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  1. So sick of hearing about this assclown.

    I mean who the f**k is C***n K*******k anyway?  Some world leader? Someone who is helping cure cancer? Someone who is actually taking a walk through the ghetto and projects, seeing what really goes on (not what the media tells us to think goes on) and then standing on a cause? No, he is an also ran football player who was never that good to begin with, looking to keep himself relevant. He has a band of psychophants following him around which makes those losers feel important.

    Give me a break already with this absolute nonsense. Moron Goodell has a lot more important things to worry about such as guys swinging helmets at each others heads, the games becoming unwatchable because of too much &/or incompetent officiating, and the impending work stoppage that will surely happen after next season.

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  2. 1 hour ago, joewilly12 said:

    Best player on the team wish we had 21 more like him.

    NOT A HATER BIG FAN OF Jamal Adams. 

    I hate @T0mShane for hating Jamal Adams 

    I don't hate Adams, just wish he would grow up and shut up. He could make more $$ by using less words then any human on this planet.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    Haskins is bad and worse, bad and not ready to play.  The jets should be able to win this game.

    That is what I think too but we have this awful habit, after a win last week that we may start thinking we are better than we actually are, even at 2-7.

  4. Wondering if the NY Jets litany of making average to below average, (in this case a WAY below average) QB's look like Joe Montana continues this Sunday facing Dwayne Haskins who cannot even play. This is a game even the Jets should win, despite it being a road game, the Redskins are awful. No excuses.

    Go out, play mistake free football for 60 minutes, and win the game. 

  5. 54 minutes ago, Bruce Harper said:

    Not everyone will agree but I would rather have Darnold finish strong and have a 6-10 or 7-9 record than lose out and get the number one pick.  I need to see progress and confirmation that we have our guy at QB.  Don't need a top five pick to get a stud olineman.

    Absolute no brainer

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  6. 12 hours ago, greenwave81 said:

    Somewhat agree, but let me tweak it a bit...

    Once a FA signs with the NYJ, it's usually 'all over' because this franchise has had no winning culture or 'figure' to demand sustained superior performance and pride regardless of contract $...EXCEPT say, like when Parcells was here (VT and CM).  Parcells didn't tolerate 'dogging it', and had the NFL cred to call players out in the clubhouse and the media.

    I don't think the NY Jets have spent a whole lot of time evaluating FA's in terms of their 'big picture' view...rather just 'plugging holes' in the roster.

    Honestly, I think Bell WOULD fit the VT and CM profile and succeed here based on attitude alone IF we had even a minimal semblance of an NFL OL.  It's ******* sad.

    Totally agree about Bell, he has been nothing short of terrific in every way, but I do feel he has slowed a little bit.

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