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  1. long suffering jets fan

    Sam Darnold is growing up in front of our eyes.

    Hope your not being facetious. Regardless I'm liking Darnold, win, or lose. I think we have a good one.
  2. long suffering jets fan

    Sam Darnold is growing up in front of our eyes.

    I know novel idea for some posters who act like the QB position is the only one that matters. In their mind if the Jets win, Darnold played well, if they lose Darnold played badly.
  3. long suffering jets fan

    Sam Darnold is growing up in front of our eyes.

    Amazing what good protection and a running game can do for a QB. Not to take anything away from Darnold, he was good from the first game, but when he gets help he looks even better and we win. The OL play has been night and day from the 3 losses we had.
  4. long suffering jets fan

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    What game were you watching? We have no blocking, limited running game, receivers who can't get open, or hold onto the ball and a defense who can't stop a rookie QB In his first half of football. Football is played with 22 people not 1 QB, Brady couldn't win with this team. Darnold is the least of our worries. I've been a huge Macc apologist for too long, time to flush the toilet.
  5. This is where hero's are made, so who's the hero Mayfield, or Darnold?
  6. Let's face it the Browns are a superior team. They're gonna be over .500 this year easy.
  7. How do you win this game with 2 min left and virtually no, offensive weapons.
  8. It was blatant for sure. Make like you're wiping your butt with the ball then throw it in the stands to the fans of your former team. That sends a clear message right there regarding how he feels about the Cleveland fans.
  9. What a way to pay homage to his former team's fans. He must have had quite a time in Cleveland when he was there.
  10. long suffering jets fan

    Jets work out Will Beatty and others

    Macc's not going anywhere. The OL had one very good and one bad game (if you could call it that) against a very good DL. Despite the OL (and dropped passes) Darnold threw for 60+ pct. and we had a chance to win deep into the game. No one believes we're gonna go to the Super Bowl. Expectations have been set that this is a work in process.
  11. long suffering jets fan

    3rd and 19 Coverage revealed?

    Can't just let it go! Need to obsess on it for years to fill our empty lives...
  12. long suffering jets fan

    I thought Darnold played better than week 1

    Fair? That's ludicrous. What do you expect, that he hits on 100% of his passes?Anyone can focus on the plays where a QB didn't connect and blame those plays, but doesn't capture the whole picture. Even with all the drops he still managed over a 60% completion rate against a team that 100% over matched us. How many great passes did he throw on the run? This kid is special and he's only gonna get better. Sadly some posters will always look at the negative. I just hope we don't destroy this kid with unrealistic expectations that no one can live up to.
  13. This was a winnable game, lack of execution in key spots killed us.
  14. We're 1 and 1, not the end of the world. Sam will be better and we'll get Kearse back soon.

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