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    Drumming, sports, working out

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    Queens NY
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    Drumming, working out
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    Licensed US Customs Broker

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    The hiring of Bill Parcells. After a 1-15 mess, it brought instant legitimacy and instant credibility to the franchise.
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    Ex, had them at Shea but gave up in NJ
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    Their moving to Giants Stadium, AJ Duhe game. 1998 AFCC Game. 2009-10 when we had zero chance to win the AFCCG; Cleveland Mark Gastineau penalty idiot.
    THE *****ng Marino Spike.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    I was 7

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  1. ASH1962

    This is 100% Sick

    The numbers are mind numbing
  2. http://isgrudengoneyet.com. This is like astronomy stuff, you know, distance to Pluto and stuff...And everyone says Jet fans are vicious... LOL Edit- here is the link to the whole story https://www.yahoo.com/sports/raiders-sink-brilliant-website-emerged-counting-jon-grudens-tenure-213935335.html
  3. Excellent point .. The way I see it is we have the QB so the rest of the parts are interchangeable.
  4. ASH1962

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    The league changes week to week. Who thought we would run for 300+ yards against the leagues best defense supposedly, and then run for under 100 against a crappy defense yesterday supposedly?
  5. Oh now hold on a minute, I too am happy at Darnold's progress, but let us not forget how they played like scared little kids in Jacksonville from second one until the end. Oh and how about the second half in Cleveland, have we forgotten that collapse? It is easy to say these things like "we are going to keep the pressure on until the end" but not as easy to do, and again, a leopard (Jet HC) never changes his spots. IMO, the next 3 weeks will show a lot and tell us exactly where we are in terms of playing scared against Minny Chi and Mia. If we can manage to win 2 of those we are in great shape.
  6. ASH1962

    Do the Dolphins have a new QB?

    Gase was pi$$Ed off at Tannesuck for not playing...in an interview I saw he did not even know why he was out, as the previous poster said "the guy couldn't go today". Wondering if he was scared of Khalil Mack LOL.
  7. ASH1962

    Do the Dolphins have a new QB?

    Seems to me Tannesuck only plays good against the NY Jets and nobody else.
  8. Had Nickerson held on to the second potential pick 6 in the first Q, it may well have been a blowout, but hell, I was nervous waiting for the onside kick with under 2:00 to go, this was no blowout by any means. Luck is amazing. THAT is what a franchise QB does, makes the team competitive even if his supporting cast are just a bunch of JAGS. Speaking of JAGS, how the hell did we get obliterated by the Jags? Just proves on any given day anyone can beat anyone.
  9. ASH1962

    Kirk Cousins

    Luck > Cousins
  10. Let's be honest here, we are not that good a team yet to just expect us to roll over anyone. Having said that, this is a home game against a terrible team. We have absolutely no excuse not to win even if the score is 6-3.
  11. Disagree, talk to me at Barkley's HOF enshrinement
  12. ASH1962

    the circus is back in town

    I do not take solace in another fan's suffering and neither should any Jet fans, unless it is the Pats, Bills, or Phin fans suffering. Let us not forget just 2 weeks ago we were ready to lynch every single entity associated with the NY Jets. BE HUMBLE!
  13. ASH1962

    Jay Gruden Anyone?? Trouble in D.C.

    HC no way OC or QB coach sure, but would rather have Josh continue with Sam
  14. I'm the idiot who voted kick the ball out of the EZ because I read too fast and though it said which IS NOT the most important thing for a kicker.... I am butt fumbling myself LOL, obviously it making FG's

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