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  1. No it was a retarded strategy the same one that got morninweg burned at the stake a few years back.

    You have all the momentum, you have the best qb in the league, you have no real issue with the elements.  It was monumentally stupid, whether the jets scored or not.


  2. You guys can say what you want, that was the second dumbest football decision I have ever seen. You NEVER EVER defer in overtime. Even with last licks against a FG, you never know. A PI here, a long pass there and it's over, like today.

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  3. How in the world do you defer in overtime with arguably the best QB in history on your team? That may be the dumbest call short of having the best RB in football yet throwing on first and goal in the super Bowl.

    What a Christmas gift Bellichick has given to us Jet fans.

    Question: What is the one thing Rex Ryan does well?

    Answer: Win meaningless games at the end of seasons which save his a$$, but cost his franchise draft position. I am worried about next week, but this team has guts and leadership. I believe they can overcome adversity, hell they did today and have done so lately in every game. Even still, if we lose next week, winning 10 games after the last 3 seasons of garbage is a great improvement. They kept me interested until the last week and I am happy and grateful for that.

    Mike M for executive of the year. Talk about turning $hit to gold.

  4. I don't get the hate. When the Jets are good Mike gives them their due.  When the Mets took over NYC , Mike pointed out that they are going to be good for the foreseeable future and still does so.  He's the rare Yankee fan that kills the team when called for.

    He's pompous but he is also hands down the leader in his field.  The guy DOES have the greatest gig going.

    Totally agree. Mike hated/hates Rex Ryan and that entire circus. I think he has been more than fair and objective on the new regime and the team in general. They are 7-5, not 11-1. I heard him say "it is nice to see the Jets have someone in charge of football operations that actually knows what he is doing". Although Mike is overbearing to the max, he does say a lot of intelligent things a lot of the time in regards to sports and reality in general, and is in no way, the idiot you all think he is. Mike is a smart cat. Educated. I used to love M&TMD and listened to their every word for many years. I think both of their careers have slipped due to the ending of that great show. 

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  5. The New York Giants enjoyed their two-week break, watching the rest of the NFC East hand them the division on a silver platter.


    The Giants took that platter — like a drunk, unwanted Thanksgiving guest — and dropped it down a flight of stairs.

    Your first-place Washington Redskins? That's the result after Sunday's Giants loss (let's be honest: that's what this was) to the Redskins, 20-14, in a game the Redskins controlled for the first 48 minutes.

    Eli Manning was picked three times behind a slaughtered offensive line, fully earning his closed-captioning-gifted nickname of "Penguin Boy" in the process. He fumbled twice, was sacked three times and misfired on 25 of his 51 pass attempts.

    You need a pass rush to sack Eli. We don't have one. What does that mean? 24-14 Giants.

  6. i don't like saying it this early In a season but this is a game that the season is riding on. 

    I just do not see us beating both the Giants and Pats.   So that means if we lose today and lose one of those two games that's only 9 wins. That's not going to be enough to get in to the playoffs.  


    Jets win today and lose one of Giants and Pats then only need to beat Titans, Cowboys, Bills to be 10-6.  That's enough to get in


    So today is a must win game.  

    With all due respect to the OP and others, what is the point of winning anymore games this season period? To go to Cin, Pit, Den, Oak and get slaughtered? This team stinks. We have no QB, no D, no offensive firepower and are dull and boring to watch. All that would happen is we would get an extra week to talk about another game in which we will get blown out for sure. I would rather lose out and get as high a draft pick as we can so we can draft another DT or S that can "rush the passer".

  7. We come out flat we receive the opening kickoff and go 3 and to most times. The play calling is usually horrendous. 

    I agree 100%, in fact, have we scored a TD on our opening possession yet this season? I really do not recall that.

  8. I tell you, if I were an Eagles fan, I would be screaming bloody murder at the absolute hatchet job Chip Kelley has done with their roster. They had a Championship caliber roster and he went and F'ed it all up. WTF could he have been thinking trading McCoy, losing Desean Jackson, trading for Bradford who sucks, not that Nick Foles is anything special either, but he seemed to thrive in Kelley' system when he had some offensive players around him.

  9. People are talking wayyyyy too much about the offense, it is what i thought it was going to be.  Limited by QB play, need to have the rest of the offense play really well to score more than 20.  No surprise at all.


    The thing that is losing this team games is a slow, pedestrian defense and disgraceful special teams.  For every oc or QB thread there should be about 5 about how awful our defense is.

    Agree defense is way over rated, is slow and can not rush the QB. The offense is horrific though and deserves no pass whatsoever. The special teams are also horrific which to me ties in with the lack of speed and athleticism on the offense. Cromartie returning kicks? Has there been one single punt Kerley has not taken out of bounds?  This team hasn't had a punt or kickoff return in 10 years that I can remember. After 10 games, I feel our HC is in over his head. Hope I am wrong.


  10. I got to say, it seems like the best player in the draft was Todd Gurley. Even I didnt believe the hype on that one. 

    I was thinking the other day, had we drafted Gurley I would have gone ballistic, only because of his knee operation last year. Holy cow, what would our boring slow offense look like with him now? I was wrong on that one.

  11. The book on Petty is that he is not ready and won't be for a year or two, if ever. So give Geno his last chance, with a mostly solid defense and some good receivers. He'll probably still be Geno and then we'll reassess in the off-season.

    Did you watch yesterdays game? To me, this is exactly why this defense sucks. People telling them they are great, telling them they are ranked #1 or 2 in the league, them listening and thinking they are better than they really are, and believing they can simply show up while opponents cower at the thought of playing against them. Um, wrong. We were 1-7 last year, and who was the 1 against? Yup, the team that raced by us yesterday and left us eating their dust.

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