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  1. Lot K Tailgaters

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    The flags given out at the home opener and also the towels at the Bills game were both a lime green. I hope that’s not the new color. Yuck.
  2. Lot K Tailgaters

    Todd Bowles: We’re Going to Fight

    Incompetent ownership, GM and coach. I never thought I’d say this but I miss Leon Hess. We are doomed.
  3. Lot K Tailgaters

    Are you going to the patriots game?

    The Jets usually play the Patriots close and/or win one game every season and the second game get crushed. I have a feeling we lose 27-17 on Sunday.
  4. Lot K Tailgaters

    Are you going to the patriots game?

    Have had tickets since I was 11 in 1991. From 1991 to 1997 I missed some games since I was younger but since then missed two games in 2012 when I had surgery and missed a couple preseason games. I know I’ll go regardless. I’m an idiot though and agreed to take a trip to Florida that lands at 2 pm on the 15th not thinking we were playing Saturday. I usually don’t miss a tailgate which I’ll have to that game. My luck my flight gets cancelled and I miss the game.
  5. Lot K Tailgaters

    Are you going to the patriots game?

    I am going. Was so angry after last game I considered not going. If we go down 31-0 I’m leaving early again lol
  6. He comes back I will strongly consider dropping my season tickets afternoon 28 years. I enjoy going to the games and spending time with friends and family but I may just get a TV and stay in the lot.
  7. Lot K Tailgaters

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    The Bowles MacCagnan marriage was an arranged marriage. Woody basically told MacCagnan the job is his only if he takes Bowles which is unfair. That being said his draft picks have not been very good. There were a couple good ones but Hackenberg, Stewart, and Hansen are unforgivable. He really needs to go Not only that let’s say we give him another year as GM and get him a new coach and the team still tanks. Then we need a new coach and GM which means three coaches in three years for Darnold. We have $100 million to spend and I don’t trust a GM on the hot seat to spend it wisely nor do I trust him hot seat or no hot seat.
  8. So let’s say the Jets fire Bowles and keep MacCagnan. They stink it up again in 2019. Then we need another new coach and GM because you can’t expect a GM to take a coach he hasn’t chosen himself. What an incompetent trust fund POS owner we have.
  9. I’ve had my tickets since I was 11 and since I was 18 only missed two home games because of major surgery. For the first time I’m very tempted to just sell my tickets to Patriots fans for the next game. Hearing Bowles will stay disgusts me to no end. Maybe I’m just agitated in the heat of the moment but this is awful. I usually hate when fans sell their seats during a lousy season but this is like a slap in the face to all of us.
  10. Lot K Tailgaters

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    The economy is so good even Todd Bowles has a job.
  11. Lot K Tailgaters

    Do I Sell My Tickets to Patriots Fans As Protest?

    Right now on SH I can get double face. Not sure if that lasts.
  12. Lot K Tailgaters

    Do I Sell My Tickets to Patriots Fans As Protest?

    The home opener flags were that same shade of green. Very ugly looking. We spend a lot of money and also time. I wake up at 5:30 am to go tailgate. All of us sit in the rain cold or heat early in the season. All for a lousy team. The past 4 years I’ve left more games early than I had in my previous 24 seasons combined.
  13. An owner (overseas currently) but normally wants to spend and win now rather than develop and gets too involved. A team that lacks talent (no OL, lousy WRs, no pass rush). A fan base who starts a go fund me to fire the GM and flies banners to help them make a t shirt shop and website. Who wants to come here?
  14. I would guess maybe Kevin Greene at the interim? I can’t see them revamping the staff. The Jets need to hire a new GM and let him pick his coach. Woody picked Bowles as his coach before picking Mac. He then went win now and then tried to rebuild after. They were set up for failure. I have had season tickets since 1991 when I was 11 years old and rarely miss a game and since 1998 have only missed two home games. This was top 5 worst home games ever. I rarely leave early but the past 3 seasons I seem to leave early quite a bit.
  15. Had these t shirts and hoodies made for my tailgate crew a couple years ago. For those of us who tailgate religiously this is how we feel today.
  16. Already paid for my tickets. Besides the tailgate and time spent with friends and family is the best part about going to be quite honest. I hate losing the games but it won’t keep me home.
  17. Not sure if there are any lawyers on this board but if so what do you think is his sentence? Everyone has opinions or guesses but none of those people work in the legal field.
  18. For those of us going this Sunday the sad part is this will probably be a 6-3 game.
  19. Since 2011 there is only one playoff appearance by them. Metlife has only hosted one playoff game since it opened.
  20. I miss the gate D MySpace page
  21. At least it won’t be raining Sunday.
  22. Lock him up. He’s another Bernie Madoff
  23. Darnold needs to build confidence and succeed. That’s more important than anything. We don’t want him to end up like David Carr. We need OL desperately and we don’t need a top 5 pick for that.
  24. Lot K Tailgaters

    Possible HC Candidates

    Let’s do things the correct way this time. Find the right GM and let him find his coach. Something our incompetent ownership doesn’t understand.
  25. Lot K Tailgaters

    Look on the bright side fellas--

    This team needs a center and LT. Two spots we have never fixed since Mangold and Ferguson retired.

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