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  1. I will say it now Adam Gase is a Rich Kotite 2.0 add in the uniforms and it's like stepping back to 1995.
  2. McCarty will have his choice of teams next season doubt he will go to the Jets after the Johnson boys thumbing their noise at him. Personally the Johnson boys dont have the guts to fire Gase so Mcarthy wont be around anyway in 3 years anyway.
  3. Other teams are doing it Jacksonville, Carolina. Even in the Past Bill Belichick won games when Brady went down Matt Cassell. Nobody is saying Falk should look like a franchise QB but this is pathetic this offensive system is terrible I be willing to bet when Darnold gets back it still looks terrible then fans will call Darnold a bust Gase is Rick Kotite 2.0. It's so unwatchable I turned the Giant game on.
  4. Until Sam has a game like that Jones is the best. Seems Sam is all hype. Starting to think Jets should have stayed at 6 and took Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen.
  5. Falk wouldnt be here Mcarthy would have gotten a decent QB just look at the packers when Roger's and Farve got hurt always got decent performance out of the backups just shows Gase is Kotite 2.0. The system sucks
  6. With The Jags having a QB like Minshew winning games there is no excuse to see this offense play this bad it comes down to the system and Gase sucks period. Personally I see him gone after this year the media will run him out of town if Douglas doesnt get to fire him first. I dont believe the Jets figured Douglas would take the Job they committed 6 years at 3 million a year for him this guy is the #1 GM prospect has a all star staff working with him think Gase will be cut lose if he goes 0-16 and right now having Sam Darnold would not fix this offense the blocking scheme sucks and it falls on Gase this offensive line is bad but not terrible enough to be like this Gase has very little time.
  7. He is miles ahead of Brooks Bollinger the guy should have gone a lot higher than a 6th not saying he will be the next Brady but he definitely is a NFL starting QB he has average arm strength but is accurate I compare him to a young Chad Pennington before he got his shoulder destroyed
  8. I seen Luke play in some Washington State games the guy is very underrated. The guy should have been picked in the first 3 rounds. This guy at one point was considered a first round pick what killed him was he took a concussion in his final Bowl game Appearance and left the game early teams didn't get to see him not to mention he got lost in a biggest QB draft class overshadow with kids like Darnold,Mayfield ect. I dont want to jinx him but I think alot of people are going to be shocked sunday this kid at this point knows the system better than Simien or Darnold.
  9. Think what he is getting at the Jets wasted 2 top 5 picks on DTs and all they had to do was keep Harrison but that what happens when you have a incompetent GM.
  10. Bad ownership The Johnson boys want to run the team they want yes men. That's why they passed on Mcarthy. I think they thought Gase would be easy to control. Joe Douglas has the ability to turn this around I doubt the Johnson boys allow it I see him gone. Personally love to see Douglas fire Gase and bring his own man in.
  11. The Jets could be picking 1 or 2 next year it's a big QB draft the Jets could trade back and get a load of picks enough to rebuild the OL. It's likely the only team the Jets could beat are the Dolphins and may not be able to do that either.
  12. I stated this when the Jets passed on Mike Mcarthy. The fans will regret passing on Mcarthy for this moron. Gase is Rich Kotite 2.0.
  13. You are right and there is no guarantee he even reaches his old physical form. If the Jets end up with the first overall really be tempting to take the best QB in draft I know this will blow this thread up but I dont think people understand how this effects a athlete like Darnold I'm going to say right now having mono the doctor orders no heavy lifting for 3 months in all likelyhood of him returning this year is very thin. Simien is probably the guy for the rest of the year.
  14. He is better then the trash the Jets have at WR with the exception of Crowder in fact dont know why the Jets resigned Enunwa the guy is always hurt. Thomas outside of crowder is the best WR they had since Brandon Marshall was cut.
  15. Honestly I trade him for draft picks right now he is worth a high level pick. Jets will not have cap space for him better to try to get a first round pick.

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