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  1. long suffering jets fan

    John DeFilippo fired - joins McCarthy on the PASS list

    Didn't even wait till end of the season.
  2. Even worse, we had a ton of cap space.....
  3. On paper we're not, from and execution perspective we are. This team has quit on Bowles.
  4. Woody had his hands in alot of things that turned out bad. Santonio Holmes signing was one that started the dominoes falling. We had to dismantle our offense to get it done. Bye bye AFCCGs.
  5. And Rex didn't even play Tebow. Shows who was really calling the shots those days.
  6. long suffering jets fan

    Leonard Williams has turned into Mohammed Wilkerson

    They did play hard for Rex. Never seemed to be any attitude issues then. Trash Rex all you want, but every player wanted to play for him. I met Jeremy Kerley and Bilal a few years back when Rex was coach and they could not hide their enthusiasm for the guy and they were on offense. Rex struck a chord with players, Bowles is a nice guy, but does not inspire players. He should have stayed a coach under a HC who does.
  7. I take it to be the players, but let's face it it doesn't matter the year, or the players on the team, bad attitudes, lack of effort and bad execution seem to follow Bowles around.
  8. long suffering jets fan

    Coaching Discrepancy Example - Vrabel/Bowles

    The bottom line is the Titans traded a 2nd and 2 situation for a first in 10 and saved a lot of time on the clock and a timeout. You can't predict the future, but its better to give the Jets the first down and have the opportunity to stop them on the next 3 plays, rather than risk giving them 5 plays. That's out of the box time management right there. Well done!
  9. long suffering jets fan


    I'm thinking that It's not about the play calling, but the fact that they know he's gone and perhaps fielding calls from teams while the Vikes are in the playoff hunt. Does the tampering rule apply to coaches?
  10. long suffering jets fan


    They should fire his ass right now, so we can hire him.
  11. long suffering jets fan


    Ain't gonna happen, move on.
  12. long suffering jets fan


    I agree, but I dont see with our current structure how we make a change only to blow it up again in a few weeks. I think CJ will have an internal meeting to get the frustrated players to settle down and hope it works, but will wait till end of season for a change.
  13. long suffering jets fan


    I'm hoping we are working the back channels now for a new coach, but with Macc having no authority in that regard and no VP of football ops, not sure how we're getting anything done.
  14. long suffering jets fan


    Ok, let's say you fired everyone now, tell me who you replace them with to get through the season? Green Bay has Philbin, who do we have. CJ is taking the only option he has while giving Bowles and perhaps Macc a gentlemans way out. Probably takes more balls to stand up to reactionary fans who want change, but offer no plan. I think CJ is gonna fix this mess and get us on the right path, but not today.

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