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  1. I like what I see so far. Clearly this regime is light years ahead of the one that hired Tony Soprano to run an offense that scored 0 Td's in an entire PS, drafted Dee Milliner  with a high first round pick (ahead of Sheldon Richardson btw), basically traded Darelle Revis to NE LOL where of course, well we all know what happened. Oh and lets us not forget the 201 wasted 10 draft picks in 2014 and on and on.

    I expect nothing short of playoffs this season in order to qualify their having done an "amazing" job.



  2. To me this is only a big deal because we wasted yet another high draft pick on a TE who cannot play. This regime gets a pass of course because they did not draft him. Anyway, they will use Quincy as the TE most of the time, which will create nightmares for defenses since we now have so many speedy WR's as well, if we can protect the QB.

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  3. J Marshall/Anderson/Peake are all > Devin Stiff, I mean Smith. That is an easy one. The only caveat of course is injury. If someone goes down we'll need Smith if healthy, or to bring back Tompkins if nobody else signs him. Love the moves though. Can never argue with going young and fast. I am particularly happy about our ST's which should be light years better.

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  4. 2 hours ago, The Troll said:

    It was just a horrible pick. Don't trade the best corner in the league and then use the first of your two ones on another damn corner.

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    Excellent point which I, through all of his million and one injuries, totally forgot about-Milliner was specifically drafted as Revis' replacement after the trade.

  5. Just now, NYs Stepchild said:

    We will have to gameplan for this the same way we did last year. That's what made Fitz worth 12mil. The ball needs to come out in 2 sec or less. 

    The line is no worse than last year. 

    Brick > Clady IMO. Breno way way > than Ijalana/Qvale who both got schooled against deli clerks last Thursday. I hope you are right, however, I do not share your confidence. Also, we could not run a lick in the PS, now I know it is just the PS, but if we cannot run the ball, we are dead. Yes scheming should help, but with no TE and such a questionable OL, against the beasts in orange next week....well to quote Captain Quint in Jaws:

    Fair well and adieu to you fine Spanish ladies, fare well and adieu to you Ladies of Spain, for we've received orders for to sail back to Boston, and so nevermore will we see you again".

  6. Uhm, you guys/gals realize that none of this means anything if we cannot keep our QB standing up, right? You could have Paul Warfield, Jerry Rice, Bob Hayes, Michael Irvin and whoever else you want as WR, if the QB is rushed constantly and hit a lot your passing game will stink regardless.


    I am VERY worried about our OL.

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  7. Don't sell this FO short, they seem to (finally) know exactly what they are doing. Nobody is cutting a QB with a cannon like Petty because of one PS Int. I seriously believe Geno is the odd man out. I have seen too many lousy, uninspired, negative QB rating, turnover filled Geno Smith performances to think he would improve here in NY. Elsewhere? Maybe, but not here. If Fitz goes down, I would begin the future right there and play the kid(s), F it.

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    Read more: http://newyorkjetshampur.com/thread/6241/3-positives-negatives-preseason-game#ixzz4HsWFwxxm

  9. Next year: BEST CASE 8-8 with Fitz, WORST CASE 4-12 without Fitz. That is a tough schedule. We have a lot of old guys. It could get ugly really fast next year. How about if we open With Ari then go to NE, CIN or Pit? That is 0-3 right off the bat. Hope we have a good offseason.

  10. Ok.

    So who then?

    We all know who (generally) the College QB's are.  We know what QB's will be Free Agents this offseason.

    Who do you want to start next year?  

    "Anyone but..." is not the way to run a Franchise.  So if we're benching Fitz (3,900 yards, 31 TD's, 15 INT's) who do you want?

    You are not benching Fitz, you have to sign him or not sign him. He is a FA. I would keep him and take a serious look at Petty.

  11. I feel the same as I have felt for the last 47 seasons: Happy that I will not have to waste anymore Sunday's on this garbage franchise, happy the season is over, and happy that I have nothing to worry about sports wise until at least next October if the Mets can do what they did this past year.



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