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  1. I agree to a point, he does not let the game breathe at all … I mean there is not a second during his broadcasts where one has time to even process what he is saying before he is spewing out information again. Too much.
  2. yes as we saw for 4 months of misery, uniforms are really important...
  3. yeah the pats are unraveling...all the way to another 14-2 season next year, another division title, and another home playoff game or 3. Yup they certainly are unraveling
  4. Please name some names because I am coming up blank
  5. An animal never runs away from food &/or shelter. They will all be back driving us nuts with a much improved roster next season.
  6. I don't know, the few Rams games I saw this season, Jared Goff was hot garbage, and they did not use Gurley much perhaps due to the hip, but their D is/was never the problem
  7. Totally agree. Was completely dumbfounded seeing Mr Coffee select Williams over Allen last year, it made ZERO sense. Same as drafting Jamal and Maye together leaving Deshaun and Cook on the board the year before. What would the Jet franchise be with Deshaun Watson and Dalvin Cook on offense?
  8. Don't trade Adams. and for the love of god, don't draft another defensive tackle aka best player in the draft.
  9. Cousins is the richest non achiever in human history. They should get their asses handed to them in SF.
  10. If we scored 21 against BAL, the Chiefs can surely score against them. Remember, we suck.
  11. yeah really, it would sure suck if we had won 6 SB's and like 20 division titles in a row. I much prefer 6-10 every season.
  12. We are too good and did not need Davis
  13. Booger McDumbass said "Joe Morris of the NY Jets", and is totally annoyingly in man love with Josh Allen
  14. Wow I was just thinking this very same thing. I can speak for the NY Jets only and the answer is a resounding none. Can't think of one guy we signed on day 1 that was any good.
  15. You have to ask permission before even thinking to approach a topic here, did you not know that 😜
  16. No staying with guys like Hugh Jackson, and Marvin Lewis sure does spur winning, and also attracts the top players in the world to come. Good lord
  17. But they did have full out coverage of that embarrassment debauchery new uniform unveiling last year...so there's that LOLLLLLL
  18. Accepting losing and being a pile of $hit is better, I totally agree.
  19. Totally agree, skinny frail one trick pony. If he were to go over the middle consistently he would not last 2 weeks. Have no problem with his leaving as long as we get some NFL caliber receivers in his wake.
  20. First of all, I am 100% behind Sam and hope he becomes the FQB we so hope he will, however, the guy never throws a ball longer than 10 yards and in my humble opinion is soft, henceforth my nicknaming him I hope I am totally wrong here, I really do, but apparently, nobody has told the Jets that if you throw long once in a while, maybe you get a PI flag or holding call in your favor. But we continue this maddening dink and dunk crap resulting in 18 play 50 yard drives for FG's, while scoring 17 points a game. They are boring and hard to watch and I for one, am totally glad this season is now over.
  21. 7-9 with "Jetsy" losses to 2 winless teams and a stubborn, my way is right, Bowles like hideous HC embedded therein. The only bright spot is the season is mercifully over and I do not have to think about the NY Jets until March / April.

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