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  1. Zach is killing us who overthrows his WRs 5 to 8 yards out. At 1 point he was 11 for 21 he sucks defenses adjust to him and then he becomes unsettled and starts overthrowing or underthrowing. Lefluer isn't the problem. Like to see what this offense would do with a solid QB doesn't even have to be great just make the small throws a d adjust to defensive pressure.
  2. Spoiled think more like abused you traded for Flacco and he is still on the sidelines. They have to endure 50 plus years of embarrassment including primetime. I doubt they are spoiled.
  3. I could say the same thing about you who thinks that this ownership is a good wholesome honest people that just want to win as long as they got fans like you willing to pay for garbage on the field then no need to have a winning franchise.
  4. It's actually Zach and Hackenberg not White. They don't want a QB controversy they picked Zach to be there guy if Mike White succeeds they have to admit they made a mistake just like they passed on Mahomes and Watson because that would make them admit they made a mistake with Hackenberg.
  5. Think they let him walk him getting hurt has got them out of QB controversy they didn't want. They are focused on getting the #2 35 million dollar man to be their QB they will sink or swim with him.
  6. Well I've seen it with this ownership the injury came before he threw that TD If White is playing next week then I'm wrong but if Zach is playing or Flacco I take it as a possibility.
  7. Ever think they held him out because they don't want a QB controversy. Nobody thought Mike White was any good. I wouldn't put it past this team after Hackenberg fiasco. You have a practice Squad QB showing up your #2 35 million guaranteed QB. If White played good you never be able to put Zach back in have to eat 35 million. He got a stinger the Jets management saw opportunity to stop this if zach is practicing next week take this to the bank.
  8. Thats what a good OL does why the Jets should be investing heavy in 1 instead of drafting a overhyped QB.
  9. Maybe Sims is right Mike White is not the answer at QB but either is Zach at this point. Zach always had a dump off option to a RB but ignored it in favor of the money play downfield even Saleh said Zach has to learn to play boring football and when he did dump it off it wasn't accurate. We also find out reason Lefluer wasn't in the booth because Zach wants a personal babysitter on the sidelines so guess Beck can do that now. Right now the Jets dont know what the answer is at QB but Mike White did make some 10 to 20 yard throws when the defense allowed it thats exactly what Zach should be doi
  10. I'm going to get flamed for this but they had no choice Zach is bad and The coaching staff knows it we just found out during press conference that Zach needed Lefluer to be with him on the sidelines instead of being in the booth that is reason Beck was hired so Lefluer can go to the booth and do his job. For many who don't know who Beck is. Beck was his personal coach in college he struggled so much in his first couple of years in college. He hire John Beck to tutor him so he could keep his starting job at BYU. They had to do it they drafted him and they got to try to make him starting Q
  11. He is RFA or they could franchise tag him if he is another Kurt Warner or Tom Brady don't think the Jets will let him go they will end up trading Zach first even Saleh won't commit to Zach. Think coaches and Brass are desperate for a franchise QB if White is the guy they will do what it takes to keep him but let's wait until the Colts game see what happens.
  12. Proves your even dumber to name him the next HOF QB after only 1 game The Bengals have no film on him no way of knowing how to prepare against him. Just proves how gullible you are when a player has a big game your ready to call him the next VT. Before naming him second coming of VT let's give him a few games before then. After seeing your post your probably one of the fans who thought Zach Wilson was second coming of Patrick Mahomes because he beat up on Troy State and beat the packers in preseason against a 3rd string defense.
  13. If Houston gives up 2 first rounders for Zach Wilson. I personally would drive him to the airport myself nobody be dumb enough to trade for Zach he is clearly the most overhyped draft pick in the history and Douglas sucked into it.My prediction like I said in March Zach will be gone in 2 years and Jets be lucky to get a jock strap for him. Chance of getting 2 first round picks went in April when the Jets held onto the pick and took Zach.
  14. Don't think Mike White is anything great just shows how bad Zach Wilson really is and should be shutdown for the rest of the year.
  15. Unfortunately the rookie excuse doesn't apply when you refuse to make the boring 5 yard throws that Mike White did today zach was holding onto the ball hoping to make big money plays like he did in BYU Unfortunately this is the NFL that doesn't happen he has 5 seconds to get the ball out and a lot times it's 5 yard dump off play. when you see rookie QB like Sanchez, Flacco, Griffen JR able to sustain wins and Mike White who has no experience go out throw 405 yards the rookie thing doesn't cut it think if zach followed the scheme like Mike White did he Jets are 4 - 3 and he isnt hurt.
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