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  1. **** him. Let him be somebody else's problem.
  2. Yes. Reduce preseason from 4 games to 2 and bump regular season from 16 games to 18 games. Extend play offs from 6 teams to 7 teams and only best team in conference gets a bye. Add a second bye week for each team so players get to rest more.
  3. Getting even peanuts for Leo was a win for Jets. **** Leo. Giants will realize the mistake they did in a few months.
  4. Don't really have a plan Barry. All I wanted to achieve was to discuss our options as fans but all these butt fumble votes is a proof that majority is happy with Woody and no discussion to be had. I rest my case.
  5. Multiple GM's, multiple HC's and same result year after year. Problem is the ownership. Jets fans need to organize to force Woody to sell. What do you guys think?
  6. He is a racist pig. I explained it to Maxman. It is now up to him to keep him or kick him out.
  7. You have been banned multiple times for your antics. Keep it together chief. Shame on you for attacking people like this. @Maxman This poster was banned from this site 3 times before. His original handle was no psls. He then came back as another poster. He even threatened me on Jet Nation ESPN Fantasy Football League. He is a disturbed individual. He loves attacking SAR and other posters who don't agree with him. He also used racist slur in the past. I think it is time to say bye bye to him but that's up to you.
  8. Manish is an attention whore and class A bullsh*tter. He is terrible at his job. I doubt he has any inside sources at the moment.
  9. Like 4-5 years ago some Jets fans were crying big time we won against the Titans to be out of the Winston-Mariota sweepstakes. Both QB's are proven losers. That's why you don't root for Jets to lose. Draft is a crap-shoot. Root for the wins. Draft will always figure itself out.
  10. College coaches rarely work out in NFL. Saban failed. No guarantee that Meyer will be any different.

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