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    Drumming, working out
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    The hiring of Bill Parcells. After a 1-15 mess, it brought instant legitimacy and instant credibility to the franchise.
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    Ex, had them at Shea but gave up in NJ
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    Their moving to Giants Stadium, AJ Duhe game. 1998 AFCC Game. 2009-10 when we had zero chance to win the AFCCG; The F****ng Marino Spike.
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    I was 7

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  1. Should he also have been excited about Hackenberg and he rest of Mac's draft flotsam?
  2. Well one thing is for sure, Winovich will never be as Polite as Jachai 🤣 Wondering what the over / under for Politeness comments will be from TV announcers once this kid starts banging QB's into oblivion
  3. Probably in the cardiac care unit of LIJ hospital LOL
  4. Great OP. Love and feel the optimism. Would love nothing more than to celebrate a Division Championship, but I need to see it on game days. Speaking only for myself, have heard too much talk and not enough winning out of this team over the years, and am not ready to go all in with the emotional investment that I would make for a winner - yet - s h o w m e! First 5 or 6 games are tough and as losable as they are winnable. If this really is different, they will be able to show all of us straight away. Could also lose a bunch in the beginning until things gel and still make a strong finish for the division. Training camp starts NEXT MONTH. Holy $hit.
  5. I dunno, we have a potent roster on paper now, much more so then after Idzik, no? Mac did leave us in fairly good shape as the article stated imo.
  6. Geez what a clown circus the Texans are! They let the gm do the draft and run FA then fire him in June? OMG the world is ending and the Texans are a laughingstock. Fans+media=idiots
  7. Wondering how many of TS 110000 posts have not been "absolute crap"?
  8. You guys DO realize that (amazing) play cost us Nick Bosa LOL. Or maybe Mac would still have gone Q since he did have an infatuation with DT's. Just sayin
  9. Yes Joe is alive, well, and happy because he stopped drinking. Guaranteed even at his age now, he would have a lot less wrinkles and look younger had he not had that problem. Be that as it may, he will always be my football idol and favorite Jet player ever. Growing up I always wanted to throw a football like Joe did. Arm went back, then ZOOM. The only other QB I can ever compare to Joe in terms of throwing style was Marino,. I hate the bastard, but he had that same quick powerful release. He still has that charisma that makes everyone wish he was their Uncle or Father.
  10. Please pass the gravy since the table is set
  11. Dos the deal come with personalized Marijuana for all? If so, I'm in!
  12. RIP. Great ball player and one of the good guys who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  13. LMAO this thread More of the mouth being great where the rest of the body is not, which is what the NY Jets have been most famous for over the last decade - talk, talk and, more talk. You want to be the best safety in the league? STFU, go out and beat the crap out of people every week, and win some god damn football games.
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