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  1. This, and in my opinion he gets next year with a hopefully better roster. If he still makes the same mistakes such as throwing ridiculous picks like the one at the end of the first half, its over. What makes me ill is Jackson was picked really late and is eons ahead of Sam
  2. The textbook definition of the acceptance of utter and total mediocrity while trying to be condescending to others. Amazing how you conveniently left out Beaten up and to a pulp on National TV by Myles Garrett Losers twice to zero win, zero effort teams who were actually trying to lose to bolster draft position Shut out at home on National TV by 30 Losers by 30+ how many times against good teams? You sure write great posts though LOL.
  3. Sorry but #28 is the best RB we have ever had. I've been to Canton and saw his bust as proof.
  4. Not on fire? LOL did you watch that game? That night we were no match for them or any of the teams we got slaughtered by in the first 6 weeks. Myles Garret put half of our team in the hospital that night. He is suspended now. Was just talking about timing..nothing more nothing less
  5. Just lamenting over another lost season, what if..... We played NE 2 X now (we would possibly win 1 or even both games) We played Jax now (They are a mess) We played PHL now (They are a mess and are VERY beatable) We played Cle now (They are a hot mess as well) All of these teams were whole and on fire the first few weeks of the season when we played them without Sam where we literally had zero chance with Luke Falk at QB. If we would have had the reverse schedule and played the pattycake teams earlier, muddled through to say 4-4 or 3-5 is record. We may have had the chance to win a lot more games nearing the end of the season and even competed for the division. Pit sucked in the beginning of the season and now is winning again every week. Bal was winning but not dominating as they are now. Also have to wonder if we were in contention, would we have lost to winless Mia and Cin? Our timing, as usual, sucks LOL, but this is not the team's fault, it is just the way things unfortunately go for the NY Jets. Hoping one year soon our luck and timing will turn around and we can get some breaks like other teams like NE PIT BAL always seem to get.
  6. Surprised he hasn't worn out his mouth yet, that is what gets the most use.
  7. With all due respect - BULL $HIT Let the dopes that own the franchise put a quality product on the field for once and fan attendance will be no issue whatsoever. I went out at halftime yesterday to the gym and to do other things instead of watching that absolute dreck of a football game. I have invested 50 years and countless Sundays on this team and refuse to do it anymore until they start winning. Guess that makes me a bad Jet fan. So be it. As I get older, my time becomes more valuable to me, not to be wasted on crap.
  8. Absolutely excellent points.
  9. Wondering how many draft slots that win cost us yesterday.
  10. I'm with you, Todd was good if not very good.
  11. ATTENTION ALL POSTERS AT JN: Please be sure to ask mommies permission before posting anything on JN.
  12. This thing they are going up against Thursday is 15 miles across, 25 miles wide, travels at the speed of light, and has guided laser weapons. This may be the annihilation of the century
  13. Surely the NY Jets will be "rebuilding" until 2050, same as they have been since 1969 so in reality, what does it matter?
  14. $40 for parking for this crap. They should be shot.
  15. Totally speechless after reading that. While I do agree that there are many a$$holes on this site, and agree about the stupid snarky comments most of them make, Max, you owe nothing to anyone here and do a tremendous job FOR FREE to allow knuckleheads like me to post about our miserable football team, and other things as well. I have posted this before, JN IS THE BEST SITE ON THE WEB FOR JETS INFO - PERIOD. NOBODY OWES ANYONE ANYTHING IN THIS LIFE and if people cannot behave themselves, then they deserve to be banned forever. Because my issues are never with any other Jet fans, but are squarely with the organization and team, I see no reason to ever get involved in the nonsense bickering and idiocy that goes on here between posters. In my very humble opinion, we all have valid points and are allowed, by you, to come here and post them. That DOES NOT include fighting and, especially, antagonizing the guy who provides the avenue in which to express these opinions. Max thank you for the site you provide. I for one appreciate you BIG TIME. Andy
  16. Jets will fire Gase in July
  17. Great back. Yes I said great, he was. Between he and Freeman we had an amazing running game behind a pretty good OL. Ward, Powell, Fields, Alexander, not too shabby. Don't know how that team did not win at least 1 SB, they had the offense and defense.
  18. LOL Captain Quint. Just one question, did you actually remember this straight from the movie or did you have to sit there typing the closed captioning?
  19. As a musician, I like to think I am always in tune
  20. LOL, this Jet team will listen to #33 about how great they are as they did in Cinci while they watch Fitz put up 400 yards and 35 points on them Sunday. Just do us a favor, lose out and go home for the winter already.
  21. How many winless teams did the Giants lose to?
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