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  1. 51 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    "I shoulda been a #1 pick" or anything remotely akin to that.

    It's rare a player of limited physical talent like MW gets a second chance to earn a starting job in the NFL.

    Don't be a schmuck Mike.  Don't tell us how good you think you are.  SHOW US.  Then show us some more.

    Just play well, and the narrative will write itself.  Lets others speak well of you, you don't need to do it.

    Less words.  More deeds.  

    And it might help if you could get through at least one game with 1. getting hurt or 2. throwing several INT's.

    Good luck Sunday, this is an amazing opportunity for you. 

    Grab it, and don't let go.  Step 1, beat Chicago.

    That's the deal with this whole team tbh. Sick of hearing how good they are and watching games like last Sundays.. Go out and play productive, mistake free football and win some games.. Then the world will know how good you are.

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  2. 3 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Steveler has actually played in NFL games for the Cardinals and has thrown a touchdown pass.  He is a huge step up compared to the practice squad goofs these whack-jobs are usually promoting. 

    Based on what I saw in the PS, if this CS had half of a brain, they would have been gromming Streveler to be the backup dso that when ZW struggled in week 5 or whenever he came back, Streveler might have been able to take over. What I saw Sunday? Putting Streveler in could only be an improvement, I don't care HOW green he is. Nothing, and I mean nothing could be worse at QB then ZW was last week. Look at it this way, you can sacore 3 points with Strev or you can score 3 points with ZW. It is worth a shot.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Wtf is LaFleur actually supposed to do to help Zach Wilson?

    He can't hit or even find an open receiver when they're available (and they are; a lot).  He can't complete short throws.  He can't read a defense.  He can't make presnap reads.  And he seems to have a dogsh*t attitude to boot.  

    What magic are you expecting here?

    A screen pass. A slant Pass. A roll out pass. An RPO or 2. A Trick play or 2 to keep them off balance. Instead, we ran up the middle. And ran up the middle. And when that didnt work, we ran up the middle some more. Also WTAF is with putting ZW in shotgun on 3rd & 1 with 45 seconds to go in the game? Yes ZW was awful, but  the CS did nothing to help get him going.

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  4. It seems to me we are a good team now, but anytime we see the NE Uniforms, we get stupid. It reminds me of the 1980's whenever we played the Seahawks when they were in the ACFW. If you check the history, the Jets were a top defense and a good team back then, but played like sheep whenever they saw the Seattle uniforms lol. Todays game should be a win, go out, run the football, play good and win the GD game. Tired of hearing about Bellid*ck already. They are an average to below average football team and talent wise, we are better. Win the GD game.

  5. Obviously this CS seems something during the week which makes them believe some how that ZW is a FQB. They called up Steveler and dressed him over Flacco today. Its time to see if this guy can play. We can throw ints with ZW or CS, would like to see if he can protect the ball maybe? No getting around it, ZW has been absolutely awful this season.

  6. 22 minutes ago, CanadienJetsFan said:

    To exercise the Belichick demon, they must:

    1- Eliminate Judon: double team him for if he’s constantly in Zach’s face, it’ll be a very long afternoon.

    2- Integrate running plays for Zach: The Bears showed us how to beat the NE defence. Zach’s got good wheels, let him lose for 6 to 10 running plays during the game.

    3- Boneheaded penalties; avoid them especially on 3rd down. This to me is still a problem with this team. They had something like 4 or 5 penalties in the 1st half that gave Denver 1st downs. Luckily they couldn’t score.


    #2 absolutely. Said it during the game Monday, MLF MUST take that game and replicate that plan on offense in order to be successful. Cannot rely on shotgun drop backs behind swiss cheese, or hand offs into the middle of the DL and expect good things. He has to get creative with Zach's running ability. And first down gains are critical here as well. Cannot expect to be successful on 3rd and 8 all the time.

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  7. 14 hours ago, 32EBoozer said:

    You do not need to start a thread for every random thought about a practice squad player!

    Then why have a message board at all if everyone has to be afraid to start a precious thread? Jeez man, lighten up

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  8. 1 hour ago, The Crusher said:

    You would think. I’m still struggling with being able to be confident on any Sunday. Still waiting for other foot to drop. 

    Me too. Can't shake it. Having said that, we have been shut out the last 2 trips to Denver. SOJ's lose today to a back up QB and a HC that has no clue wth he is doing. Hoping the team did not tune into the twitter broadcasts talking as if we are the greatest team in nfl history and cannot be beaten because those guys are delusional. The EJ Moore thing annoyed the living fck out of me (and everyone else here I am sure). Its just something we did not need while we are winning finally. Hope we can eek one out today before part 1 of our yearly beating by Bellichick next week

  9. While I fault the CS mostly for ruining Mims, and now on the way to ruining Moore, you have to wonder what a guy like Moore is thinking. 2nd year WR, hasn't done anything really, has potential, and seems like he's self entitled. They team is having success, who gives a fart who gets touches and who doesn't? Having said that, the CS could build some ground plays for Moore like SF does with Deebo if they are ahead and do not have to throw a lot, or even if not. So I think both are at fault, Moore mostly though for being a selfish knucklehead.

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  10. I was wrong and am happy to admit it! Nice win today! Great job by the defense, the patchwork OL, and Zach. I don't care how lousy a team the Steelers are, it is and always has been an impossible place for us to go in and win a game - what are we now 2-13 there or something? The level of opposition is going to get much, much tougher starting next week. If they continue to turn the ball over and commit stupid assed & unnecessary penalties, they will not be able to overcome that against the AFCE teams, Broncos, Packers etc. Enjoying this one though, it is that rare we win in Pit.



