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  1. nyjets1969

    Breer On GM Search

    Mac didn't have scouting skills either plus didn't even communicate well so just about anything is an improvement.
  2. nyjets1969

    So Who is Our Backup Center?

    I dont think thats saying much think Luck was one of the most hit QB that resulted him getting hurt and having shoulder surgery. There's a reason Indy cut him.
  3. nyjets1969

    Gase and Bell - what an idiot Gase is

    While I have no problem Jets firing Mac I was one a few that said Gase would be gone in 2 years so far it's going as planned I said the Jets should have hired Mcarthy who was best coach to turned this franchise around who actually has a track record and knows how to win. I'm enjoying this as I knew Gase is Rich Kotite 2.0 and will destroy this franchise in 2 years. We had a chance to bring in a super bowl coach and you have this enjoy.
  4. nyjets1969

    Whether you are happy Mac is gone or not

  5. nyjets1969

    Mac fired!

    YES! thank you wish they did it 2 years ago this guy ruined the Jets 5 years of worthless drafts that netted this team a total of 4 players all players that fell to him. Only gripe should have happened sooner.
  6. nyjets1969

    Polite Signs Rookie Deal

    He had to sign fast he has a ton of baggage already he doesn't need anything more to bring even more attention and hate his way. His agent probably told him he needs to take any deal come in play hard and he will get a new deal.
  7. 100% correct until Mac is gone this team will never be finished no excuse to take 5 years to rebuild in today's NFL most teams rebuild in 2 to 3 years max until Mac is gone the Jets will never finish rebuilding.
  8. nyjets1969

    Le'veon mistake?

    I said this before they sign this guy. He will end up getting hurt missing part of season then if he doesn't have a good year start blaming Darnold and the OL. I wanted Coleman.
  9. nyjets1969

    Jets add QB

    Your right I saw Falk play too. The guy was supposed to be a first rounder looked incredible at Washington what cause him to fall was his injury history. This guy could end up being the #2 QB Webb has no chance against this guy and this guy is miles ahead of sieman. In fact if Darnold gets hurt and this guy get his shot and starts playing like he did in Washington it might be very hard to put him back on the bench and could be traded for picks. Great find hope he works out.
  10. That because Ballard thinks outside the box that's a real GM unlike Mac who has a list in front of him of BPA. I think The Jets should use this as a training video to show Mac how to run a draft.
  11. nyjets1969

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    I dont like Gase wanted Mcarthy but I agree with Gase Bell is a cancer that will ruin this team. I was on record at saying this guy would be a cancer who would hurt Darnold's development and would become a major disruption in the locker room. He is already proving by not showing up for the first camp. When your paying guy 50 million you expect him to show up and be an example to the younger players the way Curtis Martin was. This guy is nothing but a distraction and will last 1 year after he cant break a 1000 yards with the crappy OL that Mac ignored. I'm waiting for the tweets blaming Darnold. If anybody should go its Mac who has wasted 4 years of lousy drafts and free agents only to still have a last place team .
  12. nyjets1969

    Baldy: Wesco Reminiscent of Quentin Nelson

    If he goes to the practice Squad the Pat's will steal him. Baldinger is right the kid is a beast and is very hard to bring down he reminds me of Gronk if he plays like he did at WV this guy will be starting and Herdon will be watching from the sidelines.
  13. You are 100 % right why I hope the rumors are true and Mac is gone soon. Instead of wasting pick on another DT they should have traded back and got Bradbury. The last time the Jets made the playoffs and went to back to back division championships was when the drafted both Mangold and Fergusan in the first round under Mac this team has one of the worst lines and GM is an idiot to think a backup center is sufficient to protect Darnold and open lane for your 50 million dollar RB. Last year in the third Jets had a shot at Orlando Brown but took a older project DT in shepherd they just draft a potential Franchise QB and They take a project DT instead of protecting their young QB. This year they sign 50 million Dollar RB and spent nothing on the Center pathetic. In 2020 we will picking #1for another QB after Darnold gets either career ending injury or his development is ruined from being sacked 50 times a season.
  14. nyjets1969

    Baldy: Wesco Reminiscent of Quentin Nelson

    The guy does more than block he is a beast of a TE the guy can catch anything and is hard to take down if he plays like he did for Mountaineers Herdon wont be starting. The only pick I like the rest of this draft sucks
  15. nyjets1969

    Baldy: Wesco Reminiscent of Quentin Nelson

    Only good draft pick Mac did the guy is a freak I think he is most underrated TE in the draft. Wanted a Gronk without paying a first round tender this is it. If he plays like he did for Mountaineers Herdon has no chance of starting for the Jets this guy is a beast.

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