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  1. Offense


    1. The Offensive line has not played well at all. D-Brick got schooled by a rookie (Beasley) and that's not a good thing. His pass protection has not been good and the run blocking over all has not been good across the line. They showed some flashes in game 2 but they are just not impressive at all. Much of this could be attributed to the new offense and Mangold himself said he missed a few calls on the line he should have made. Probably not much to worry about but we need to see Improvement in game 3 and we need to start smashing some faces in in the run game


    2. The RB's are going to be good Ivory is a beast and now the guy is showing he has the hands to be a threat out of the back field as a safety valve for Fitz and this is a much needed surprise , Powell is solid and has great vision if he only had that extra step he would be an elite back IMHO. Stacy just looks slow and plodding but he gets some tough yards and always falls forward for the extra yards no dancing from this guy.


    3. The WR's should be fine, it would have been nice to see more from Smith but he's hurt and missing valuable time in the offense we may not see an impact from him until mid season. Kerley is just awful as a PR if he's not fair catching it he's getting no yards at all and every fair catch seems to be an adventure he's looks and has always looked very shaky receiving punts. TE could be an issue but I guess Amaro is hurt and he's not been getting much praise from the staff.


    4. I like what I see from Fitz he had some zip on the ball this last game, his arm is coming around. He's not trying to force the ball down field and limiting the mistakes which is what a ball control defensive minded team should be doing. I think he's going to be great at controlling the clock and sustaining drives moving the chains. I'm glad he's not trying to force things and the IQ of this entire offense is much better due to his presence. A few times on the sidelines I saw him going over plays with some of his teammates and he seems to be taking a leadership role on the offense something we have not seen for about 8 years. I loved the way Bryce Petty looked in this game. Sure he threw a few ill advised passes but he also threw a few darts on 20 + yards outs and had a nice TD throw . He seems to understand how to put the ball where only his WR's can get it and I think he has a very good chance to develop into a damn good long term QB for us. Not only does he have the great arm but he can run and he seems to be a pretty smart kid once again something we have not seen in years on this football team. I do not see Geno taking another snap with this football team if Fitz can run a productive offense and they continue to improve as the year goes on. Petty sitting a few years under Fitz will be a great learning experience Petty has all the ability just like Geno difference is Petty actually seems to have a brain.




    1. We have a solid secondary but if the guys up front can create pressure just think how much better our secondary will be if they play in a 2 second window . Revis will be unstoppable and it will allow us to press even more . Not too sure on out Safety coverage but we will have to see who emerges. Pryor is a bit disappointing but I really think some fans here over reacted last week because he took two bad angles and missed a tackle. he's thinking too much right now and once his instincts take hold once he knows the Bowles Defense he can be better evaluated. If he's not getting it done by that stage he's not going to start on this football team.


    2. Some of our young LB's have played well and I think this can be a good unit. We are solid at MLB and we will be fine against the run but this unit lacks in pass coverage as displayed by Coples horrible coverage skills and pretty much the rest of them as well. Its our one glaring weakness and Bowles will have to get creative in how he uses his Safeties and corners to help out with this situation. TE's will kill our LB's and there is no doubt about that and against elite type TE's that can blow a game open like Gronk he may very well need to assign some one other than a LB to handle those duties.\


    3. Our D line is going to be downright nasty and Leonard Williams looks like he's going to be a beast. When and If Sheldon gets back I would love to see how many front 4's Bowles will employ with Wilk Harrison Richardson and Williams . That foursome has the potential to dominate a football game and makes things even easier on our very solid secondary. Once this team learns the defense and starts playing faster its going to be very hard on opposing offenses and QB's . Pocket Passers like Brady and Manning will have an especially hard time with that rush up the middle and also worrying out our blitz packages which Bowles loves to do. He blitzed at a very high rate last year and I think if you mix that in with what we already have as out base defense its just going to be overwhelming. This of course may take time to develop but I think when it does watch out. We could be looking at one of those all time great defenses here.


    Special teams


    Folk is going to be solid ... When it comes to the coverage units its anybodys guess if you ask me. We don't know who is going to make this team and that usually has a big effect on Specials so we may not see exactly what we have until we are into the season. The one thing I don't want to see Is Kerley handling punts (but we may not have a choice) he's terrible and we could use a spark back there as field position is so important for a ball control offense, it can win or lose games. Problem is Kerley may be our only option. I think if Smith was healthy Kerley might just be fighting for a roster spot because if the Jets do decide to put Decker in the slot and put one of our other young WR's on the outside when Smith starts to emerge Kerleys 4 mil salary will become prohibitive and the Jets will make a move IMO.


