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  1. All good but wish this draft was a one with multiple highly coveted QB prospects.
  2. SAR I You are a great Jets fan who spent his hard earned money on this team year after year. Not sure what it is though with you. Is it age? Is it the abuse we take from the Jets?... But you have gone off rails in my humble opinion. Here are my facts: Adam Gase sucks. The book is still open on Joe Douglas. In my humble opinion: Your praise for Gase is at an obsession level. Your hate for Joe Douglas is also at an obsession level. Conclusion: Come on bud. You have a name, you have a reputation. Drop this act. Come back to earth. Call things as you see it. We love you regardless. You have a fan in me but you are making it impossible for me to defend you.
  3. Sam sam Why did you give up your tickets? We’re you just fed up?
  4. Boss. Are you bringing your RV or no? I will be there too though. I will try to avoid SAR I as BMW owners are jeleous of us Mercedes S class owners. Hopefully see you there today?
  5. Hey bud. Missed you man. Miss JI dearly
  6. Since he is gone for the season, will Jets get any cap relief at all?
  7. Yeah F the agents really. Doesn't Zach know he is being a toy in his agents long game? Shame on you kid.
  8. I made $422 from my $50 bet last time Isles played. I don't care about money. I bet all $422 for Tampa to win the game. I hope I lose my bet. I really do. Let's go Isles.
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