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  1. Think this is Woody all over it. Think eventually Woody will get anxious and force JD to get fleeced the Packer know this and will take it all the way to Sept if they have to don't think they are as sold on Love as people think and want multiple first to move up and get a QB. If JD was running ship Carr would be the QB JD doesn't trade high draft picks on 39 year old players that are a year rental. The Carr deal would have been a 5 year plan to immediately compete and wait for a suitable replacement to fall to them in the draft.
  2. He is only 25 thats like saying Maholmes is in his twilight years. He might be a little older but he won't have the same growing up issues Zach has like crying on the sidelines for someone to comfort him like Beck or Lefluer did.
  3. I support it as long as they don't give up a first round pick no way is he worth a first round pick.
  4. Screw that Draft Hendon Hooker let the Pack rot if the Jets are stupid to give a first round premium for a 1 year rental then JD deserves to be fired. a 2nd or a 3rd but no way a first the Jets have to many holes on OL and now DT to do that trade.
  5. Probably Aron Rogers revealing his plans on the show before everything was finalized was a mistake. The Packers are using this to try to fleece the Jets. JD needs to dig in if the Jets have to go into the draft and draft a Rookie to compete so be it 2 first round picks for a 1 year rental is to pricy. This thing could drag on until the summer. The bigger risk the Packers fire sale him to another team for less then the Jets offered just to screw the Jets over but giving up 2 first round picks will kill this franchise and make Rogers trade useless without getting a C LT DT to fill the holes the Jets will not be able to get very far.
  6. Think Moore is being traded to Greenbay as part Arron Rogers deal or somewhere else not staying with Lazard signing plus Cobb coming and OBJ maybe Lewis
  7. https://www.totalprosports.com/nfl/pat-mcafee-aaron-rodgers-retire/
  8. I agree don't have problem getting Lazard he is better WR then Davis but after this it's getting insane they have a your core of WRs who are the teams biggest strength with Beckham and Cobb coming that means Moore and Mims are gone. Add in the salary being wasted on this when Jets have holes at OL no center McGovern, holes at OLB, losing 3 DT s to free agency and this will decimate the young core this team built so after next year players like sauce Gardner will be gone. JD doesn't have a choice he was told to kiss Rogers ass by Woody this has become very dysfunctional seeing a team bending over to accommodate player who has yet to even commit to coming to this team
  9. Don't have an issue with Lazard think he is better WR then Davis issue I have is signing Randall Cobb Beckham both WRs past their prime means Moore and Mims are goners and Garrett Wilson will shifted to the side. At what cost is this to the Jets future they are bleeding through the salary cap damaging the core roster and for what a 1 to 2 yrs when Rogers leave this roster will be dicimated. Where are they getting the money to sign all these guys when they have holes in OL and at LB and are losing 3 DT to free agency. WR was the strongest point of this team they don't need 2 over the hill WRs
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/other/aaron-rodgers-reportedly-gave-jets-wishlist-of-free-agents-to-pursue-including-odell-beckham/ar-AA18COvG
  11. All I can say Woody and the fans that wanted Rogers or nothing got what they deserved said this guy is a headcase. Even if he comes here eventually is he really going to show up at OTAS and get ready for the season? I doubt it. This will be a disaster if he does come here. Already proving to be Jets lost out on PlanB plus White who as injury prone as he is is still better then Zach so unless the Jets strike gold on QB in the draft the season is a write off.
  12. He isnt committed period despite what the fans think on this board. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/nfl_analyst_says_rodgers_to_jets_is_done_but_conflicting_reports_say_otherwise/s1_13132_38575654
  13. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/aaron-rodgers-is-officially-holding-the-packers-and-jets-hostage/ar-AA18zuNi To all you and Woody that wanted this guy so bad you got what you deserve.
  14. I knew he would drag this out . Why would he rush make a decision he is guaranteed 58 million he can refuse to make a decision force Greenbay to cut him then he can go to a team of his choosing. He is getting 58 million whether he sits in GreenBay and rots or gets traded makes no difference.
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