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  1. That's because most of us will be dead by the time they turn the corner
  2. Daniel Jones > Sam Darnold, imo its not even close Sam =
  3. I dunno, every time I watch the Rams play, I come away with the same feeling, Jared Goff sucks.
  4. Love the members here that DEMAND THAT YOU AGREE WITH THEIR OPINION, OR ELSE. It makes one feel so comfortable to post their thoughts here knowing they will be ridiculed, or for whatever reason, be criticized for starting a new thread. LOL new thread criticisms - get a life. Anyway nice post Nuu. Would not be upset if they got rid of Gase in 2 weeks, but am not expecting it. Remember, this organization gave Bowles and MacCagnan 2 year extensions coming off of 2 consecutive 5-11 seasons. You never know what they will or will not do. PS I hate the Pats
  5. Nyce uce uv spilling und grandmar, yoo will fet inn heer very wel
  6. Trent Williams had issues with the Redskins medical office, same as Osemele did with ours, no way in a million years will he come here.
  7. I am not in favor of the coaching carousel, but how can poster here justify losing to 2 winless teams, while keeping a straight face saying that the team is fighting hard for its coach and for each other? How the f**k do you walk into 2 terrible, dead, winless teams stadiums and not only lose, but not even be competitive in either game? The Cinci game was the nail in the coffin for me, so typically Jets it made me sick. These are the same posters saying how great they played against Baltimore, despite losing by 3 td's and allowing 6 td's. You guys have to be kidding. Losing to Baltimore by 3 or god forbid winning a game they are totally not supposed to would turn heads, not anything that happened last Thursday night. Sorry. They got blown out as they have anytime they played against a good team this season. I see nothing that inspires me to love Gase or the job he has done this season. They looked the same as they have over the past 5 years IMO. I would not be the least bit upset if they changed HC's again in 2 weeks.
  8. In hibernation until such time as this team is a playoff contender. Sooo, wake me up in 2035 please.
  9. They are not winning Sunday. But if they do, so be it. I take a win any day ...
  10. Now a quote from a REAL top 5 film of all time: "Fare well and adieu all you fine Spanish Ladies, farewell and adieu to you Ladies of Spain...For we've received orders to sail back to Boston, and now nevermore will we see you again..."
  11. yeah, don't listen to him, after all, god forbid he may be right
  12. I have not watched 10 minutes of this dreck this season. Ok I watched the Dallas game because I was in France and bored, I was lured in by their performance that day, but the following week, turned off the TV at 7-0 NE and haven't looked back since. I mean for what? To get my intestines ripped out? Since 2010 I have: Not gone anywhere near the hideous gray mausoleum in the swamp that has an indoor ski slope in the vicinity lmfao Not really watched the NY Jets much Not bought 1 single piece of Jets anything, not a shirt, not a jersey, nothing Watched the team from a distance, mostly here and highlights
  13. Let's be honest here, Robbie is a good WR, not a great WR. I have yet to see him make a really great catch like I see other WR's do with guys draped all over him. The GREAT WR's do that. Still, if we an get him back at a reasonable price, why not keep him? We already know his strengths and weaknesses and if our HC/OC has half of a brain, will scheme to use his skills properly.
  14. I wish I could say I care but I really could not care less. They lost me after losing to winless Miami and again to winless Cinci. Anything before of after was/is fools gold.
  15. 3-11 and they are playing better? I am not a Gase fan, but that statement is ludicrous
  16. ah give them 3 additional firsts and 2 seconds. The league needs NE to be great every year
  17. LMAO 6 Td's against and "they held their own". Yeah they held their own c**ks. Don't know about you all, but I would be real satisfied giving up 6 TD's every week.
  18. Jackson was picked in the same draft 32nd or thereabouts, but our #3 pick QB is "young and insistent" yeah ok
  19. Sure is, especially for those (and you know who you are) who enjoy losing and watching 5-11 seasons year after year after year after year
  20. LOL I get a kick out of guys trying to convince themselves of something that they really want to, but do not quite believe. Sam and Brett Fav-REH. LMAO, yeah ok.
  21. It has always been that way because the Jets are always $hit. I remember in the 70's and 80's and 90's having the same feeling I have tonight with zero chance to even be competitive on national TV.
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