    I think this team has the potential to be dominant be are built to beat the Tom Brady Cheaters of the world and pocket passers in this league will fear this team no doubt. Hopefully it does not take long for this team to mesh and learn the Offense and Defense with a little luck in the beginning of the season and a few good bounces in our favor this team could win a lot of games once they learn to play more instinctive rather than playing slow while learning.


    I personally expect big things and to be on the positive side I think this team has to potential to win 11 games





    With all due respect, this post reads like it was written by Greg Buttle. Have you actually watched the first 2 games? Every unit of our first team has looked pathetic in all facets of the game, unprepared, slow, disinterested. I will reserve judgement for now, new systems, new players, limited practice time, injuries etc., but I have to admit, I foresee a lot of free Sundays for myself until we draft a franchise QB.

  2. It just looks weird...

    Oh and the number of injuries happening in these preseason games is absolutely ridiculous. Part of the cause is the truncated practice and training times due to the CBA. In 2 years we may see tackling below the waste and above the shoulders become grounds for suspension and subsequent expulsion from the league. Seriously, what can be done to lessen this other than regulars never playing?​ In this Buffalo Cleveland game, it seems like a major injury is occurring on every play.



  3. Sorry to say this season is shot already before it starts even. Not that Geno Smith is Dan Marino, but we are not winning anything with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bryce Petty, Matt Flynn, or any of the other scrubino names we have heard playing QB.


    I am afraid we will never contend for a SB until we pull an Indy or San Antonio Spurs and tank an entire season, go 1-15 or 2-14 and draft a damned franchise QB already.


    Looking back, it is amazing how many ways Rex Ryan f-ed us, winning at Tenn & Mia last year etc. It would bot shock me at all to learn that he had a hand in the fight thing the other day promising IK a job if he knocked the Jets starting QB out.

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  4. I don't get all of the Geno hating. True he hasn't played that well, but Geno Smith tries and is good guy. Not like the other idiot everyone idolizes who drives his car at 143 mph ahd has weed, a gun , oh and his child, in the car. If anyone deserves to be booed out of NJ it is the other guy, not Smith. I too am rooting hard for Smith to succeed.

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  5. just shows how bad and whiny some of our Fans are .. Dude can't have a personal day without being harassed .

    Yall act like Sheldon has something to prove Smh . Dude is Elite

    Oh you had me until that. In Sheldon's mind, Sheldon is elite. In my opinion, nobody from a 4-12 team is elite.  Wish Sheldon would keep quiet, stop thinking he is the greatest DT who ever played the game (who has done zippo btw), go out and win some games.

  6. The new regime has no ties to a fourth and sixth round pick from last season. They traded for Marshall because they have no interest in either of them cracking the top three. If they go WR in the first or second round, that'll further demonstrate just how difficult it will be for either of these guys to even make the team.

    I have no expectations at all.

    Well said. Enunwa and Evans = L O L

  7. http://mmqb.si.com/2015/04/14/rex-ryan-buffalo-bills-new-york-jets/


    Relevant Quotes


    Despite having put on a good face, Ryan says he felt like a “leftover” under the new GM, half of an arranged marriage “who could be replaced at any time.”


    “I wasn’t the boss anymore,” Ryan says. “I was just a guy. Whether they want to say it or not, all of a sudden I became less important to the team.”


    A meeting at Jets headquarters in April 2013 troubled Ryan. The league office encouraged teams to hold organization-wide branding exercises, and the Jets’ new senior vice president of marketing and fan engagement built theirs around three words: bold, electrifying, united. One of the slides during the presentation parsed the differences between brash—an adjective regularly attached to the head coach—and bold. Ryan, who was sitting in the room, says he felt singled out.


    They were trying to pull away from me,” he says. “Like it was my fault, somehow, that people identified the Jets with me, and that was a bad thing and not a good thing. I was just being who I was. From that point on I knew I wasn’t going to be long for that job.” (A Jets spokesman told SI: “It’s surprising and disappointing that Rex feels that way. There was no effort by the organization to move away from him in any way.”


