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  1. Hold on here. Mad props? To coach Salesman? Oh jesus effing porkrinds. Mr. all talk, no wins?  Like my elementary school teachers used to say, "mouths shut, pencils out, books open". In the NY Jets cases, its mouths shut and go win some GD football games already.  If they start winning  you'll see how fast things turn to adulation. This guy wants the adulation without doing any winning. They start 0-9 or 0-10 or worse as I  think they will, its all over for him, and again we look for a HC in January.

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  2. Just watch the Giants play. Came back to win a game they were down 0-13 in. It is amazing what competent coaching does. 

    Watching them play the exact same way I wish my team would play is really depressing. When was the last time our team came back from 0-13 and 13-20 late in the 4th to win a game? I honestly cannot remember us ever doing that.

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  3. That is exactly why I call him Coach Salesman. All he is, is a talk machine, like Alexa or Siri. Does nothing to back it up. They had 6 months to prepare for Baltimore since the schedule came out. They were the only team today that was hoplessly and helplessly non competetive. Looked like the schedule was announced last Tuesday.

    As for the other of the "worst teams" in the NFL:

    Chicago - Win

    Detroit - Loss by 3 battled back scoring 35 points

    Jags - lost by 3

    Texans - Tied a good Indy team

    Giants - battled back down 0-13 to tie in the 3rdQ

    I mean it is so painfully obvious what the issue here is. Ok, ZW is injured. Why in the world would you start Joe Flacco at QB? Could you really possibly believe that a totally immobile Joe Flacco gives you the best chance to win against this caliber of an opponent? Further to that, when he could not move the ball all half long, how's about giving MW some snaps? Also aggravted with Streveler being a PS QB instead of at least the back up today considering his scambling and escapeability can really help avoid a pass rush that crippled our offense all game long. I think Streveler should be elevated and play all games until ZW returns. If not, MW should start next week and have Streveler as his Back up. They play Miles Garrett next week, you are going to need some legs at QB. It serves no purpose to play Joe Flacco anymore unless ZW CS and MW . Just a terrible job all around today. 

    Sorry for railing, just so beyond disgusted

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  4. The team is historically terrible. Everyone knew we were going to be non competitive today. I presidcted 38-3 Balt. HAve zero confidence in this CS to mold whatever players we do have into anything productive.


    Feeling the same desperately hopeless feelings on Septembers first weekend of football as usual.

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  5. 1 hour ago, ZachEY said:

    Hope Saleh suggests the offensive line starts blocking and the players stop fumbling next week.

    Hope Salesman plays Garret Wilson more than 3 plays when the game is still within reach. Hope he knows he has a back up QB with great running legs relegated to the PS. Hope he realizes Flacco stinks and should be a back up only, regardless of who the starter is. Hope he realizes that the game was not over altogether at 10-3 and give Mike White a series or 2 when Flacco stunk it up. You never know, White could have gotten hot.

    Come on, stop making excuses for Coach Salesman, he is not a good HC. He's a real good talker, and has shown nothing but talk in the year he's been here. They've shown no improvement with supposedly beter personel thanks to the greatest GM in history, and have seemingly no chance to compete with good teams like today and its painfully obvious as to why.

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  6. On 9/7/2022 at 12:07 AM, BornJetsFan1983 said:

     I'm not sure they can score that ma y points. Bateman is not that good. Andrews is a beast sure ..but Lamar has a lot of heat coming his way. I think we are going to show the NFL we are for real Sunday. I think hall is going to break 40 yard TD Run. I think we win by 10+

    Based on what?

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  7. 12 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

    People better get to the gates early. It’s going to be packed and bottle up if you get there at 1245. May not get to your seat till 115

    get in early! 

    Game will probably be out of reach by then

  8. Did Robert Salesman not just say yesterday that Wilson could possibly play Sunday? So in 1 day it went from possibly playing in week 1 to out until week what, 4, 5? Also, I just read someone put forth a theory that he likes Flacco better then Wilson and my blood started boiling. It is boiling because that could conceivably be true! I feel it in my bones, this season will be another waste chocked full of unprepared slaughters week after week that not one of us will be able to wait until it is over. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I am usually not. Would love nothing more than to gloat on Sunday evening about a big Jet win. Also would love to gloat about having a date with Dua Lipa, which by the way, has as about much chance of happening as they do of beating Baltimore Sunday, that being z e r o.

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  9. 3 hours ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

    So if Wilson doesn't have it and the Jets win 4-5 games, Saleh should be fired?  

