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  1. I want to be with the elite so upper it is. What are the payment arrangements?
  2. Just one ticket for me for now, but will be speaking to another friend, or 2. I'm flexible on Upper, or lower. Let me know how to pay.
  3. Exactly! People eagerly jumping on Mo, but cmon, guy was barely over and a black guy being flush? Many of us have driven under those conditions, but haven't been caught and the flushed thing is just poop. Do these guys read what they write? Attorney will dial this down to a parking ticket.
  4. The court papers said his face looked flushed, seems dubious.
  5. We went from Matt Slausen to Vlad Ducasse and Damien Woody to Wayne Hunter. That's a big downgrade, but the OL aren't the only blockers. LT, Richardson, Bray, Hartsock all terrific blockers, all gone.
  6. Damien Woody who was replaced by Wayne Hunter the following year.
  7. Despite what some people may think here, Tannenbaum and Rex won that one vs. Mangini.
  8. LT, Bray, Tony Richardson, Woody, Slausen, Hartsock all great blockers, all gone. Replaced by the likes of Wayne Hunter and other non-performing players. Sanchez was taking a beating and forcing plays that weren't there.
  9. A lot of guys had to go to after signing Sanchez, Holmes and Revis. Personally I would have let Holmes walk, kept Bray and Cotchery and signed someone else with the remaining money. Holmes was injured most of the next year and didn't really make many contributions to the team after the signing.
  10. The question is how many teams have a need for Lee's specific skill set. Is it 5, 3, 1 and does he have any value in Williams defense. Lee played some good football last year, but no one is going to trade for him if he's not a fit in their defense. He's not for everyone.
  11. Curtis is a man who should be celebrated based on his accomplishments on and off the field.
  12. Sanchez was our franchise QB till they lost I believe (check me on this) 6 or 7 starters from the offense and Holmes injured after the Pitt AFCCG.
  13. Go watch some playoff game tape especially the Pats game. you might be surprised.
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