on this board shows why Covid shouldn’t be discussed. If people have such strong feelings go post on Jets Insider. Just make sure to provide your most updated email address.
  13. Thank you @TeddEY for setting this up!!
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