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  1. I'm willing to give him a chance because he forced Mac. I thought this franchise would be cursed with Mac for another 5 years watching Darnold rot with the poor personell decisions Mac makes. I wasnt big on Gase but because he forced Mac out he gets a clean slate with me.
  2. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/jon-toth?id=2557849 Maybe the Jets already have the starting center and we overlooked it all along according to the scouting report Toth is supposed to be a future starter at center and was considered one of the top centers in College football according to this scouting report.
  3. Agreed Namath wasnt all that he threw more picks then TDs the 69 Jets defense shut down the colts and won that game in the trenches what namath bought to that team was moxie and attitude. He wasnt a bad QB best the Jets ever had but he isnt top 25 QB of all times. I know the lack of wins and losing has turned Namath into larger than life. Any Jets fan that has seen him play knows in 1969 we had a stacked team and were vastly underrated.
  4. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/analysis/preston/bs-sp-preston-ravens-jets-connections-20190624-story.html This might be the best front office this team has ever had since 1969 when Weeb was running things. Even under Parcells it was Parcells pretty much over ruling everyone.
  5. The reason Foley never could keep the starting Job was he couldn't stay on the field. In 1997 Odonnell got bench Foley came in played great then during the Lions game got hurt the guy wasnt durable had Foley finished the season instead of Odonell the Jets might have made the playoffs. Same thing happen when went to Seattle got knocked out of the game. Do believe could have been a very good starting QB in the NFL even could have been the Jets answer at QB but his body couldn't handle getting hit in the NFL. Cant be a starting QB when you spend most the season on the DL.
  6. I think what he is saying Mac had no track record should never been considered for the Job while Douglas has experience in working with 2 organizations that won SBs and constantly went to the playoff. Mac worked as a scout in a organization that had a dismal record who when they made the playoffs couldn't win more then a game. I agree with him only reason Mac was hired was he was close to Casserly from his Washington Redskin days same with Bowles it was a terrible hiring process that a former GM who the Jets trusted used them to get his friends hired.
  7. He played on the Browns I think Greg Williams knows somthing about this guy. This was Greg William's written all over it.
  8. I think a statue is more animated then Bowles. He is a big improvement over what the Jets had.
  9. Now that Brian Gaines is gone wonder if the Texans will consider Mac for the GM job? According to some Mac was a great GM . sarcasm
  10. Right on and everybody knows when the Jets move on somthing the media amplifies it drawing attention. Whether it was accidental it was a brilliant move probably best I've seen since Parcells was hired. I can say one thing I never liked any of the hirings since Parcells left I just about bashed everything this ownership has done this is the first hire I really like. The guy has an actual experience and a track record.
  11. Doesn't but I sure bet it bothered you or you wouldnt be making a post like that. I dont know maybe you were one of the fans that criticized the Jets for firing Mac. If you were then why the double standard?
  12. In fact I now see the whole point on why they fired Mac now had they done it during the prime time guaranteed it would have bought attention to them wanting Joe Douglas. Guaranteed 5 teams would have jumped in front of them and stole Douglas right under their nose the fact they had to double offer and were rejected several times by Douglas speak volumes how difficult it was for them to acquire in decent candidate. They did it under radar turned out to be a brilliant move somthing this franchise rarely does. Whether it works out time will tell.
  13. I have no need for affirmation from the media I just find it interesting that when the Jets do somthing the firestorm of hate reigns down on them when the move is justified and when any other team does it the media and the fans turn a blind eye.
  14. All we heard from fans and the media how the Jets were mismanaged how dysfunctional the organization was. The Texans fire a GM the same time only 18 months after he was hired dont hear a sound. Only reason it's not the Jets it's ok for other teams to do it just not the Jets.
  15. 3 super Bowl wins he knows how a front office operates for a super bowl team hopefully he can bring what he learned to the Jets.

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