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  1. Todd Bowles is a goner after this season. I think Macc brings in his own guy for 2018. My guess the next head coach of the Jets is Bill O'Brien, current coach of the Texans.
  2. Baller00

    Extend Fitz NOW

    The reason Macc took so long to sign Fitzpatrick was because of the Mo Wilk franchise tag. Its the same reason Darron Lee was not signed until after Mo' s deal was done. Both the Jets and Fitz seemed to agree on the 12mil guaranteed. The Jets wanted additional years added to the deal to spread out the cap hit, Fitz wanted the 12mil in year one. Even after the Mo Wilk deal, the Jets did not have the cap room to pay Fitz 12mil guaranteed year one. That's the reason for the phantom 2nd year for the Fitz contract. I don't think either side necessarily caved, it was just business under today's NFL salary cap.......JMO
  3. Baller00

    When the oncologist - EDITED

    May God Bless and Keep you and your family safe, sound, and whole.
  4. Baller00

    Paxton Lynch Pro Day assessment

    I don't think the Jets take a quarterback in this draft. I believe GM Maccagnan will look at the 2017 Draft to find their future franchise QB. Watson from Clemson, Kelly from Ole Miss, Kaaya from Miami, Falk from Wash St., Dobbs from Tennesse, and Mayfield from Oklahoma will all probably declare for the 2017 Draft.
  5. Competition at O-Line, WR, and RB along with installing a new offense means training camp will be intense this summer...imo
  6. Baller00

    Winston has bad throwing arm

    +1 Truth.......
  7. Baller00

    Rakeem Cato - QB Marshall

    Anyone have a scouting report on this guy? I only know he was a 4-yr starter for Marshall and put up decent numbers. Could he be the Jets version of Russell?
  8. Baller00

    "Parcells guys"

    Tom Coughlin, and Sean Payton were also Parcells' guys......fwiw
  9. Bill Parcells head coaching recommendations should make every Jet fan very nervous. He pushed Ray Handley for the Giants, Al Groh for the Jets, and Tony Sparano for the Dolphins......fwiw
  10. I too would like to see Scott Pioli get the Jets GM job. His previous stint with the Jets under Mangini should give him the necessary experience to deal with the sharks in the New York media. My two choices for HC of the Jets are Jimbo Fisher HC of FSU or Dave Toub Special Teams coach for the KC Chiefs. I believe these two coaches are going to be really good in the NFL one day real soon....JMO

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