    I think it depsnds on how this happens. If Wilson sucks, thats not really the HC's fault per se, however, if they come out every game unprepared, disorganized, terrible on defense (his specialty) and get the crap kicked out of them like they did last year, then yes, he's a goner. Remember, Sean Payton is looming close by. IMHO, the talent and speed on this team is much better than it has been in a decade. There is no excuse to get obliterated week after week. If they do, it's absolutely the coaching staffs fault.

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  10. If:

    The Jet D can get off of the field on 3rd down

    The Jet D does not allow Lamar Jackson to run wild

    The Jet D does not late hit the QB on an incomplete plass on 3rd and 15

    The Jet D god forbid gets a turnover or 2


    The Jet O can run the ball

    The Jet O is not 3 & outed for the entire first half

    The Jet OL can protect whoever the QB is and not get him killed on 9/11 with 16 games left to go

    Then maybe this has a slight chance to be a close game.

    Still seeing 38-10 Ravens in my head regardless. No confidence in this CS whatsoever until proven otherwise on the field of play.

  11. I have no immediate problem with JD based upon hs last 2 drafts. 2020 was Idzikian, but the last 2 were stellar. As for Coach Salesman? He's not really on JD since everyone wantd to hire him at the end of 2020. Fact is, they were woefully unprepared in a lot of games last season. Due to classical conditioning, I fear the same starting next week. If the team looks disorganized and unprepared, the calls for his head will begin early and often. He is a defensive guru supposedly. Last years defense was a disgrace. They have better players this season on both sides of the ball, a lot of better players. There is absolutely no excuse to give up 50 points to Mac Jones this season, or to get shut out in Denver again. If I'm the FO, for me to keep Coach Salesman, this team has to be competetive in every game from the beginning on through to the end of the season. They have to to keep their collective mouths shut, go out, and kick someones ass. If they do, that would be a something really new & different for this organization.

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  12. It is plain to see, if they start winning some games, and soon, this question will no longer be valid, however, if they start 0-6 or 0-7 season pover by Oct 10 as usual (as I fully expect them to), unfortunately, this will be all we have to talk about. I only want to come here and gloat about my team kicking ass, but that is never able to happen. It always has to be negative because that is what they are.

  13. Would have been much more excited for Streveler against the Ravens but what do I know. To me, we can get our brains smashed in (as I totally expect us to) with Streveler as easily as we will with Flacco. At least it would be somewhat exciting to watch. If he's not good, you bring Flacco or White in.

  14. 1 hour ago, Jet Nut said:

    His entire 1sr defensive unit didn’t play.  No Lawson, CJ etc.  The starters played a couple of drives.  The first drive could have been stopped if Quincy didn’t smash the QB out of bounds.  
    Denver gave up 335 yards in the first half yesterday.  No one’s worrying.  It’s preseason 

    Um, speak for yourself. When Jalen Hurts makes you look silly, I don't care what the circumstance is, you should worry. Not to say the sky is falling, but considering how inept our d was last season, it looked like a continuation of our players having absolutely no clue what to do and where to go. Hope I am wrong, but I am usually not.

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  15. I have nicked named our HC "Saleh the Salesman" because that is all he is. Saleh could sell a ketchup popsicle to a man in a white suit. He talks and talks and talks but does nothing at all to back it up. Same as the Jet organization for that matter, all they do is tell us how good they are every Summer, yet our season is over before October 10 every single year. If we go 4-13 (or worse) again this season, it's time to go get Sean Payton. Enough of this f*****g around with first time, unproven head coaches who hire their goombahs. I don't care what you have to give him, Johnson can afford it. Bring a legitimate winner to NJ for once and not in a blue uniform as it always has been. 

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  16. On 8/15/2022 at 3:35 PM, kdels62 said:

    Last year Wilson was excellent in preseason and everyone did the same thing in the other direction. Idk what’s going on with this board but it’s pretty annoying right now.

    What is annoying is listening to the "we're a good football team and have gotten better" nonsense coming from Florham Park every Summer, only to come out looking like a joke the first 6-8 games every season, and having our season be over by October 15. This offseason has been no different in terms of talk. Everyone is reacting to ZW's piss poor throw Friday, and seeing him almost tear his knee up without even being touched after hearing how much better his conditioning is, and how he gained muscle etc. Speaking for myself, I am sick of listening to the NY Jets and their media puppets talk. 50 years of talk for me with maybe 10 good years sprinkled in. Yes, it's only PSG 1 but it couldn't have gone worse for us at all.

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