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    Drumming, sports, working out

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    Queens NY
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    Drumming, working out
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    Licensed US Customs Broker

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    The hiring of Bill Parcells. After a 1-15 mess, it brought instant legitimacy and instant credibility to the franchise.
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    Ex, had them at Shea but gave up in NJ
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    Their moving to Giants Stadium, AJ Duhe game. 1998 AFCC Game. 2009-10 when we had zero chance to win the AFCCG; Cleveland Mark Gastineau penalty idiot.
    THE *****ng Marino Spike.
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    I was 7

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  1. “FrancesaTheFoe”

    Besides the fact that I think he is nuts about Glennon, I don't get what is funny? You Francesa bashers are in for hell if you listen to sports radio. There is nothing out there even close to Francesa in terms of sports knowledge and intensity.
  2. Broncos make OC change.

    That is even worse then McCown Petty and Hackenberg
  3. you can't hold tennis balls with your arms folded
  4. Every single National Appearance last season. Indy, Ari, Mia come to mind ... My favorite post 1990 was 1998 home divisional playoff game vs Jax
  5. Mike Westhoff back in the NFL

    Westy would have eaten Bowltite for lunch
  6. No matter what any of the haters think, losing Francessa is a catastrophe for NY sports radio and for WFAN in particular. I turned him on last night, and he was talking about successful defensive coaches versus successful offensive coaches, which I found fascinating. The man is 100% all about sports knowledge and is a far superior listen to anyone I have heard over the last 25 years in terms of good sports information. The man tells it like it is. Proof of this is in his Giants coverage, he has eviscerated the Giants this season and he is a huge Giants fan. You can hate him as much as you want, there is no better in the industry, especially on either WFAN or ESPN.
  7. What I watched Sunday brought me back to last season and the total lack of effort we witnessed all season long. Where was all of the "grittiness" and "resiliency" they showed earlier? Now they have lost 4 out of the past 5 weeks - Buffalo is terrible obviously. The most frustrating and aggravating loss was Sunday against a 2-6 dead team with Ryan Fitz. Imagine, being non competitive in the last game before a bye; wonder how that could happen?? Now they will be returning to maybe 1 winnable game out of their remaining 6. Does anyone think they win in Denver? That's the only game I see as fairly winnable. They aren't beating CAR KC NE NO or LAC since all of these teams have QB's that are looking forward to their game(s) against the Jets as an easy win.
  8. What, this justifies Todd Bowles and the $hit job he does as a HC? Maybe if he unfolded his arms during the games and kicked someone in the a$$, things would be a little different.
  9. Yup same old same old, the get the QB, they get the Coach, we get the 12th pick in May.
  10. Remember when..,

    How do you know unless you try? Reminds me of my daughter. I tell her try shrimp or salmon, she says she does not like it, without even trying it...Just to be obstinate she refuses to try it. Same thing with Bowltite, he refuses to deviate from his master plan (whatever that is) and try something new. He thinks he will show the world he as right when 9 out of 10 times he is not right.
  11. Because Misery Loves Company...

    No, Cleveland is winless....
  12. QB or I’m done

    Hate to say it, but without a good run blocking and pass blocking OL, you get Andrew Luck who is now broken, perhaps beyond repair. Block someone, run the ball, have a competent QB and decent WR's and you win. Oh and having a pass rush helps as well. They could not handle TB's Lb'ers all game today and that is what stymied the offense. Brandon Shell had an awful game as well. We play better with Qvale at RT.
  13. Bowles deserves a 10 year no trade no fire clause 15 million per year contract. He is that good. Coach of the Year.
  14. The good: I do not have to sit here eating my guts out aggravated next Sunday, I can live for the next 2 weeks in peace and hope come Nov 26, I do not give a $hit and do not watch. The bad: They committed a penalty on the very first play of the game, and on every other play thereafter it seemed. The HC is a zombie. He just stands on the sidelines with his arms folded looking clueless. They made the Buccaneer defense look like the 85 Bears & 86 Giants all in one. They could not muster more than 1 drive when the game was within reach, and even that was marred by penalty after penalty, resulting in a half mile long FG that Catanzaro made. They made zero in game adjustments & showed zero ingenuity. They did not try the hurry up, did not try a trick play or 2 to fool the defense, no QB roll outs, nothing. They could not block TB's LB'ers all game long and made no adjustments to fix that. Same $hit every series. Run for 3. Run for 2. Sack or pass under the FD marker resulting in 3 & out. O line was on the bye week today, just completely out of it. We are better with Qvale at RT, Shell sucks. Winters sucks. The defense played fairly well but tired from being on the field in 80 degree weather all game long. Add in tons of defensive penalties as usual helping to extend a few TB drives resulting in FG's and the one TD. The Ugly: Today's game looked an awful like last year to me. The same deficiencies this CS exhibited last year, continued today. They have now lost 4 of 5. Another season heading into oblivion as the losses mount. They just lost to Ryan Fitzpatrick without his best receiver. Ultra ultra embarrassing. What is going to happen against Newton, Brees, Smith, Rivers & Brady? 4-12 is a realistic possibility.
  15. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    Coach of the year? How about ZOMBIE of the year? All he does all game long is stand there with his arms folded looking clueless.