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  1. long suffering jets fan

    Macc's biggest flub

    Revis #2. Signing an over the hill CB to big $ when there are so many other needs. Bowles/Rogers didn't help the situation either.
  2. long suffering jets fan

    Macc's biggest flub

    It was having him for a year and not realizing his err that was his biggest mistake, you have it backwards. If he had realized it, he could have picked Mahomes and three solid players last year.
  3. long suffering jets fan

    Macc's biggest flub

    So many I wanted to choose. Not surprised that Hack was #1, but it shouldn't be. Let's face it, picks go bad and he wasn't a first rounder anyway. I think it was a bigger mistake to not bail on him earlier. If we had, we could have drafted Mahomes and still had our 1st and two 2nd round picks last year to really rebuild the team. Dis-honorable mentions include: - Not getting OL help (would have had Nelson if we went Mahomes, or Watson) - Not getting edge rusher, again could have had one if.. - Resigning Mo and letting Snacks go. - Taking job where a coach was already selected before he got here.
  4. long suffering jets fan

    Greedy Williams CB LSU

    Same was true with Seattle. Great DBs and mediocre DL made for a great defense.
  5. long suffering jets fan

    Wide Receiver

    I'd rather have Antonio than LeVeon.
  6. long suffering jets fan

    Anyone catch the Michael Kay show today?

    Thurman was a better choice by a country mile
  7. Agreed with fighting last war comment. Rex to Bowles was case in point. One extreme to the other. Rex was brash, so let's hire a doormat who inspires no one. i think it's reasonable to ask for list of candidates and ask about decision making rationale, especially after the effects of Bowles being untethered. But when coaches are turned off by that one element, that tells me that perhaps the Jets are being too intrusive.
  8. The article is clear. The Jets, (in other words Johnson) wanted to know (in other words dictate) who was going to be on Mcarthy's staff. If that's not micro-management, I don't know what is. You would think a coach of Mcarthy's experience would have the latitude to choose his own staff without the owner meddling. The article also said they did the same with Rhule. Need more evidence? Look at the reporting structure, they don't trust the GM to manage the coach. The Johnsons appear to be meddling owners to the nth degree. Let your people do their job without meddling damn it! Let them pick the coaches/players they need to be successful, this is management 101.
  9. long suffering jets fan

    Gregg Williams close to signing as DC

    Really seems that Woody and Chris are control freaks. They don't want to give the decision making authority that coaches need to do their job, yet they want to the coach to be accountable for results. This is BS, I would never want to work for these guys. Sell the team. This from a former supporter.
  10. McCarthy didn't want to be micro-managed, I wouldn't want that either. Don't blame him for not taking the job.
  11. long suffering jets fan

    Benigno rips Johnsons "Horrific...Disaster."

    Whiner and self promoter just like so many other blowhards in the media.
  12. long suffering jets fan

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    That's some kinda luck huh?
  13. long suffering jets fan

    Gregg Williams being considered

    He'd be quite an upgrade over Kacy.
  14. long suffering jets fan

    Gregg Williams being considered

    Josh Allen
  15. long suffering jets fan

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    It's amazing! The general consensus on this board is that virtually every coach and player sucked on the Jets those two years, yet we had more success then than the last 5 decades.

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