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  1. The book on Petty is that he is not ready and won't be for a year or two, if ever. So give Geno his last chance, with a mostly solid defense and some good receivers. He'll probably still be Geno and then we'll reassess in the off-season.

    Did you watch yesterdays game? To me, this is exactly why this defense sucks. People telling them they are great, telling them they are ranked #1 or 2 in the league, them listening and thinking they are better than they really are, and believing they can simply show up while opponents cower at the thought of playing against them. Um, wrong. We were 1-7 last year, and who was the 1 against? Yup, the team that raced by us yesterday and left us eating their dust.

  2. Lmfao Geno made some bone head mistakes but its his first game all season.  He is not the reason we lost this game.  

    Geno sucks, but you are indeed correct. Geno is absolutely not the reason we lost big today. We lost because our defense is over rated and is not as good as they think they are. They allowed long drives on the first what, 7 OAK possessions? Ridiculous. I am really beginning to wonder what we do all week long in preparation for these games. Our defense could not stop anything today. If I have to hear about the number 2 rated defense in the NFL I may hurl. This is not the number 22 defense today after what I saw, let alone #2.


    Looks like we will need to waste a high draft pick on yet another pass rusher. That would make what, 7 in the last 7 years?

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  3. 14-3 = lights out.

    This defense is so over rated. We have wasted so many first round picks on this defense and still we can not get close to the opposing QB nor can we ever get off of the field on third down.

    Hate to say it, but SOJ.


  4. Been saying it all over other boards. I see no difference in this defense as opposed to last years except we blitz less. I can no longer take anyone seriously who calls this defense the NFL's #1 defense. It is not. It sucked today. 3rd and 17? No problem. 3rd and the game? No problem. You come down the field and take a lead and what does the NFL's #1 defense do? Allow another 80 yard game winning drive immediately thereafter. Ridiculous. Then they allow another TD drive after we punted back with 5 minutes go to. NE is one dimensional. They have a great QB, a great TE and 2 average WR's, that's it, along with a patchwork OL, and no running game at all. This is the NFL's #1 defense that just got shredded and had a 30 spot laid on them? Oh and our special teams are maybe the worst I have ever seen in NFL history. I can not recall an offense having to start at their 20 or further inside, on every single possession, game in and in and game out.

    We definitely need to draft another pass rushing DL man in May :lol:

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  5. Apparently the author I has not watched what is going on / has gone on with kickers in the first 4 weeks. Folk is a great kicker compared to the trash that has already been cut and will be cut in the coming weeks. Quigly sucks, I would go out and sign Weatherford today.


    I am concerned about our secondary, Each guy looks to have lost a step, way too many PI penalties today. QB has been beaten to death, we will go nowhere with what is on the roster today.


    All in all 3-1, could not have asked for a better start, although we have this annoying habit of making blowout games far too close at the end.

  6. I think the NFL should build and make permanent stadium base(s) on the moon and Mars. We could have the Lunar intergalactic bowl in November every year, and December could be known as Mars madness.

    It is ridiculous that I have to wake up at 9am on a Sunday to watch a football game. I am not in a football state of mind this early. I need a few hours to prepare to get my brains beaten in.


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  7. Today we lost to a crappy Eagles team as we always have, while the dynasty put up 51 points

    I am so sick of Tom Brady, Dick Dickichick and the whole fixed NFL which is seemingly designed for NE to win every year. It is so frustrating. Really. NE is untouchable it seems year in and year out so what is the point of all of this? 51 points. And we lose to a pathetic mess. Same old $hit year after year after year.

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  8. Deepest and most talented I've seen in awhile.

    Hard to argue this based upon 2 games. 2 games do not make a season of course. Still question the QB position, watching the first 2 games, that appears to be our only real weakness aside from maybe our punter who does actually suck.




  9. the colts are in disarray.  their gm traded a 1st round pick for a rb who is not in the nfl.  makes the browns look like geniuses.

