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  1. Could have been worse the Vikings traded a 5th round pick to the Ravens for Vedvik and he lasted just a few weeks on their roster before they cut him. Must have been a conditional pick.
  2. Think they had a shot at 9-7 with Marriott? Tannyhill's been 4-1 since taking the reigns.
  3. All the pieces were in place before Tannyhill. Did they win before Tannyhill? No.
  4. How is it possible the Titans have a good offense? Don't they have a defensive minded coach?
  5. It's more than stuffing the run. Hes pushing the pocket back, disrupting plays and is starting to demand constant attention. These things don't show up on the stat sheet, but that's what the game is about. Every day he's looking more and more like the best player in the draft.
  6. Somewhere in Jetnation posters are in denial. He's a DL and sacks are all that count aren't they? Two weeks ago we had the Trade Jamal crew, this week the Trade Q crew. It's clear to me Greg Williams and these players are at the core of our recent success, they aren't going anywhere.
  7. Agree on both, but one thing is clear regarding Q. He is a major disruptive force in the middle of our DL and just getting started. He may never have great sack numbers, but he's a very good and improving player. If we can continue to snuff out the run like we have, get healthy and add just one or 2 players in the right spots we're gonna be good for a long time. Starting to see why many said Q was the best player in the draft.
  8. And if you disagree they get indignant. Maybe it's because the Jets have been so bad that the more interesting event is not the season, but the draft. Personally I want a perennial winner and to get there I feel you need to allow the team grow together not churn their best up and coming players.
  9. Agreed and I would add the one area where I think we're over invested is MLB. Next year Williamson and Mosley come back. They are both excellent players, but do we need both of them? We've done really well without them.
  10. How about trading CJ Mosley? Why do we always gravitate to our young up and coming players. Because they're actually playing?
  11. D. Thomas would be nice to have back as well, but agreed trade back if we can, otherwise OL in 1st, and best of Edge, WR, or OL in 2nd. Same for 3rd, but would consider CB as well with one of two picks if a good one drops.
  12. I don't because I don't want to trade our best player. People say he plays a non-premium position, but it's like the man plays 3 or 4 positions. That versatility is unheard of and when we fill in some of the voids around him he's going to be even more valuable. We can take care of most of our needs by getting healthy, making a move or two in the draft and adding some 2nd tier free agents.
  13. Yup. I don't want big name free agents, Avery Wiliamson types are fine with me. Just need competent pieces as we rebuild through the draft.
  14. Get healthy and add a few pieces at OL, WR and CB and our record will improve significantly. Don't need to get rid of Adams to do that.
  15. Fair enough, I was watching Q on passing down to see if he was being double teamed and Hernandez was singled up on Q pretty much every time. Regardless we generated excellent pressure.
  16. Are people blaming Schotty for a dropped TD and because LT didn't jump?
  17. I miss Pettine and Callahan. At least we have a decent DC in Greg Williams. Wonder what we could have accomplished if Pettine was the DC for Bowles. Different defense than what Bowles ran I guess. Or Bowles didn't want the competition from a guy who could take his job.
  18. After being down 25-0 after the first half because of our defense, the fact that we even had a chance to win the game was remarkable. Unfortunately though as you said things didn't go our way.
  19. He did pretty well with Sanchez too, before we dismantled the offense.
  20. Seems to me Adam's is much more than a strong safety. I'm not getting rid of a very good player for some maybe's. Fix what's broken, but don't cut the heart out of your team. I'd rather trade Q, Anderson, etc. from a position where we have depth. 5 OL is unrealistic, but I can see us getting: - 3 OL between the draft (perhaps round 1/2, or 1/3) and a solid free agent (Carpenter type signing) - 2 CBs in the draft and a solid free agent (Poole type signing) - Draft Edge only if Chase is there, otherwise mid-tier free agent (Avery type signing) or later pick. - WR later in the draft, and a solid free agent that plays the outside (Crowder type signing) Get Herndon, CJ, Avery healthy next year we'll be a much more competitive team.

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