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  1. Mercedes Lewis

    His name is Marcedes, not that it's much better. It's like the misspelled Mercedes. Regarding whether he's a man, I'm not sure what gender he identifies with.
  2. Darnold #1 after pro day

    The win against the Browns in week 5 was the dagger in the heart.
  3. It's definitely nice to dream. I'm unsure about Rosen. I would have liked to see how Mayfield would have turned out, but I think Rosen is the most likely choice followed by Allen, then Darnold. On a percentage basis I would give it 65/30/5 regarding Rosen, Allen and Darnold. Reports are that Jets love Rosen, but his injuries lack of mobility and attitude concern me. Then again Dan Marino had knee issues as well and he's a first ballot HOFer.
  4. Well it's not always brown after all.
  5. I don't know if he's the best today, I'd say probably not, but he has all the tools and he has a very high ceiling.
  6. The concerns are also his lack of escapability and as a result his injury risk. He is by far the least mobile of all the top QBs.
  7. I hope so, then Barkley, then we get Darnold. I'd be popping the cork on that one.
  8. And the most pissed off ones are the most vocal.
  9. He isn't Johnny Manziel

    I joke around about it some time, but I can't help thinking how exciting it might be to have him as our QB. I mean I love Darnold and Allen is a specimen, but Mayfield has his own special magic.
  10. Browns forums: at least half the fans want mayfield

    Squeel like a pig?
  11. Browns forums: at least half the fans want mayfield

    You would have thought they would have learned from the Manziel experiment.
  12. THEORY: Jets are targeting Baker Mayfield

    I don't remember him throwing? How were his out routes?
  13. THEORY: Jets are targeting Baker Mayfield

    Jamarcus wasn't throwing at the combine. But Rosen was and i and a lot of other people weren't impressed.
  14. THEORY: Jets are targeting Baker Mayfield

    There's no question Allen was the most impressive QB at the combine and it wasn't even close. Does that translate to getting picked before the others, or long term success, who knows, but he certainly didn't hurt himself.