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  1. Campbell inbound would finalize the trifecta. God please make it happen.
  2. No they won't. They are up 14 today but I doubt they can even win this game.
  3. If they beat Jax, send me your address, I will send you a $100 check. You are giving me hope Mr. DWC. Tell me why Jags will be Bears? They aren't dumb. They will rest starters second half if they are up first half.
  4. **** the observations. We lost top pick. What the **** you’re talking about?80
  5. Somebody stop him please. My biggest pleasure is this board and he made it unbearable.
  6. SAR I. My rich brother. Are you on Woody's payroll or something?
  7. Awesome post. Would be nice to see some pics from your driveway tailgate

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