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  1. New York State loses the stadium to New Jersey and New Jersey gets the tax revenue. It was a middle finger to New York State and their corrupt politicians. Splitting costs had something to do with it as well.
  2. Agreed wholeheatedly! Suggesting you need to hire an offensive minded head coach because you have a crappy offense is simple minded. Hire the best coach period. Motivator who sees the big picture.
  3. Jamal will get his money, it just won't be from the Jets. JD isn't gonna pay him or put up with a malcontent for another 2-3 years. When the right trade offer comes along, he'll be gone.
  4. Great post! It's all about the leverage. For once Macc did a good job on a contract. This thing is going to drag on for a while and in the end Adams will likely have to settle, or risk losing $10s of millions.
  5. Agreed, but why hold him accountable for interceptions when his contributions are clear on the field.
  6. At the end of the day it's about value. If you can take a future hall of fame safety and turn him into a young pro bowl edge rusher and pro bowl corner, you do the deal, but you're betting you're going to find two players of that quality with no guarantees in the draft and that's not going to happen in a year. And if you trade for an established player, you're going to pay most of the money you were going to pay Adams anyway.
  7. Let's see how it plays out on the field for Simmons first. For all you say about Derwin James he's the same weight as Jamal Adams and closer to Adams 40 times than Simmons. There have been many fast, strong versatile players that never amounted to anything in the NFL. Adams and James have proven themselves Simmons hasn't even started.
  8. His stat last year were based largely on having virtually no one else of any import on defense due to injuries. And he still produced.
  9. Not sure any safety is more valuable than Adams at this point and his next contract no matter where he signs will prove it.
  10. If no trade back I wouldn't be surprised if he took Okudah and an OT in the 2nd. WRs in the 3rd.
  11. Correct, also the Jets had nothing on offense, and were a shambles on defense due to injuries. The games Darnold lost were mostly on the Defense who was down to 2nd , 3rd and in some cases 4th string players till Williams got them to play together.
  12. Exactly right! What Steven A. said made no sense. He answered the question who is on the better team? Not one statement that he made said that Josh Allen was better than anyone albeit #4, which to me doesn't make him a good QB.
  13. Allen was horrible that quarter. I don't know what these doofbots were talking about. There is no question Sam Darnold is the best QB in the AFCE and it's not even close. You could say Allen has a better situation, but he'll never be the better QB.
  14. Howard was at least decent. If Sanchez ever had anything, it was gone after a year of Wayne Hunter at RT.
  15. Davis was always a good player. Unheralded till recently, but he was good. Avery Williamson was very good too, and filled in admirably. Unfortunately he was injured last year and with his cap hit, he's likely a goner. Fortunately we have some good players to fill in for him, so all good.
  16. Refreshing thought, but like everything else, the games are going to be viewed remotely from our TVs, because some revenue is better than no revenue, also as far as I know TV revenue outweighs what they make in the stadiums.
  17. He did ok for us. I wouldn't mind it. Good veteran receiver for Sam.
  18. Saw a replay of a Seahawks game on the NFL channel a few days ago. It appeared they were using Fant as a swing tackle, but he was out there alot!
  19. He had 433 yards in just 11 games? That amounts to 630 yards in 16 games. Not bad for a one year 11th hour signing. Robby had 779 yards and he's our number 1 receiver who's been on the team and we're looking to pay him $12M+
  20. Those JAGs would have also benefitted from a great OL. Cant wait to see what we can do with a solid OL and a healthy defense.
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