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  1. How about adding Carole Baskin to # 3 and we have a deal. Come on LOL
  2. Thank you for posting this. This is the best Covid info I have seen and comes from someone who absolutely is an expert.
  3. I just finished watching the series. Granted Joe Exotic and his minions are no angels, but there can not be anymore repugnant individuals in this entire world like Carole and Howard Baskin. The sight of them makes me want to throw up in my mouth. From the stupid riding of her bicycle, to their $hit eating grin(s) and annoying condescending voices when on camera, to the hypocrisy that is Carole Baskin who undoubtedly killed her first husband by feeding him to the lions &/or tigers, and probably paid off authorities to keep her a$$ out of prison. God I wish they would find out what really happened and put her where she belongs. I have no stake in that mess at all but I truly despise the both of them.
  4. One thing I am not reading anywhere about this pandemic is the effect of everyone's mental health. I am 58, in good shape, work out regularly, got rid of diabetes years ago through exercise and smart eating, but have to say, the media and the $hitty leadership at the Federal level have taken a toll on my mental well being. I am scrambling to get Xanax to control anxiety and panic attacks, unfortunately to no avail - yet. They have made us all think that the minute we have a sniffle or sneeze, we are doomed to death, or at least, that is they way I feel. Also the ominousness of this whole thing with no end In sight, again, due to poor preparation and poor planning, poor guidance and terrible leadership. Best wishes to all, stay safe out there, no matter what they say, we will recover eventually.
  5. He should go to the tree-outs
  6. Me too! Except for the one bad int IN the EZ, Sam had an awesome game. I stayed up until 2 or 3am in Paris to watch that game in October, it was the weirdest thing I had ever experienced. Jets post game at I think 230am LOL.
  7. yea its called injuries. can never have enough depth, good signing.
  8. Small frail speed guy. Look for a Tsunami of WR's in our draft. Have to say I am happy about this, never a fan.
  9. Been there, done that, you SHOULD be disappointed, that was an amazing experience LOL, really!
  10. This reminds me of firing the GM 3 weeks after the draft LOL
  11. +1 First and most importantly, I admit that I did not take this seriously in the beginning and I apologize to everyone for that. I am no political guru or expert, and have no party affiliation whatsoever, but let's call things like we see them. We are now Governed by a President who goes on National TV, shakes hands with his staff after possible exposure to the virus, incessantly and maddingly pats himself and his staff on the back for I have no idea what, berates any reporter asking innocent and necessary questions that would provide vital information to the Nation while his Country is sick, dying, panicked, scared $hitless, running out of supplies, addicted to any and all anxiety medications (none of which I myself can get - yet), and has done nothing at all to help the situation, in fact, imho, his total lack of leadership and self absorption has fueled the anxiety and fear of the American people. Would it kill him to go on TV, tell everyone to be safe, give valid, calming information to the Country such as no need to buy 15 years worth of toilet paper or to hoard groceries, all while confirming that the supply chain will continue, and people will not run out of food and medication? Isn't that what a leader does? Sorry, calling it like I see it - he has been absolutely pathetic, and has failed the American people in every way possible. Governor Cuomo has done a terrific job contrary to the President of trying to be sympathetic to NY State residents, trying to stop the spread, and trying to calm the nerves of everyone. If people would just heed the warnings and do what the CDC says, stay far from each other, keep good hygiene for 1 month, this will all pass most likely, unlike these selfish stupid kids in Florida this past week who will proceed to fly all over the Country and infect everyone they come into contact with. IMHO, this is all due to the total lack of leadership from the Federal Government. The beaches and all public gathering places throughout the US should have been closed after the first case was detected or reported, or at least after we discovered that social distancing was needed. I have looked to our elected leaders for guidance and assistance and have gotten nothing at the Federal Level. My anxiety is off the rails as is everyone else's. The United States of America does not have enough masks, ventilators and other essential hospital supplies. Let us not even mention the shortage of test kits and testing facilities here as well. I read yesterday that the DOD has the facilities to test 10000+ per day but has not been called by the Federal Government to step in. This is the United States. Not some 3rd world poverty stricken Country, the United States. This is totally on the Federal Government. Remember, this virus does not distinguish a Trump hater or supporter, the proof is in the pudding. Everyone is getting sick or panicked because our Government did nothing to prevent this catastrophe. The only good thing that will ever come out of this will happen in November when the Government is changed - hopefully. Wishes for good health and a successful recovery to all. We will push through this crisis.
  12. Anxiety is my middle name bud. And I am a 45 year Ranger fan as well. Talk about anxiety LOL
  13. And in GW's system...never know, could be great
  14. Here's to hoping it works despite idiots like the kids in Clearwater FL sucking face and spreading the virus all over the beaches, which need to be closed btw.
  15. Yeah our track record of throwing big bucks at big name FA's has certainly worked out well in the past? We should definitely have spent all remaining cap space on Vet players just looking to get paid and not put forth effort, right MoWilk? Right Trumaine?
  16. Need an extra bye built into an 18 game schedule. The PS has become such an amazing waste of time, I think 1 PS game would be perfect.
  17. It just boggles the mind how someone of that, (or any other) income can get behind the wheel of a car intoxicated.
  18. Spike Lee has invented the ultimate "Gate" by entering the forbidden zone at MSG last night. Ladies and Gentleman, the NY Knicks proudly present "Gategate", a Spike Lee Joint ... Unreal. This is the only way this franchise can make news, by making absolute fools of themselves.
  19. The combine is the biggest overrated waste of time in history. Because an athlete can do track and field exercises means he can compete at the highest level in the most dangerous, violent, and grueling game on Earth? Me thinks not.
  20. Coach is Miller not Mills. but I hear you, I like him too but want Mark Jackson or Jeff VanGundy next year. THANK YOU JESUS, maybe there is hope after all. Mills and Perry aka Beavis and Butthead both needed to go. We need a real BB man running things. The Rangers have had success with Dolan as owner, the Knicks can as well, Dolan just has to hire a real BB man and let him control all facets of the organization.
  21. Williams had issues with the Redskin medical staff. Osemele and Enunwa had issues with the Jet medical staff. Giving up first and second round picks for this headache is not a good idea. Plus Williams would kick and scream about coming here due to this as well.
  22. Why does anyone think that another team wants to give up premium picks for our garbage? If QW was so great why the hell would anyone want to trade him, he is a kid going into his 2nd year under a rookie contract.
  23. You need to ask permission to stat any new threads here, since it apparently costs the egghead audience money when someone wants to express themselves.
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