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  1. All because their rookie QB who nobody has no tape on yet played decent? Give it at least 3-4 more weeks eh?
  2. He has not been a difference maker even though he is an above avg player. I hope he stays but if he leaves I don't think I will shed any tears.
  3. If nobody buys here try stubhub.com Also what section, what row and how much are you asking?
  4. SAR , I love you brother but this is way out of mark. 7-9 at best
  5. AT&T worked fine yesterday for me as well. Lines were longer though.
  6. You are a great guy Max. I got tickets and will tailgate with friends but will see if I can swing by a say Hi.
  7. Talk is cheap, money buys the whiskey.
  8. PM me. I have 2 extra for you for free. Don’t be silly offering money.
  9. I see that nopsls have made a comeback. Dude behave this time before they ban you again.

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