    From what I watched last night, Francessa is 100% spot on. The Colts are interesting in that they have what us Jet fans have craved for decades, yet he is the only player on that offense worth anything. That Colt offense was a disgrace last night, and while I fear(ed) Andrew Luck going into the game, I actually felt sorry for him enduring the beating he did last night. If that were the Jet offense, (like, um, the last 2-3 years maybe), they would be getting hammered like there is no tomorrow (like they did over the past few years). That was still in all, a great win for us last night, not taking anything away from our team. But facts are facts. The Colts flat out stink. I heard some geniuses on the radio picking them to go to the SB before week 1. I just wish we would start to learn how to put an opponent away early. We had so many chances last night to score and go up by 3 or 4 scores and just played ultra conservative, played, not to lose-on offense. Now that we have Coach Revis back, our D is going to be something really special. Hoping to get Sheldon back in 3 weeks. Wow, that is scary.



  10. Cannot be more impressed by one player than I am with Chris Ivory. The man is a beast, period. He runs possessed on every carry with maximum effort, rarely (if ever) fumbles, always pushes for extra positive yardage refusing to be tackled, and is a big physical presence in our backfield. Ivory also displays a burst of speed which is quite rare for a big back like him. I am glad he is our #1 back, and hope he remains healthy for all 16 games.

    Other thoughts from our big win yesterday:

    Our O Line was terrific yesterday against a pretty good defense. They allowed no sacks and opened plenty of holes for our backs. Marshall had a good game, he is the big physical receiver we have needed seemingly forever. Chris Owusu (who I am really starting to like a lot as our #3 - did Kerley play yesterday at all?) made a huge 43 yard catch early in the game as well, which in most years, Jet WR's would have dropped. Still nervous about our QB. Had Fitz not thrown that horrible pick, maybe I would feel differently, however, something we as Jet fans have been, and still are craving, but have not seen in years, is a turnover free QB performance (forget last years Miami game which nobody cared about). A few of these and maybe I will feel more confident in Fitz and the QB position as a whole, but that INT was a Geno Smith type throw into triple coverage where Fitz did not see the SS underneath. I think Marshall's heady play to strip the ball on that Int turned the game around.

    D still having trouble getting off of the field on 3rd down and rushing the passer without blitzing seemingly regardless of who the HC and DC are. I know we only gave up 10 points, but that is because we were facing basically a rookie QB after knocking McCown out. McCown may have thrown and ran for 500 yards had he not gotten hurt. I cannot lie, I am worried about our defense. In the first half, the Browns marched up and down the field at will.

    Other than that, no penalties and no stupid mistakes (besides Fitz int) was a very encouraging sign, a complete 180 from what we have seen in the past. When was the last time a Jet team beat an opponent by 3 TD's? Cleveland is a heck of a lot better than the Oakland team we almost lost to at home in last years opener - very encouraging as is the depth this team seems to have. It is amazing when someone who actually knows what he is doing, is running your football operation. This is looking like a competent, competitive, tough football team that should be in every game, however, I am not ready to print up the playoff tickets just yet LOL. Our division is brutal.

    All in all, good solid win yesterday with no bluster or bravado which to me, is a fresh and healthy change for us. HC was very businesslike as was the team itself, going out and doing what they are supposed to do. As the season progresses we will see what we have and how far we can go. Hopefully we will get better each week as we seem to have starting in the PS.

  11. Why even bother to play the season? Nobody has any shot at beating the greatest sports team in the history of mankind anyway. That is what I got out of the Thursday nights butt licking, Patriot loving, Collinsworthless a$$ blasting broadcast on NBC. They are unbeatable and great at every position including depth players so nobody else should even show up to play at all from what I heard. They should just have the Parade in Boston next week already and be done with it. No other NFL team has any chance at beating the mastermind, the genius, and his QB. They are too good. They will go 19-0 this year and win yet another SB.


    God I wish they would just go away already. They make me want to throw up in my mouth and whip out a straw.

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