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  1. One thing we know the Jets will have is a good defense no more slacking off coming to a game and being embarassed by a backup QB who was signed to a roster a week early (Barkley).
  2. www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-redskins-trying-to-meet-with-gregg-williams-for-dc-position/ar-BBSfeus?ocid=spartandhp He is going to Washington guaranteed after seeing Pennington on meth sent Williams running to Washington.
  3. nyjets1969

    NO ONE Wanted McCarthy

    Heres one more tidbit If Gase is such a great genius why didnt Elway go after him lets see all the anti Mcarthy pro Gase people answer that one. I mean Elway knows him well why not snatch him up before the Jets could sign him. Not even his former boss wanted him but no ones talking about that
  4. nyjets1969

    NO ONE Wanted McCarthy

    https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/mia/2016.htm This is Gase best year with a healthy Tanahill, Ajayi and Landry only ranked 17 in offense thought this guy was a great offensive mind. While Mcarthy went to the championship. No hate here just common sense. Stats dont lie.
  5. nyjets1969

    NO ONE Wanted McCarthy

    Lets see the stats dont lie https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/gnb/index.htm In 2016 he lost in the championship game thats 2 seasons ago. The guy has a higher winning percentage then Parcells. Everybody buys the CoolAid the Johnson boys are selling. Some team will get him and there will be a lot of sorry fans that buy into the Johnsons crap. Whatever team gets him will be in the playoffs while the Jets are looking for another GM and coach. Until the Johnson boys are gone this franchise is dead.
  6. He is a great DC he isn't a good head coach with Buffalo but his defenses were always good better then Bowles I feel better about the Adam Gase hiring if Williams is the DC.
  7. nyjets1969

    McCarthy Context

    https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/gnb/index.htm There you go mcarthys entire history the guy lost in championship game 2 seasons ago Gase cant even shine this guys shoes. Mcarthy has a higher winning percentage then Parcells.
  8. nyjets1969

    Mac used Manish to tear-down McCarthy

    I dont know about all this Manish stuff I do know the Johnson brothers control this team and never wanted Mcarthy because he would want control. Lets go back 21 years when Hess died before that Parcells loved The Jets would stay on indiffinately to get a superbowl Hess dies as soon as Johnson buys the team Parcells resigns BB resigns 24 hours later alot of hard feelings between BB and the Johnsons, concidence? If you notice the power structure Coach reports to the owner not the GM very unusual chain of command. Go back to hiring of Bowles Cowher actually aquired about coaching the Jets but was never contacted back. This isnt Mac you have a dickhead for an owner. Johnson only interviewed Mcarthy as lip service to the fan base. CJ never had any intention of hiring him. You notice that the Johnson boys only hire GMs and coaches that have very little experience Gase needs to suceed or he is done in the NFL this is his last chance getting a coaching gig. sure The Johnson boys laid it out who is in control thats why agreed to not having any say in 53 man roster his only job is to develop Darnold. Like I said look at the owner.
  9. nyjets1969

    The Adam Gase Positivity Thread

    This Reminds me of Rich Kotite in 1995 1 playoff appearance and then the collapse Im getting flashbacks this is like we warped back to 1995 all over again but instead of losing carroll its like Hess skipping Parcells to hire Kotite.
  10. nyjets1969

    The Adam Gase Positivity Thread

    He developed Brock Osweiler look how he turned out. He accomplished so much the Texans actually gave up a second round pick just to get him off the roster. WOW!
  11. nyjets1969

    If the Gase hire is so great...

    Because Rhule turn them down and stayed at Baylor. That was their guy all along and he even saw how screwed up this franchise is and ran.
  12. nyjets1969

    If the Gase hire is so great...

    The only QB Gase ever developed was Brock Osweiler and that's not saying much.
  13. nyjets1969

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    I don't come here to much but Im not shocked the Jets pass on a coach who developed Arron Rogers won a SB went to playoffs 9 out of 13 years who wanted to coach the pathetic Jets for the second coming of Rich Kotite why after 50 years doesnt it surprise me? I figured That Mac the worst and dumbest GM ever to run this franchise would pick Kotite 2.0 the same clown who took Hackenberg in the 2nd round and thought he was a franchise QB the same idiot who in his 4 years has drafted only 3 players all who fell to him in the top 5. knowing that this team will never get another shot at an elite coach again . I think this has to be the most painful moment as a Jets fan of 50 years.
  14. nyjets1969

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Brock Osweiler LOL!
  15. nyjets1969

    If We Keep Rex, Who Becomes GM?

    If Rex comes back the franchise is done for a decade or more. Rex is as much to blame for this mess as Idzik. The entire front office and coaching staff needs to go. I don't even see the why fans are so big with this guy he back into the playoffs the first 2 years if Peyton Manning wasn't sat the first year and a few teams didn't choke the secondo year Rex would be gone.

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