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  1. College coaches rarely work out in NFL. Saban failed. No guarantee that Meyer will be any different.
  2. @Maxman - Sir are you organizing anything for this game?
  3. 35 years is too long to work outside joe. If you don't mind me asking, what was your job?
  4. All because their rookie QB who nobody has no tape on yet played decent? Give it at least 3-4 more weeks eh?
  5. He has not been a difference maker even though he is an above avg player. I hope he stays but if he leaves I don't think I will shed any tears.
  6. If nobody buys here try stubhub.com Also what section, what row and how much are you asking?
  7. SAR , I love you brother but this is way out of mark. 7-9 at best
  8. AT&T worked fine yesterday for me as well. Lines were longer though.
  9. You are a great guy Max. I got tickets and will tailgate with friends but will see if I can swing by a say Hi.
  10. Talk is cheap, money buys the whiskey.
  11. PM me. I have 2 extra for you for free. Don’t be silly offering money.

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