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  11. Memo to JD - We are already not playing meaningful games and its only October 3. Do any of you guys really feel this team can be competitive watching this team for 3 weeks and seeing the rest of the league? I see maybe 1 or 2 more wins all year unless some type of act of (football) god happens. Same as last year, they are flat out terrible and now we learned today that "the best player in the 2019 draft" is out of shape and gasping for air. What an absolute mess and laughingstock.

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  12. 16 hours ago, PorP said:

    Well... this guy sympathizes


    BT is all of us. He speaks like I would speak. He feels like I feel every week when you know it's game over in the 2nd quarter and I am going through my Sunday psychosis to try and reason why I bother staying home to watch garbage and get my guts ripped tf out. Tiki Barber said the defense played well this season. Truthfully, he has no business commenting on things he knows nothing about since he obviusly did not watch any of the games. They were torched by Baltimore. They were torched by Jacoby Brissett and should have lost that game by all rights. They were torched by Burrow, the most sacked QB in the NFL. This defense is A W F U L. Period.  We watch how many 3rd and 9's get converted against them? I do not see this hapening to any other team as much as it does here. Fact of the matter is, they are the cure for every one else's ills. We will see Mitch Trubiscuit look like Big Ben Sunday when the Steelers rack up 400+ yards and 30+ points. What BT said about coach Salesman is 100% spot on, he is what I term an "internet tough guy". He will be rhetorically tough on TV or on the radio, but when it comes to getting in his lousy players faces after a stupid unnecessary penalty that changed the course of the season possibly, or to take over the awful defensive play calls, he is nowhere to be found. Arms folded standing there either afraid to get in anyones faces (Mr. Ulbrich), or thinking of excuses to give the media as to why his team is inept from top to bottom. I keep hearing in my mind what BT said Lovey Smith said, "he did not become a HC to stop coaching" which is exactly what Saleh has done here. Robert, this is not a Kingship or Emperorship, sitting on high being a HC. Get in there, get down, get dirty, and start to coach again - if you even can. Who knows at this point?

    Explain to me how you win a miraclulous game last week which in most cases might have (even should have) changed the fortunes of an entire organization, and come back the next week reverting to last season's unprepared, discombobulated look? This is the issue I have with this team. I've said it many times over and over. In 12 of the 20 games Saleh has coached, they have been hopelessly out of the game by the middle of Q2 or sooner, including this latest game with Cin. Facts and stats are what they are. This is year 2. Does anyone see anything to hang a hat on in terms on improvements? I see the acceptance of losing and mediocrity continuing here as it always has. Does anyone really expect things to change under Saleh and Douglas all of a sudden or even by next season? I don't. It' hasn't changed from year 1 to year 2. It is what it is. We are headed for yet another top 1, 2, or 3 draft pick in April. 



  13. Feeling everyones pain. Over the past 2 seasons, they have been out of games 12 times with 5 minutes or more to go in Q2. They are woefully unprepapred and out coached in virtually every situation. They should be 0-3 this season but for an absolute miracle in Cleveland. Yesterday JFM showed exactly why this CS is a failure. That stupid RTP penalty absolutely changed the complexion of the game and in my humble opinion, it was lights out from there. He should have been sent to the locker room and / or benched the rest of the game instead of laughing in the post game. Anyone else here laughing after that debacle? I wasn't. These are coaching things that have gone horribly wrong. Again, just my opinion. 1 vote for Sean Payton from me. They need to do anything and everything to get him here for next season. Enough of these guys who talk but can never ever walk the walk. We need a legitimate NFL caliber HC, similar to what Doug Pederson is doing in J-Ville. I have to say, I am jealous.

  14. If anyone has any question on coaching, see the Jags. They look like a completely different animal with a legitimate HC and staff, unlike the JJJV here. You could have Mahomes, Brady, Rodgers or whomever else you want as our QB, we would still be geting abused every which way possible.

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  15. 2 hours ago, Smashmouth said:

    With an inept offense due to a 37 year old tree playing QB both sides of the ball will suffer. You can't expect a defense to stay fresh when you either can't sustain drives or score TD's. With that being said and probably true for the first 2 games it was not true yesterday. The Defense got beat right off the bat yesterday and the offense stalled on every drive.

    This coaching staff is terrible Robert Saleh's positive vibes in the face of terrible play will get old just like Rex Ryan's bravado did 10 years ago. 

    The biggest mistake was playing Joe Flacco over Mike White. Even if you don't think Mike White can be the guy he runs this offense way better than Flacco and its not even close. Yesterday I actually saw Flacco already in shotgun position refer to his arm band which means he didn't even know the ******* play he called in the huddle. He is slow, He has zero awareness in the pocket and constantly air mails balls on third down. That 40 yard throw on 4th and 5 was so stupid with guys open underneath it was beyond belief, that's something you do with a lead not when you really need a score to have some chance in the game.

    Lets all give Flacco credit for a 1:55 minute revelation that may never happen again since the Browns were sleepwalking through that last 2 minutes. That portion of the game was all on the Browns not great play by a washed up QB basically playing catch because the Browns thought they had the game won.

    Yes this is all on Saleh IMHO he's the guy who makes the decisions and playing Flacco is inexcusable. The constant breakdowns and broken plays are also on him and his staff and at this stage in year 2 of the program its going to get old fast.

    They have a kid who lit up the offense in the PS. Not saying he is/was guaranteed to lead us to wins, but it could have to had been possibly better than this. At least he could avoid the pass rush that seems to be on us every play of every game.

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