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    Drumming, sports, working out

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    Queens NY
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    Drumming, working out
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    Licensed US Customs Broker

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    The hiring of Bill Parcells. After a 1-15 mess, it brought instant legitimacy and instant credibility to the franchise.
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    Ex, had them at Shea but gave up in NJ
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    Their moving to Giants Stadium, AJ Duhe game. 1998 AFCC Game. 2009-10 when we had zero chance to win the AFCCG; The F****ng Marino Spike.
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    I was 7

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  1. Canadian, US, Euro, Russian ruble, Thai Baht, or Japanese yen. $338 per ticket to see a bunch of 65 year old men run around in spikes and make up is a total rip off. I don't care who they are, it is a 3 hour (at most) concert. These prices have gone so stupid I do not go to anything anymore. I am not supporting ticketmaster and their over inflated nonsense.
  2. The article loses credence when EJM says, "He has respect from everybody around the league". Yeah, as a rapist.
  3. Offensive signings only please. We will not pay any attention to the overrated defense, thank you very much.
  4. All of us Jet fans will be screaming for EJM to come back, round about the first time OBL lifts his leg in the EZ after ZW over or short throws him.
  5. You are so right about the incomplete thing, especially considering the officiating of the 2020's still has no clue what is and what isn't a catch. Funny thing, I have the "Super Jets" CD burned into my phone, and I was in the gym today and that segment played. Things were so much more passionate and different back then (guess 50 years of losing and sh*t football has changed that). Merle Harmon and Sam DeLuca were the announcers, and their voices and descriptions of that game are still unparalleled., and the sound of the Shea crowd..I really miss those days.
  6. I am 1000% biased, but aside from Dan Marino, find me another QB who threw the ball like Joe did. I will never, ever forget the throw Joe made at Shea in the ACFFG against Oakland to Maynard down the sideline late in the 4th quarter in the swirling wind and freezing cold to send the Jets to their one and only SB. Who knew that would be the one and only AFCC game the Jets would ever host at home. Mind boggling. Thanks for posting that great memory!
  7. I know right? we are so classically conditioned to see that. Hoping if we get AR, that will all change, although with JD ignoring our already overrated defense, who knows.
  8. BATNA? Stupid me, should have known that 😟
  9. I say F GB, don't even make this trade. We've sucked forever anyway, one or 2 more years wont make any difference. We will get the #1 or 2 pick next year and draft another young QB from what we hear is a great QB class and be ready to roll with a loaded roster, and we will be able to pay our guys on expiring rookie contracts as well.
  10. Stiffs all....No great loss(es)
  11. GB has zero leverage IMHO. AR wants to play (only) here. They can trade him wherever they want but he will retire. JD knows this and will play the poker game until they fold.
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