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  1. 1st and 20, they get 19 1/2 yards on downs 2 and 3, then get a delay of game penalty on 4th down. That is all you needed to see today. It is painfully obvious that they have no idea what they are doing on either side of the ball. 2 quarters of that vaginal spooge is all I am prepared to tolerate today. It's off to the gym at 230pm, like every Sunday. Oh and Corey Davis a #1? LMAO
  2. Interesting the word included in the middle of your name, it suits you well... GFY moron
  3. UPSTATE NY is starting to open, not the City and downstate area. Please check the facts before posting generalities.
  4. The NFL knows that there can be no season until there is a cure and / or vaccine, or some miracle to protect everyone from others spit and sweat. Football players (and other sport players) are exchanging saliva and sweat constantly with "droplets" flying all over the place. I would venture to guess that some of those droplets could possibly even take a ride on the wind and make their way into the stands - should they be dumb enough to allow fans in them. Unless the NFL uniform this year is some type of space suit, I see no way the NFL, or any sport operates besides maybe baseball which is non contact with the players spaced far enough apart from each other during play. In all sports, the dugouts, sidelines and locker rooms are all an issue where masks would have to be worn, however, you can't have everyone wearing masks while running around playing a sport LOL. I find masks ultra uncomfortable to just walk around in generally, let alone play high energy sports in. I feel as though I am breathing my own CO2 every time I wear one. Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but we have to be realistic here. They are keeping office workers home for months, gyms closed for months, barber shops, bars, restaurants, and other businesses closed for months, but they are supposed to allow NFL training camps to operate freely in 90 days during this?
  5. How many words must it be?
  6. What Orlovsky is saying, and I agree with him, is Sam has done more with less than any NFL QB in history. The Jet offensive roster has been nothing short of a disgrace since he got here.
  7. No way in hell there is a football season in 2020 if things stand as they are.
  8. I too loved the Becton pick but am tempering my enthusiasm for this draft until we see if these guys can actually play in the NFL at least.
  9. I so wish the Giants were in our division and were viable competition to us. This would justify the sick obsession most guys around here have with the Giants. Can't figure out why for the life of me. I have only enough anger and disdain for NE MIA and BUF along with the rest of the AFC, "aint got time faddat" with the Giants LOL.
  10. None of this matters until at least 2021 or maybe even 2022.
  11. Some of the posters here are such idiots they should just go guzzle some Lysol an / or bleach and be done with us.
  12. They will probably move this guy to CB and play him on KR PR. Now that my McCagnan flashback is over, speed is a killer in the NFL and this guy is ultra fast.
  13. Is Mike McCagnan back making our picks? This is a pick he surely would have made. Loved Becton and Mims, this one, not so much. SMH
  14. Op is the only one who thinks this is a risky pick
  15. I hope so because that is probably the next time we will see football played
  16. Wirfs played RT in College. I read he was projected as an NFL guard. Don't you all think JD knows this? Great pick. Becton is a big fast wall. Even the guys on ESPN said we got the best OT in the draft.
  17. WTF are you guys whining about? This guy is a monster and fast as hell. It's a great pick and long over due.
  18. Oh man, best uni's in the NFL imo. Loving those yellow pants.. I look at those and see John Hadl throwing to Lance Allworth or Fouts to John Jefferson. Great job by SD. I mean LA.
  19. You all know these guys are a total pain in the rectum when it comes to money. The Jets have to sign him now or trade him now. No in between, to avoid a total headache.
  20. That is what I got out of watching that last night - Darnold is a MUCH MUCH better QB than Sanchez was or would have ever been.
  21. You want the gyms closed but the barber shops can be open, where a person actually breathes on top of you? K
  22. Awesome thread, thank you! To quote the best show on TV, "All good things" and "it's all connected".
  23. ok but wait, Didn't Manush just say the Jets had no money for free agents?
  24. I would think that they will play a lot of sports without a crowd in the stadium until a vaccine is readily available. Who here would go to a crowded stadium before this happens regardless?
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