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  1. 4 hours ago, Biggs said:

    Sat down and watched the game on Saturday morning.   The lack of gas and brains to open the game was unexpected.  The Eagles brought way more intensity and effort with their starters.   It felt like we were out of gas to start the game.

    Neither team was trying to scheme they simple out hustled us.  The rest of the game you expect guys trying to make the team to hustle and play hard and they did. 

    The starters just left me feeling they are soft, don’t really care, or completely unprepared to compete.  It’s preseason and it doesn’t really matter but I think this team needs a HC to take his foot off the gas and shove it up the ass of several of the starters.  

    I call this "Saleh syndrome". All talk and no action. This is exactly why this board went bonkers after only 1 PS game. Guy's a hell of a salesman, but a lousy football coach.

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  2. 15 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

    So we are glossing over Jalen Hurts looking like pat Ma homes against our first defense? Ok cool

    Sad reality is this team will not win 3 games this season unless the defense gets it sh*t together, and fast. I sat there picturing Lamar Jackson running absolutely wild on them week 1. Now I realize it was only 2 series, but I cannot recall seeing WRs and TE open as much as seemingly every team's WR's and TE's always are against this defense. They looked the same as they did last season, unprepared, confused, and every other adjective one could use to describe mediocrity.

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  3. Mono, PCL's, kneecaps, now a bone bruise. WTF is with this franchise? We get the weirdest injuries of any sports team in history. On another note, it was totally aggravating to read twitter last night where idiots like this asshat who calls himself "David Chao - Profootballdoc" irresponsibly tweeted things such as "by video, the news is not good, torn acl". What a ridiculously idiotic thing to tweet with no facts to back it up at all, and this assclown is supposed to be a Doctor? So, if I get a bump on my head and go to this doctor, what's he going to say, "by the looks of it, you have terminal brain cancer?" Absolutely ridiculous. Also equally miffed at Leger Douzable who also tweeted "sources close to the club are saying torn ACL" trying to be the first to break the story of the end of our QB1's season.  Zack walked off of the field into the locker room on his own with no limp. I am no Doctor, but having watched football for decades and also having unfortunately seen many players tear their ACL, 99% of those who tear that ligament cannot walk on their own, let alone without limping. Most have to be carted to the locker room or assisted in some way to get there. That is totally irresponsible reporting and a total attention grab by these guys. Honestly, I used to love to read and interact with Leger's tweets, but this errant premature fake report coupled with his religious spewings have finally put me off. How do you go nuclear with no confirmation at all from the club, especially when the last thing the guys on the TV broadcast said before signing off was "wait for news after the mri tomorow"? Remember, Otis Livingston was down on the field with the club. If ZW had torn his ACL, he would be the first to know and relay it up to Ian Eagle, wouldn't he? SMH at the hysteria last night.

    As for the game, not much to grab on to in PSG1. It was fun to watch Chris Streveler lead us back in the last 2 minutes, albeit against 10th stringers LOL. I am worried about the first-string defense. It looked the same as it did last year.  WR's, TE's open all over the place, making a JAG QB look like Tom Brady, hideous penalty by Quincy for hitting the QB out of bounds. I realize it is the first PS game and we were missing some guys, but it looked and felt eerily similar to last season. Incompetent coaching, and hopelessly out of a game within the first 5 minutes. I was starting to stir feelings in my dopey brain that Robert Saleh may just be a good cheerleader and good motivational speaker, but a terrible football coach. Hope I am wrong about that one. It's too early I know, but I did have Denver, NE, ATL flashbacks from last season. How pathetic is that?

    Totally could have done without that really bad ZW int. That was the same lack of discipline and poor decision making which we saw last year. He also missed an easy screen pass with no touch on it. He did make 1 nice throw to EM on a slant pass which was his only completion I believe. All in all, it looked as if nothing with ZW has changed. Hoping this was an issue due to no scheming, not being able to run the ball a lick, and new/missing personnel. 

    Let's not delude ourselves any longer, Mike White is 3rd string at best. He had the chance to claim the QB2 position last night but absolutely stunk. If ZW is out for any extended period of time, Flacco is QB1.

    Denzel Mims is a goner. Boy was I wrong about him, he is a nothing player. He is as smooth as sandpaper out there. Lined up offside yet again. If JD could get a 10th round pick for him, take it. I know there is no 10th round LOL. This basically puts a bow and a huge Sayonarra to the 2020 draft which was a bust of Idzik proportions. Drafting like that is why this franchise is mired in a whirlpool of failure, year in and year out. Fortunately, something changed in the FO for the 2021 and 2022 drafts because they have both yielded a lot of good, young talent. It is almost as though JD was a trainee GM in 2020 with Mike McCagnan standing there telling him who to pick. It is really bizarre that a GM can pick so badly one year, then immediately turn it around picking (almost) perfectly the next 2 years.

    Special teams were stellar again as they were last season as well. KR with 1:45 to go helped Streveler lead us back to win. No missed FG or EP attempts, Mann was fairly solid punting and saved a TD with a tackle as well.

    To sum up, I am not as excited as I was yesterday morning for this upcoming season. I saw the same defensive and offensive issues last night, that I saw all of last season. Guys wide open all over the field, defenders standing by themselves deep in the secondary with no clue what to do, not being able to run the ball a lick, bad QB1 decisions and missing simple screen passes. Hoping things improve and we can at least be playing meaningful games into October. They have TONS of work to do.


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  4. 1st and 20, they get 19 1/2 yards on downs 2 and 3, then get a delay of game penalty on 4th down. That is all you needed to see today. It is painfully obvious that they have no idea what they are doing on either side of the ball. 2 quarters of that vaginal spooge is all I am prepared to tolerate today. It's off to the gym at 230pm, like every Sunday. Oh and Corey Davis a #1? LMAO

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  5. 42 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    Tell you what Karen, I'll post what I want when I want unless the moderaters have a problem with it. If you have a problem with it, blow block me.

    I said a phased approach which was referring to the by region phased approach. Not my problem if you're upset by that - and I am well aware of the facts. When the city and downstate regions meet the criteria, they will begin opening as well.

    The city is 302 square miles. New York State is 54,556 square miles. Much of the state is beginning to open up.

    Interesting the word included in the middle of your name, it suits you well...


    GFY moron

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  6. The NFL knows that there can be no season until there is a cure and / or vaccine, or some miracle to protect everyone from others spit and sweat. Football players (and other sport players) are exchanging saliva and sweat constantly with "droplets" flying all over the place. I would venture to guess that some of those droplets could possibly even take a ride on the wind and make their way into the stands - should they be dumb enough to allow fans in them. Unless the NFL uniform this year is some type of space suit, I see no way the NFL, or any sport operates besides maybe baseball which is non contact with the players spaced far enough apart from each other during play. In all sports, the dugouts, sidelines and locker rooms are all an issue where masks would have to be worn, however, you can't have everyone wearing masks while running around playing a sport LOL. I find masks ultra uncomfortable to just walk around in generally, let alone play high energy sports in. I feel as though I am breathing my own CO2 every time I wear one.

    Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but we have to be realistic here. They are keeping office workers home for months, gyms closed for months, barber shops, bars, restaurants, and other businesses closed for months, but they are supposed to allow NFL training camps to operate freely in 90 days during this?

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  7. 24 minutes ago, Mogglez said:


    They are absolutely gorgeous.

    Oh man, best uni's in the NFL imo. Loving those yellow pants.. I look at those and see John Hadl throwing to Lance Allworth or Fouts to John Jefferson. Great job by SD. I mean LA.

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