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  1. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    Sorry, but I think we're on the upswing. With Wilk and Skrine gone, close to 100M in cap space, 9 draft picks and some developing young players I think we're a playoff team next year unless we bite the bullet and start a young QB. Regardless we'll get our QB, fill most of the gaps we need to fill, be rid of the expensive turds and have a young aggressive team that's only gonna get better. Last year I felt like you do and reverted to college football (Penn State) after decades of being committed to pro ball, but I'm really looking forward to next season. The improvement is already apparent and we're just starting our rebuild.
  2. How much of an overhaul do the Jets secondary need after 17’?

    If he could only cover, which he can't.
  3. Would it be crazy to give up a 2 for Josh Gordon?

    2013 - 2 game suspension 2014 - 10 game suspension (missed 11 games altogether) 2015 - suspended for season 2016 - 4 game suspension, rehab for rest season 2017 - Reinstated after 12 weeks You don't give us a 2nd for a guy with a track record like that. Maybe a 5th, or 6th, but he does have talent and is still young. ASJ was put on waivers.
  4. Really? Go take a look at the Fins record the year before Pennington got there.
  5. This is partially due to Sheldon's antics which forced our hand to resign Wilk. I see this as glass half full. $11M more in cap space (what does that get us to $90M?) and completes the flushing of these overpaid, underachieving turds. I can't wait for the day! We can certainly do much better than this for $11M per year. Glad Bowles took the high road, I don't think I could with this disrespectful low life.
  6. Never liked Favre, never liked giving him $13M for one year while Pennington went to the pathetic Dolphins and made the playoffs. Rodgers is 10x the QB Favre is.
  7. With all he's gone through, you would have thought he learned, and been the bigger man and shut up. He did a pretty good job of that over the past couple of years and he got himself back into the league, gained a second string job to Eli, not bad. Geno doesn't have the luxury of being outspoken, just shut up, work hard, do your job and hope for the best. Would Eli have responded to comments like this, I don't think so. He wouldn't lower himself. Rex's comments are irrelevant at this point.
  8. OUR QB - AFC offensive player of the week

    Even if that was the case Bowles and Macc aren't going anywhere. We've been in most every game with a team that shouldn't have won any.
  9. OUR QB - AFC offensive player of the week

    I think there is a huge opportunity for improvement on offense. We need some OL'men, we need an explosive RB, and a #1 WR yet we've been competitive with a 38 Y.O. journeyman QB. Once we fix those positions we start winning the games where we fell short. The arrow is pointing way up for this team and our offensive coordinator.
  10. OUR QB - AFC offensive player of the week

    At least we know what we have, too many times we've dumped major $ into QBs that haven't worked out. I prefer to see McCown as insurance if the starter goes down, he would be great in that role. So if we draft someone, start him and he's injured, or isn't ready the season isn't lost.
  11. Would it be crazy to give up a 2 for Josh Gordon?

    Not crazy, insane. I'm sure you're very good at your day job, don't quit it to be a GM
  12. So, why do you guys hate McCown again?

    I'll never confuse McCown for the long term answer, but I gotta give the guy credit and think he has value for us next year whatever we do. Hopefully as a backup to an up and coming rookie.
  13. So, why do you guys hate McCown again?

    Depends who we have on the roster. If we have Cousins, no. If we have a rookie, maybe for a few games and then he can revert to a backup role. Not jumping ahead 19.
  14. So, why do you guys hate McCown again?

    Because this site is full of glass half full malcontents, who can't admit that they were wrong about the guy.
  15. Cousins should be the target

    Is that when Testaverde made it to the AFCCG? Because Sanchez led the Jets to two AFCCGs.