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  1. Josh Allen pro day...today [Friday 3/23]

    The guy is inaccurate. Jets, stay away from this potential bust.
  2. For those who think we overpaid...

    Who are your top 3 QB's junc?
  3. We will never win with Bowles......

    Well, majority of Jet fans already know that. Problem is, trust fund babies Woody and Chris are still clueless.
  4. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    Don't think it will triple. It didn't triple even after we went to AFCCG. But I notice a certain excitement among my friends. More and more people are considering season tickets if Jets land Cousins or one of Darnold, Rosen or Mayfield.
  5. Going to Disney for the week

    Well. Sorry boss. I was responsible for 2 of those 27 reports. Also sorry for half ruining your vacation. Welcome back.
  6. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    Dcat put it very nicely. Being a fan isn't about getting the best deal possible. We are talking about $500 a seat for a whole season to feel that warm feeling of being a Season Ticket Holder. So what if you can score the same seat for a whole season on stubhub for say $300. The $200 difference isn't really worth it. My son goes thru a treatment every week and my copay for every treatment is $40. I pay that $200 difference in just 5 weeks. A year long warm and fuzy feeling of being a Season Ticket Holder is much more. Congrats Kevin. Enjoy your seats.
  7. Are people overlooking Luke Falk? why?

    I have my eyes on him as well. He is intriguing. I hope Jets bring him in for a work out and see what this kid is all about.
  8. Just bought my 1st Season Tickets!!

    Congrats. Enjoy your season tickets.
  9. Giants hire Pat Shurmur

    Pretty bad choice for the Giants. I am quite happy actually.
  10. Long Term ?????????????????

    He is our old pal “no psls” aka “Superbowl before I Die”. He is from Long Island and he has been banned from multiple jet fan sites. He is also a racist who hates blacks. If mods check his IP they will find out he is in fact from Long Island and he isn’t a Jersey Guy. I might be wrong but I doubt it.
  11. When you have insider updates can you please start a thread?
  12. Long Term ?????????????????

    Welcome back no psls. @The Crusher. Would you kindly check the IP address of this new member. I think it will come out Long Island. Then you will know what to do
  13. Mac has proven clueless when it comes to finding a QB. But when your owner is clueless about finding the right coach and GM, you kind of keep quiet about your incompetent GM.
  14. Jets are in the Superbowl. We are missing that last Field Goal. I probably would die at the spot.