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  1. The reason Mac did best player available was he was a terrible talent evaluator he could not draft out side the top 5 all the talent the Jets got under him was drafted in top 5 or lower. As soon as he got above that he could not draft Mac could not think outside the box he made the safest picks that had the least amount of risk clear sign he was in over his head. He didn't trust his scouting department and regularly ignored them. DT are the safest pick with the least amount of risk even a bad DT takes up space and plug up a running lane. I'm real confident with front office the Jets Joe Douglass took some real big names to help him rebuild this team.
  2. I'm as frustrated with Darnold as anyone but until you get him a OL you really cant give him a fair evaluation. You got a career backup center who helped get Andrew Luck killed and a shot LT who should be gone 2 back up Guards look at Bell behind the line he looks like a third string RB. Add in the lack of having no decent #1 WR and you see why this team is so bad. What people should be mad at is how Mac left the state of this team, the defense with all its injuries looks decent the offense is a disaster. Until the offense is completely rebuilt there is no way you can give Darnold a real evaluation the guy is getting killed behind that makeshift line.
  3. Gase is doing it on purpose he is trying to get rid of him today Bilial Powell was used more than Bell show Gase is doing this on purpose. Guaranteed Bell will be traded.
  4. I prefer any coach at this point cant be any worse than Gase. Except his cousin Kotite.
  5. Johnson boys will keep Gase they do not have the guts or the smarts to fire Gase. Matt Rhule is more like a Parcells then a typical college coach and I think he could be the next Bill Parcells but it wont be with the Jets the Johnson boys want to run everything they want to pick the coordinators and tell the GM who to hire and fire Matt Rhule after the screwing the Johnson gave him will never take the Job. Got a feeling this team will keep Gase another 2 years then they will blow the whole thing up and bring in another loser like Gase. I dont even think Douglas stays he will get tired of the meddling and walk out after 2 years.
  6. none they are all scrubs this line is a disaster. Edoga maybe that's it the rest send them packing.
  7. no matter what happens in this game still amazing to take a dumpster fire to a team that is competing with a national powerhouse the experts never pick them to even compete with Oklahoma. I stand by this entire thread as a conviction on this ownership how they are guilty in refusing to hire coaches like this
  8. He isnt a typical College coach doesnt adhere to 1 system like the guys you mention he is more like a Parcells who organizes and brings in assistants to run the team. Anything would have been better then Rich Kotite 2.0 they have now.
  9. Rhule might be the next Bill Parcells /Belichick and Johnsons were demanding to pick his assistants for him just depressing.
  10. Matt Rhule took a dumpster fire to this and the Johnson boys want to pick his assistants. What a joke no wonder why this team is a perennial laughingstock
  11. I wanted the Jets to take this kid very underrated player. Finally let him play they need to play him more should have given him more opportunity when Herdon was out.
  12. I get rid of him but beating the Giants yesterday keeps him here another year best thing could have happened is the Jets getting destroyed instead they got a moral win that just gave Gase another year.
  13. Lamar Jackson is great but only because they have a head coach who built a system around Jackson. Harbaugh's even admitted that he isnt stuck in 1 system and created one to help Jackson succeed. If Jackson was playing for Gase he would look as bad as Darnold if not worse comes down to coaching. I think if the Jets could hire a good coach Darnold could succeed but at this point the damage could already be done.
  14. People seem to forget the only QB Gase was responsible in developing was Brock Osweiler all you have to do is see what he did with Osweiler and then you understand why Sam sucks. I dont blame Sam I blame Gase.
  15. If Darnold is going Gase has to be fired no way are you letting him ruin another QB. If the Jets draft Tua your bringing a new coach with him.

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