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  1. What I saw was Bray, Damien Woody, LT, Slauson, Hartsock, Tony Richardson all shown the door in one off-season to compensate for Santonio Holmes' contract, a move which had Woody Johnson written all over it. That was the turning point of this team. Every one of those guys was a great blocker. After the departures Sanchez was abused (remember Wayne Hunter?) and the offense fell apart.
  2. I don't know where to start. This is complete historical revisionism. You act like Rex was GM and owner. He was not!
  3. Agreed, but he likely gets 2 with an offseason in between. Without improvement, he's toast.
  4. Left to his own devices? The GM who constructed that roster, tore it down to pay Sanchez and Santonio Holmes. Our roster as a result became a mere shadow of itself with Damian Woody, LT, Tony Richardson, Matt Slauson, Braylon Edwards, Hartsock and others all gone in one year. The degradation continued as Tannenbaum, Idzik and Macc further degraded the O and D while failing to find adequate replacements. I also feel Woody had a big hand in that degradation especially in that one year with the Holmes signing.
  5. Excellent thought provoking post! The NFL is ever evolving and it's the innovators who lead the way and the copy cats that fall by the wayside. It's quite possible that the pendulum has swung too far and defenses have adjusted to pass heavy offenses and that old school fundamental "establish the run" football is making a comeback. Looking forward to having an offensive line who could do either one well.
  6. Yup, the defense isn't the main problem, the offense is. Let's get Quinnen and CJ back, play out the season and see what happens.
  7. Damien Woody, Brandon Moore, Nick Mangold, Faneca/Slauson, Brick. That's the OL that got us to two AFCCGs, then Tannenbaum dismantled the offense to sign Santonio Holmes who never played a meaningful season after that.
  8. The defense that gave up 25 points to Pittsburgh in the first half of the AFCCG? Buttfumble happened a couple of years later after Tannenbaum dismantled the Jets offense.
  9. Falk was the QB prior to Gardner Minshew at Washington State. Hoping Falk can perform as well as Minshew. Both were 6th round picks.
  10. He took us to two AFCCGs in a row with Rex the defensive minded coach.
  11. Now we're comparing Josh Allen to Brady? Yikes!!!
  12. Allen has some talent too. You gotta give him some credit, he's done better than most expected.

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