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  1. Bowles is in over his head. This team is uninspired, undisciplined, cannot make adjustments, and is just lost.
  2. When does Geno get cut/traded?

    Potential and Geno are two words that shouldn't have been uttered together since 2014. Fitz is LIGHT years ahead of everyone on the roster, and will prob be the starter till 2018
  3. When does Geno get cut/traded?

    wow what a 180!!!! I can't believe we spent months on here listening to guys say Geno was a quality STARTER what a joke....all the arguing, just wow
  4. Bummed to see we are not on NFL network, any way I can watch it? Thanks in advance!
  5. Official Training Camp Thread(8/8/16)

    As much as Cimini is a clown, these kid beat writers make him seem like a pulitzer prize winner
  6. 2012 BUF 16 83.3 306 505 60.6 3400 212.5 6.7 24 16 8 6 2013 TEN 11 82.0 217 350 62.0 2454 223.1 7.0 14 12 9 2 2014 HOU 12 95.3 197 312 63.1 2483 206.9 8.0 17 8 5 1 2015 NYJ 16 88.0 335 562 59.6 3905 244.1 6.9 31 15 5 2 How was our play at QB 2012-2014?
  7. Personally I don't think they need to sign Fitz because Geno is ready to break out, has a leaders pedigree, doesn't make back breaking mistakes, and is extremely intelligent. I'm sure John Idzick agrees
  8. Geno Smith's 2014 Stats in "Context".

    The amount of time left to still being able to say this is running really low.......
  9. Was Geno the Jets Plan All Along?

    Cool enough. And you are correct on what I was referring too. I do have a close connection to a former coach, was there a long time till Rex got canned, so my opinions tend to reflect what he tells me about guys on the team he knows and saw day in day out. That being said he doesn't know Fitz, he does know members of current staff, and he still is in contact with guys on the team. So anyhow read between the lines for what its worth.
  10. Was Geno the Jets Plan All Along?

    I almost liked your post. I looked again as to who wrote it. So close......
  11. Was Geno the Jets Plan All Along?

    Thanks for the reply. I'm surprised, but I guess its entirely possible to follow a team, be an adult, and have an entirely different perspective
  12. Was Geno the Jets Plan All Along?

    Just a question, not an attack, I promise. How old are you? Just wondering as to how long you have been watching this team/football in general.
  13. Accuracy is not a problem on short passing routes. Decker and Marshall both had a ton of YAC. With no TE and no deep passing game he had a nice year. Don't kid yourself, Pats system is set up for high percentage plays and moving the ball methodically. Most cerebral NFL QB's can manage quite nicely with some playmakers, pass protection, and that formula, Fitz not withstanding
  14. I actually believe that it would fit his skill set perfectly. Where he would struggle is on a team like Pitts that takes many shots downfield and relies big time on Ben's ability to stretch the field
  15. actually he gets rid of the ball as fast as anyone so you are wrong. Where he struggles is throwing deep