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  1. I prefer a offensive mind Saleh might be a decent coach what do you do when his OC leaves? This is a offensive game DC are a dime a dozen but with a struggling QB in Darnold a offense that is the worst year in and out the Jets need a coach who can install a scheme and have a stable system that is there year in and out . fix Darnold or develop a new QB. If you llok at the teams that are pushing deep in the playoffs its Offensive coaches that bring in a decent system that is the new NFL. the days of bringing in a DC as coach bringing in a OC is outdated and is slowly becoming the thing of the pa
  2. Hope its true not getting my hopes up right now it's just rumors but I will be ecstatic the OL is horrible this would be a massive upgrade add in another free agent and the draft and they could have a fast rebuild to turn this around.
  3. The money these players are making they should play more games. I'm not really for or against it but most of these players make enough in one season than most fans make in an entire lifetime and are set for the rest of their lives. The rules the players union have in place limiting practice time has really effected the game the first 3 to 4 games the teams are still shaking the rust off 1 more game wont kill them.
  4. No thanks there's a reason the Giants unloaded him. Draft a WR no more headcases.
  5. I love to have Jeudy but If there is a really good OT you have to go there first Jets OL is dismal but if all the top level OT are off the board then take the best WR because after OT that is dismal. I would actually trade back and take Biadiasz to plug up center position really feel they have fix the OL.
  6. Also like they dont play back the TD like 10 times triple check it's legit. NFL is becoming very slow and dragged out this actually brings it back to be a football game I think interviewing every player coach every 5 mins little bit over done.
  7. I'm actually really enjoying this no annoying challenges it's more fast pace that 25 sec clock makes the game move faster.
  8. At least idzik got the salary cap under control Mac spent like a drunken sailor and still got no results.
  9. Lamar Jackson tonight proved without his legs he isnt a top 20 QB as a pocket passer when contained you see how weak his arm is he needs the legs to be effective. Jets got the best QB in that draft they need to stop screwing around and use everything this year to build a offense around him.
  10. I think he is making a mistake alot of teams might not be sold on his recovery and he could drop out of the top 10. Might benefit the Jets if some QB desperate team that's drafting late first would want to trade up with the Jets to grab him
  11. Mac didn't want to overpay for a ILB so he let Davis walk yet he overpaid for CJ Mosely exactly why Mac has to be the worst GM ever to run a franchise. The guy absolutely has no clue what he was doing.
  12. A franchise QB is hard to get if you have a shot at one you go for it. A RB in today's NFL is dime a dozen as your seeing with Bell. When you have a limit amount of cap money choose between a RB who was result of a top 10 OL or a OL like Mitch Morse who will make your franchise QB better and you can still sign a cheaper option at RB signing a 50million dollar RB is stupid. Just look at the Bill's and Texans they are in the playoffs and the Jets arent.
  13. Even texans did the same thing traded for Tunsil and used Carlos Hyde as their starting RB. Think Gase was right for once.
  14. No why go out and spend 50million on a RB when you have no line to open lanes and protect your QB. Kind of like spending 50000 on a used sports car and driving it on cheap tires and it not performing like it did because you spent your whole savings on a used car but didn't have enough money to buy high performance tires for it. Then expecting the car to perform like it did on performance tires with cheap tires.
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