    “Everybody knew then we weren’t going to make it [as a staff],” says Dennis Thurman, Ryan’s defensive coordinator in New York and now in Buffalo. “We could have gone and packed our houses, apartments, whatever, and moved, because we knew we were done. We tried to put a good face on, and we coached our butts off. But they didn’t want us. We weren’t their guys. We played out the string, and it was frustrating. And I think the players felt our frustration. Because toward the end I think they knew too.”


    Going into the 2014 season, the Jets had deficiencies at critical positions, including cornerback and receiver, but Ryan believed those holes could be mended to make the team competitive. The agent for All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis called the Jets about his returning to the team, but the Jets weren’t interested in their onetime star. (A year later they brought him back on a $70 million contract.) Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie visited with the Jets but left without a deal and signed with the Giants. According to multiple members of Ryan’s Jets staff, frustrations ran high when the team didn’t pursue free-agent wideout DeSean Jackson and when pleas to select Clemson receiver Martavis Bryant on the third day of the draft were ignored. (The Jets drafted two receivers in the fourth round before the Steelers took Bryant, who had eight TDs as a rookie: Oklahoma’s Jalen Saunders, who was cut in September, and UCLA’s Shaq Evans, who spent 2014 on injured reserve.)


    Even before the season began, Ryan was worried about the Jets’ ability to compete. Last summer he bought a house in the Nashville suburbs. “When the draft and free agency didn’t go the way I would have liked it to, I was concerned,” Ryan says. “That’s why I bought a house in Tennessee. I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen, but I knew I would need someplace to live. That I was probably going to get fired.”

    A few weeks into the 2014 season, he became more than just concerned—he felt there was a master plan in place. He got a call from a friend who told him a high-ranking member of the Jets’ scouting department was on the road telling reps from other teams that they weren’t spending money because they were getting a new head coach in 2015.


    The Jets stumbled to a 4–12 record, and Johnson fired Ryan on the Monday morning after the season finale. That same day Johnson cut ties with Idzik. (Now a Jaguars consultant, Idzik declined through a team spokesman to be interviewed for this story.)


    On April 6, Jets tight end Jace Amaro reflected on his rookie season and told Sirius XM NFL Radio that Ryan’s 2014 team lacked accountability. To which Ryan says, “He’s full of s—, and I’ll remind him of that when we play him. Look, we weren’t perfect, and I never said we were going to be perfect. But that’s a f—— b.s. comment. But, hey, he’s happy that he’s got a different coach in place. We’ll see how happy he is when I play against him.”



    Rex' tears will freeze in no man's land (Buffalo)

  8. It's almost like all they are concerned with is turning a profit.

    Couldn't agree more. The amount of ad's during an NFL broadcast is disgusting. The amount of time reviewing every single play, allowing for more TV ad time is disgusting. This is a game, not life and death. There is no need for every single play and call to be scrutinized under an electron microscope. The game is played and officiated by human beings. Mistakes and blown calls are a fact of life, sometimes you get them, sometimes they go against you. Next thing is going to be robot players & referees.


    This is in no way, shape or form the game I grew up loving.

  9. So do coal miners, steel workers, comercial fisherman, oil rig workers, etc, etc, etc.


    Many people do work that impairs their lives in their old age.


    Most don't make in a lifetime what an average NFL Player makes in one or two years.


    The NFL, like any job that abuses ones body, is a risk/reward decision each person needs to make.


    Be assured, there are no shortage of people who suffer like Walker does who were never beloved, never famous, never rich.


    I hope Walker, and all folks who suffer, finds comfort.

    Awesome post Fish. Couldn't agree more. It sucks for anyone to suffer, period, beloved football player or average Joe. I went through a short period of suffering, being up all night in pain, not being able to sleep, wondering WTF. There are few worse things in life. I hope Wes and all people living in pain and suffering find comfort.

  10. I don't post here often anymore, but...


    What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent poat  were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    This for sure. I am now sorry I woke up this morning and read this thread. Unbelievable.

  11. Not good news. Best news of the off-season!!!!!!!

    Get that monumental jerk off the New York Jets!

    Marshall had some issues but he has a severe mental illness that was undiagnosed and untreated. He is receiving the necessary care and appears to have made really big strides in his management of the illness.

    Harvin was a schmuck, is a schmuck, and will likely continue to be one.

    And that Schmuck as you so eloquently put it will be in NE first thing Tuesday morning to sign a deal there to torture us twice a year for the next 1-3 years.

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